Why Do You Want To Date Elite?

“I’m just curious how it feels, so I want to know. Maybe I can learn more from their perspective.”

“I want to date elite because it’s a positive experience, I’m not treated like I’m there just for sex, or that I owe anyone. I get to just be me, and they get to just be them.”

“The reason I’m choosing to stay tallit is that I’m tired of unproductive people. So I’d rather have people that are striving for something and love to have fun. Life is too short I think I’ve done enough soul-searching menace early soul-searching but rebuilding myself after a bad relationship that oh, I think it’s time to start enjoying life and people in it.”


“I want to date an elite because yes I am driven, purposeful and a big dreamer. I love all the finer things in life, with the will to work, yes for sure but it’s about that time a soul took care of me. There’s a whole lot of difference in mindsets too, someone to challenge me mentally, to teach me another way of life because the grass is certainly greener on the other side.”

“I wanna date the elite to better my life and my self. my loyalty gets get uses and so does my kindness. I want to show my kiddo that it can be so much better and men can be kind, not hateful. I want my conversations to increase honesty and happiness.”

“I want to date the elite because they know what they want in life and already achieved it. they can give you advice and mentor you.you can also gain connections that you might have never been made otherwise.”

“I want to date elite because I feel like I’ll be treated better. I also would enjoy some company online. I don’t have a lot of friends so this seems pretty fun to do. I’m also a very bold person. I do anything exciting.”

“I want to date elite because I’m so used to be the breadwinner and spoiling men that just use me up. I’m ready to try an SD/SB relationship so I can enjoy the benefits and live my life being spoiled! Plus, I love the finer things in life and just in a tough spot financially!”

“Because I need somebody who can stimulate more than just my personality or flatter me because of my beauty but stimulate my mental intelligence and still recognize that I’m a queen that should be treated as such.”

“I Want To Date an Elite because I am young and driven. I need someone to Match me and Challenge me. I am 100% confident that I can become his Dream Woman…Question is where is he? is it possible to skip your Soulmate in Life? who knows. that is why I joined Sudy.”

“I want a soulmate, an eye-opener, a guide in my life. He could be not that handsome, could be not that tall, but he cares about me and share wonderful things in the upper class with me. He is a mentor and door-opener who leads me to be more happy with my whole life. We share our ideas and happiness as we both have almost the same values. That couldn’t be more excellent!”

“As I come from a middle-class family, my parents offered me all to be a better person. I graduated from the Top 10 universities with my master degree. Now I’m trying to run my life better and more comfortable with my job, which is a decent one with a good salary, and my own hobbies and a cute puppy. There’s no sense wasting time with people that are not compatible with me. It’s not about snobbery or vanity at all.”

“Because of my work, I had the privilege of meeting several single elites. The way they talk politely and dress shows a unique temperament very attractive to me, I think upper-class people’s way of life is very desirable to me. They may have helped me to change my previous misconceptions about things and get a better education for my next generation.”

“I don’t know what other people think, but in my opinion, I want to date with rich and successful people not just because of their money, but also because I want to get more knowledge and experience. And I want to know their story and learn how to be a successful person independently and how to love him correctly, then become a better person through your own efforts to make yourself worthy of him.”

“I’ve always liked to spend time with optimistic people who are hopeful about life. It’s the same with finding a date. Elite people have a lot of life experience; they are very smart, more intelligent, than others, I believe that I can learn more from this relationship. Meanwhile, I can enjoy a better life with them. So you asked me why I date elite. Why not?”

“Because I feel not only do they have more to offer financially but also spiritually. Even if things may not go for the long run. I feel you can still reach out for guidance. Verse your average joe, would be a dick and belittle you or make you feel like it’s not possible. With an elite everything is possible.”

“To be stress-free; to be in an environment that will cater to me and my growth but to also make a connection with someone who has reached a stage in life that I want to be. I feel that in this relationship dynamic it helps foster more life lessons and connections than most regular relationships.”

“I think it’s important to mix with all social circles in our lifetime to reach real fulfillment. Different groups and social classes provide us with a richer sense of understanding in society. I also like to enjoy the finer things in life so appreciate their companionship as the elite can introduce us to different ways of life that I never dreamt possible.”

“I want to date an elite because I’m in love with new experiences and opportunities. With dating an elite I can travel and go places I necessarily wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. They also have a different outlook on life that I tend to appreciate. Being a free-spirited person can be hard when bound by financials, with an elite that’s no problem.”

“I want to date elite because that’s another group of people that I want to reach and by being able to connect with the wealthy when you are not wealthy yet can help you learn skills to help you become wealthy like them. Improving your social life can always have a positive impact on the way you live.”

“I deserve to be spoiled and I’m certain an elite would have the funds to provide the things I require. There is something about a man with money… well, it’s not a mystery. Money makes my nether regions warm. The man holding it? He can receive anything he desires once I am satisfied. That is… if I’m satisfied. I’m tired of being neglected. I deserve EVERYTHING I ask for.”

