For New Sugar Baby: Hard Lessons We’ve Learned

One thing you will go through when you walking steps in sugar bowl is that look back on the past experience of sugaring, then you think like it would be nice if you knew things you know now in that time. So for new sugar baby who just starts sugaring and knows not many things about the unwritten code in the sugar bowl, we write about some “hard lessons” that experienced sugar babies already went through, to avoid them slipping into same traps.

new sugar baby lessons

Hard Lessons #Don’t Submit to Sugar Daddy

There’s No Need to be Scared

It’s quite common to see that people seem to be intimidated facing a group of more powerful, and in these situations, people usually make mistakes or what can only be described as…crashes and make things awful. However, things, as mentioned above, occurred all because of self-distrust and self-abasement. You can stop putting yourself down, I need you to know that in fact, sugar babies have competitive powers because you girls have a lot of things that sugar daddies eager.

Be confident asking for what you want

Never stammer out weak answers when your potential sugar daddy asking you what you want, no matter you are indeed not so sure what stuff you should ask for, or you’re afraid that they won’t meet your requirements. That has no use for your starting out. Just figure out what exactly is your goal and firm in talking what you are and your needs.

Hard Lessons #There are Salt Daddies Indeed

You thought that unlike the young boys you’ve experienced thus far, sugar daddies are wealthy and experienced in a whole lot of things. Every new sugar babies think like that before they really starting arrangements, I know because that’s what we said to you lol.

Actually, sugar bowl draws a lot of catfish and scams, pretend they are sugar daddies then scam others by asking for their bank info. Regardless of these minority events, if you protect yourself all the time. >>> How To Deal With Scammer in Sugar Daddy Dating App? And men who are rude, hassling or stingy we call’em Salt Daddy.

There are plenty of sweet and amazing men in the sugar world that balance things out.

Hard Lessons #Connection Matters Most

The media may paint sugar dating with a simplistic sex-and-money stroke, but take it from actual sugar babies: connection matters most,” shares an Aly, the Travelholic Sugar Baby. “Basing it on sex might mean meeting up once or twice but basing it on a connection leads to something long-term and much better benefits.” Smart words from a smart sugar baby.

And you should know that it takes time, let good things happen. It usually takes months, dating a real sugar daddy and getting mutually beneficial arrangements, I can not say that it’s absolutely not possible that find your sugar daddy within one month since you joined in, but usually, it’s a scam if you go through it too fast.

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