What Should You Do While Accompanying Your Sugar Daddy On a Business Trip

I think any sugar baby won’t say no if their sugar daddy wants them to accompany on a business trip, there certainly would be a nice place to have a vacation, because if not, sugar daddy won’t think of ask for accompanying. Would you want someone to accompany if you go to mountainous areas with backward in technique and bad social security if you are a sugar daddy? So what should you do while you really accompany your sugar daddy on the business trip? There are some things you need to know.

sugar daddy business trip

Few Things While Business Trip Accompanying

He is responsible for buying tickets, pay for hotel and food, maybe pocket money. However, you still need to keep a few things in mind to make sure that all goes peachy smooth. It’s the vacation for you and you have some free time when your sugar daddy is out for business. Feel free to go do whatever you want while he’s busy at work but when it’s time for him to relax, you should be there for him.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible

Instead of your regular nightly date, on a trip, you might be spending full days except for his business time. Most of the time when your sugar daddy travels, he doesn’t have any acquaintances there than his workmates or sometimes it’s a solo trip, he wants you there so he has someone to spend time with and not have to be alone. This time will bring you closer. Plus I have to say is there must be sex stuff if you decide to accompany him on whatever trip, so you must be prepared for this. 

Plan to work your schedule around his, if he has meeting think of wait for him at first, and if it needs indeed much time like half a day you can go out for fun on your own. If there are events or parties at night, and he wants you to attend it as well, don’t arrange your own stuff just think about how to dress yourself elegance and stunning and give him a certain accompany. If he wants lunch or dinner then back to work, make sure you are there when he calls you.

Add Your Values

  • Find out what interests the both of you about the place you’re going to.
  • Museums or any exhibition both of you or he is into would be a good place for the date, where you have topics to talk about and can bring you two closer.
  • A walk by the river, a sit-in some beautiful park or cafe shop filled with rays of sunshine always a romantic place for leisure and relax. He comes there because of the business and he’ll like this way to relax.
  • Food that you both want to try, make sure you two have the restaurant to go in a strange place if he hasn’t made the plan for this trip before.  As much as the trip is for business, your sugar daddy also wants to have fun and feel like it’s not all about work.

Be Discreet

If your sugar daddy doesn’t want his workmates to know that you’re his sugar baby, he may not arrange the meets between you and his workmate, but if you have to see them, introduce yourself as a friend. Besides, no matter there is his workmate or not, in public physically act like friends will be more discreet.

There was a fear of bumping into friends in public, even now you two are in a different city, the possibility of that might decrease. The best way is talking it out with him before the trip, so that you know exactly what to do and won’t bother him while business time or get him into troubles.

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