“Why not, if I have a chance to live a better life, I don’t want my Daughter to struggle because I am not financially stable enough to care about her. I am coming from a poor family .maybe I can meet my soulmate. I just I want an opportunity to give my best also have someone who’s successful be able to mentor me.”

“Well, when wealth is obvious then there is an automatic sense of power. Some don’t use their influence correctly but when used properly you could provide great influence as well. When a poverty-stricken person meets a wealthy one, it’s pretty instantaneous unbound by nature. Psychology has a major play into it obviously, but more in the sense that well this person was able to strive in a way that I couldn’t. That’s their first impression and probably not right neither. It can add or decrease your characteristics as a person per se.”

“I would say it’s more about the experience. Having someone who is resourceful and successful be able to mentor you is invaluable. I am attracted to maturity and intelligence, not necessarily a status or money. Elite generally embodies at least a few of these qualities and so it makes for an ideal dating pool.”

“I would like to date an elite because I want to experience the finer things in life. I would like to be cared for and in return, I can provide a close friendship and you can confide in me with whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m a good listener and I’m good at keeping things confidential. I only want the best in life and an elite is just that.”

“Why not? I have a chance to better myself in the process and potentially meet my soulmate. I want the chance to live comfortably and lessen the worries of life. I grew up poor and if I want a family in the future I don’t want my kids to struggle because I’m not financially stable enough to care for them.”

“I want a man who can give me the things I want and need, I will provide for him and he will provide for me, elite dating is not just about the wealth and the money it’s a sure thing for classy people to be in the elite, I prefer a man who will dress up nicely to all the dates we attend. Elite dating is the way.”

“The real question is why not date elite? Individuals that strive to date elite want to acquire the best of the best. This lifestyle isn’t for most but those that possess qualities that attract members of the elite are the lucky ones. It isn’t just luck that enhances the likelihood of dating a member of the elite, it is their destiny to be picked. They are the chosen one.”

“Yes. If they are willing to take care of me and help me, then I will do the same or even more for them. A lot of people who just want a relationship and that’s perfectly fine a lot of people are OK with doing that but on the other hand there are a lot of people who do not want to be physical with the other person and they’re just looking for companionship someone to listen to them and if that’s what the elite wants then why not give it to them make them happy.”

“Why not? Why say no when you can choose to date the wealthy, successful and decent elite? Material wealth is the first reason, you don’t need to be entangled in the bad financial situation or wondering if you should go Dutch when dating, that’s the problems of poor people. Besides, the upper-class elite has many good qualities as politeness and high emotional intelligence, at least they will pretend to be.”

“I want to date an elite, especially one that’s self-made because they offer a life-changing experience I’ve always wanted. They make good company and excellent mentors for people working to be like them. Being surrounded by those who were once where you are or worse gives you an insight to self-reflect on what you really want and how to get it. I adore the ones who give the same respect to the CEO and the maintenance man because they understand what it’s like to be on both sides.”

“I think there’s something wonderful in a certain generosity of spirit, and there’s something sexy in a man with the means and the drive to do what it takes to put a smile on his girl’s face. When you’re not worried about just plain having enough, it’s like someone has just given you permission to relax and enjoy the moment, and for just a little while, you’re safe from the world and anything is possible.”

“I would like to date an elite man for the experience. People that you deal with are supposed to help make you better. I want to be introduced to a NEW me! Someone smarter, someone out of her shell. I want to be someone who doesn’t have to think about reality even for just a little while. I want help, to help myself be BETTER!”

“For me its a kind of simple thing, I really enjoy to learn every day about everything and that’s why lífe it’s a one-way journey to discover yourself and their meaning in many ways and one of them is the knowledge. Most the people with high and successful status, are very interesting, you can learn a lot from them, and you can have a great conversation about all the experience they had.”

“Because I love my girlfriend and want to give her the world. I may not be able to afford such a lifestyle. But I’m gonna do what I can to make sure she is as happy as she can be. If anyone wants to help then by all means, help so it can be perfect. I would do anything for this girl, so I want her to be happy.”

“I want to date elite because I find it challenging for myself to be with someone who is “ahead of the game.” I hope someday I am just as successful, but I am currently in the learning process. I love discovering new ways to get ahead, and have insight that I wouldn’t normally have if I had dated someone ‘normal'”.

“I would like to date elite because I want to know what it feels like to have everything taken care of. Not having to worry about the things I worry about now. Also to see how different things may be and to actually enjoy life. The different lifestyle is very intriguing to me but I have yet to meet anyone. Living comfortably sounds good.”

” I want to be with an elite because if I keep the same class around myself I feel as if I will be stuck in life!! And I deserve to be treated like the queen I am I’m tired of not having shit honestly so why not fall for an educated elite I’m tired of dating men that can’t do anything for me or tell me something is too much of having to split the damn bill.”

“I hadn’t really thought about this before. I think there’s something about having someone who can truly look after me and spoil me in ways I cannot imagine. The idea of being shown another life that I may never get a chance to be apart of. It’s very intriguing to me. I think there’s something about the primal urge to be looked after, and there’s someone that is such a turn on when a man can truly fulfill that. I could never long term be with someone who cannot provide for me, and be there to protect me when needed. that’s a necessity for me in any relationship.”

