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Skills and tips for every aspiring sugar baby and sugar daddy

First Sugar Daddy Finding Tips

first sugar daddy finding tips

You must know at first that finding a sugar daddy isn’t very easy and basically there is no shortcut, but it doesn’t mean you never found one, it just takes your time and you need patient, with some skills. This post will provide some tips for every sugar baby, to help them find their first sugar …

Sugar Daddy Need Sugar Daddy Dating Site as Well

sugar daddy need sugar daddy dating site

Recent decade, various dating sites for sugar daddy come out like the unending flow, millionaires dating, elite people dating, rich men dating and so on. Somebody would say isn’t dating site making for people who hardly find love in reality? Rich people, who have best social resource why they need dating sites as well? What …

Tips for Being a First Time Sugar Baby

first time sugar baby

Some girls who are new to sugar bowl expressing the doubts and unsureness for the reason, I want to write about some tips that can be some kind of guidance for newbies and help them handle the situation when being a first-time sugar baby. Online Sites to Connect With POT POT means potential sugar daddy, …

What is Sugar Daddy looking for in a Sugar Baby

sugar daddy want from sugar baby

We had mentioned that ugly sugar baby always earns in sugar daddy dating, which did not mean that ugly girls have more advantages than pretty girls or beautiful&young are considered as the last important factors in snagging a sugar daddy. But it is a truth that “young”&”hot” are rarely stated to be at the top of …

Do and Don’t When Setting Your Sugar Baby Allowance

dos and donts

If you land yourself a sugar daddy and lucky enough he has the income to fund a huge allowance, you’re getting the chance to set a comfortable allowance that covers your living expenses plus some sugar. I know that typically sugar babies won’t ask the allowance of $10,000+ because they feel it unlikely to maintain. If you …

Sugar Baby How to Keep the Secret

sugar baby keep secret

Some sugar baby would like to keep the sugar life a secret for many reasons like people won’t be as understanding about the sugar daddy/baby life, it won’t be easy explaining that to other if their sugar daddy has more babies… Many real sugar babies express their feelings about do they keep and why to keep the sugaring …