Do and Don’t When Setting Your Sugar Baby Allowance

If you land yourself a sugar daddy and lucky enough he has the income to fund a huge allowance, you’re getting the chance to set a comfortable allowance that covers your living expenses plus some sugar. I know that typically sugar babies won’t ask the allowance of $10,000+ because they feel it unlikely to maintain. If you are an aspiring sugar baby who wants to set your allowance higher in a proper average, you need to know something do&don’t.

dos and donts

Being Aspiring Sugar Baby to Ask for Proper Allowance

Things You Should Do About Setting Allowance

  • First thing is knowing that sugar daddy does not mean unlimited resources, you should know his limit before you set your allowance from him.
  • Remember that you set your allowance range all the time when you ask for it or when you negotiate it with your sugar daddy.
  • Knowing that if your sugar daddy is testing you when they want to pay you less. If he likes you he is willing to pay you as you want but it does not mean that he would not like to save some money if they can. Your intransigence is also an attractive spirit.
  • Find a good to use sugar daddy website skip the whole awkward allowance talk, set your preferred allowance range then put your expectation on your profile.
  • Single sugar daddy is always better than married one or sugar daddy who have children because the former one can have much left over to spend on you and latter one’s money can be tied up by kids’ college tuitions.

Things You Should Not Do About Setting Allowance

  • Don’t ask the average sugar daddy for an extravagant allowance, if he obviously can’t afford that huge allowance for good, which likely is embarrassing him.
  • Don’t be shy, figure out how much you want (within a reasonable range) then just asking for it.
  • Don’t negotiate a higher allowance in your location if you are living in a small town. There are more millionaire sugar daddies in New York, NY than in Marfa, TX.
  • Don’t be too rigid when your sugar daddy requires a longer time commitment. You can ask for a larger provisional allowance than it would be for in-town date nights out if he wants you to accompany his trip or spend weekends together.
  • Don’t cover additional sugar expenses yourself, you are expected to dress up in clothes you’ll have to shop for or have to taxi to go there, which should be covered by the sugar daddy.


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