How to Make Your Profile Perfect on Sugar Daddy Sites

When sugar daddy or sugar baby used Tapit, or they saw your pics in Moments, I believed that they would like to know more about you. But how can they get to know you? Of course from your profile. So your profile is very important. If it is very complete, people will have more interests in you, and also complete profile could increase the possibility of communication.

Above all, we are just talking about the importance of the profile, but how to make our profile perfect. Don’t worry, I will tell you how to do it, but before that, I would like to show you the different effects of two profile types.

sudy profile

sudy profile 2

Obviously, the complete profile will make u more popular on Sudy or other sugar daddy sites. So you’d better fill out profile info as possible as you can. And let’s start from your self-description.

How to Write a Better Self-Description

It’s perfectly normal to suffer from the “What do I put here?” problem. Blank boxes make everyone nervous. If you’re not sure what to talk about, here are some key areas to cover: Your personality: Are you artistic or analytical? Are you an outdoorsy type, or do you prefer indoor activities?

Be sure to give some hints about what you’re like as a person. Your hobbies: Your unique hobbies or interests can be a huge eye-catcher for a visitor. What you’re looking for in a partner: This shouldn’t be the bulk of your profile (as we’ll get to in a bit), but if you have certain requirements, it’s okay to mention them.

How to Choose Your Photos

Your picture is one of the first things people will see when visiting your profile, and in a lot of cases could be the difference between a closer look and a proverbial swipe to the left. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to catch someone’s eye. Have a variety of photos: Most services allow you to upload several different photographs of yourself.  “Different” doesn’t mean the same picture from three slightly different angles.

It also doesn’t mean the exact same angle on three different days. Vary it up a bit. Use one picture of you with your dog, and one picture of you hiking your favorite nearby trail (or whatever it is you like to do). People are trying to get a feel for who you are, so give them something to work with.

Include both a face and body shot: Everyone wishes that they could be judged solely by their winning personality, but most of those same people still want to date someone they find physically attractive. That’s just how dating works. Including at least one picture that shows what you look like from the neck down is a common courtesy online.

Choose a Right User Name

Fill in a meaningful and easy- to- remember the username, it will be better if your personality can be highlighted. Do not fill it arbitrarily. Otherwise, you can’t even remember it when time goes by.

Lay It All out on the Table

Well, most of it anyway. While men don’t like it when women mention that they are divorced or have kids, turns out women do. The rate of message responses jumps by 52 percent at the mention of divorce or separation. So go ahead and be honest about those kinds of things.

Just, you know, keep it within reason. If you have a foot fetish or a hardcore drug habit, maybe save that for date number…never. Also, make sure to keep things positive on your profile. No one wants to date a sad sack, so use words like “creative,” “ambitious,” or “laugh.” Avoid words like “alone” or “desperately lonely.”

After all, everyone loves positive and warm words, right?

Before Completely Finish the Profile, Please Check It

Check your grammar: Many people find poor grammar and spelling a turn-off, and the best of us can make mistakes, so be careful on this point.

Well, I hope this info works for you. And if you want to go through more specific examples, please read my other blogs: 3 Online Dating Profile Examples

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