Sugar Baby How to Keep the Secret

Some sugar baby would like to keep the sugar life a secret for many reasons like people won’t be as understanding about the sugar daddy/baby life, it won’t be easy explaining that to other if their sugar daddy has more babies… Many real sugar babies express their feelings about do they keep and why to keep the sugaring secret, This post wants to list some tips to teach sugar babies who are new here and want to keep sugaring secret how to do it for good.

sugar baby keep secret

How to Keep Sugaring Secret

Clear That Why Keep it Secret

If I were a sugar baby I’d love having something secret like this, I think it makes it more enjoyable and fun. And if it’s not serious between me and my SD why make it public, you can have more fun without worrying about others. However, it’s really no one’s business what I do with my life and many people frown on the sugar lifestyle. It really depends on the person and their mindset on everything. If people found out it really wouldn’t bother me, only because I don’t care what others think of me.

So your dating has nothing to do with your friends it’s your own life and not theirs. If you feel comfortable enough you surely can share some info on the subject but not a lot. Only the one who suggested you a lot have enough reasons to know it detailly. And you can have sugar baby sister if you want, they won’t judge you and you all have the same target, you are able to share some thoughts or experiences in the sugar bowl and which won’t be understood easily by others.

It Needs Sugar Daddy’s Cooperation

About 95% of Sugar daddies like to be discreet and their sugar babies respect them as well. The public is judgmental of this lifestyle especially for someone who is at a high-class social state. They get it confused with prostitution and there’s a HUGE difference. Instead of trying to explain that sugar babies don’t meet up have sex and get paid for it, and there’s an actual relationship, you can be discreet and personal. It must need your SD’s help since it’s between you and my Daddy anyways.

If he wants to be public about your dynamic, inform him that even though you’re his sugar baby you’re still a young lady before you’re anything else in life and he will treat and refer to you as such. So he can introduce you as a very close friend, his partner, his lady etc.

Good Cover to Replace

“It is a secret that should be kept between the sugar baby and sugar daddy, especially if there is a wide age difference.” An experienced secret sugar baby said to us, and she also gave us a good idea of replacing your “secret”. “I think that a good cover to replace where your getting the money from when someone asks you is to say you started doing surveys online that pay you and all of that sort of stuff, if they ask to join give them an actual link to a site that does that truthfully know 5 out of 10 who apply to those sites get money so if your friend doesn’t receive anything well I guess you where the lucky one. ❤”

If you bring up the topic with your family and they won’t react the way you’d like them to, you should keep it a secret. If you have a great relationship with your family and when you decide to tell them about the lifestyle you’re living it’s sure that they would support you, help you out, or just be happy for you, it’s fine whether you keep this secret or not.

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