“The world of the elite is just so fascinating. To think that there is a whole secret world where the money is not even an object is hard to even imagine. Getting to experience a lifestyle that I have no idea exists sounds like such an adrenaline rush. And not to mention someone wanting to take complete care of you, and being able to take care of them in a way they probably don’t even think about.”

“I guess I would want someone to spoil me with things I can buy and in return I’ll give them the love they want and time they need spending with and tend to them I. Whatever way they need so it’s mutual for everyone just hard to find a mama but I can’t wait to find one cause when I do she will have my world.”

“I like to date elite because most of the men are well educated, which allows for better conversation. Most of these men are also older with established jobs, allowing them to travel and spend more time together. Since they are older, they have more life experience and are more likely to offer advice and help develop skills.”

“I want to date the elite because they give me the confidence to do things I normally wouldn’t do. I get pushed outside my comfort zone and it’s a thrill! With the middle/low class, you don’t get the same thrills as you would with someone that’s elite, it’s not exactly risqué as I like, it’s like sneaking around and the thrill of getting caught is why you do it. 😊”

“I would like to date an Elite, simply because I would like to know what it’s like to be taken care of. My whole life I’ve always have taken care of other people, even some I did not know. Every single time I get screwed over and left with nothing in the end. I always tell myself it’s happening for a reason, and that something better is coming, eventually. I teach my children that we should help anyone in need, even if we don’t have much to give. I believe that the good you put into the world will help it become a better place. Kindness spreads like wildfire, and the more you show, the more people you’ll affect. I also believe you need to know the right people to succeed. Being around successful people can help you become successful. I’ve never known life without stress, and it honestly kind of scares me. However, in order to be successful in life, you have to face your fears, right? So here I am, trying something new, that scares me. (In a good way, think positive.) :)”

“You only have one life and all we have is time. I like to use my time experiencing new things, to date an elite would give so many new experiences and an insight into different lifestyles. I think everyone is interested in their own way, I don’t think money can make someone more interesting but it can open doors to new and more unique interests that people without the money can’t have. “

“I want to date elite because they just have such a different aspect and mindset than people that aren’t elite. I like the exclusivity of being at the top where not a lot of people get to see. Being around someone who is elite is so exhilarating and down-right an “in the moment” kind of feeling. Elite men obviously have more than what regular men lack, that’s why they’re considered elite.”

“There is so much to learn from these people. There is a saying “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life”. I want to get some of that untapped knowledge and what better way to know about it than up close and personal? I’m just transitioning from insecure teen and I would love my next stop to be a confident woman. I think a mature mentor is a way to go. I do learn from theory but practical examples are more effective. Dating the elite gives you a view from their perspective increasing your knowledge and also your ability to empathize and see that they are humans like us and we too can achieve that level of superiority.”

“I must date an elite because I like to enjoy the finer things in life. I have a strong belief that a man should be able to provide for his mate and his mate should be able to take care of his very needs wants and desires💋 All of my life I’ve dated the best of the best and I have enjoyed it. Elite dating is the only way!”

“Because I’m tired of wasting my Youth With Nonsense… I feel like I’ve been in the wrong places trying to find the right person and people who don’t know what they want full of insecurities holding you back instead of making the best of you to reach the top I’ve learned that whoever says they love you it’s because they’re there for you no matter what show you that they care and that you can always count on them to put the other person First, to be Loyal, To Gove It Your Best So That You Don’t have to Worry and look elsewhere because your with that Special Someone.”

“I would like to date elite because I’m a girl who knows what she wants. Older men w. certain stays already know what they want which also fits perfectly w. what I’m looking for. I’m open to all types of situations but I just need to be comfortable & my partner needs to be open. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for me on this site.”

“Honestly? I’m sick and tired of being the only driven one in the pair. I want someone with ambition and to be the one who gets taken care of for once. Like not even just financially or in a material way. Maybe I’m just being picky and too used to being on my own anymore but I refuse to settle for anyone or anything.”

“I want to date elite because I’m a third-year university student that already has over $10,000 in loans. College education sadly isn’t free and I really need someone to help me pay off my current tuition and my loans so that I won’t spend most of my life paying them off. I’m thinking of getting a graduate degree in Journalism, but that means spending even more money which I barely have enough of. I keep on having to take money out both of my accounts just to pay for this current fall semester. I also want to gain a mentor and a friend that can teach me the ways of life, help me get more connections and to spend fun times with.”

“I’m not looking for a relationship where someone just gives me money or something else but I know that dating and elite man or woman wouldn’t be exactly the same as dating another person just being able to discuss art, places around the world and having a good time talking about it. And I don’t really care about the age nor the money but about their inner self. I value a thousand more times a good and interesting person than just being cute. Well, that’s my opinion and I get that not all of us have the same ideas and that is what is wonderful. Love you all Anna.”

“Dating an elite will introduce you to such a new world filled with opportunities that you never thought were possible. There’s so much out there to offer and some people will never get the chance to see it. It’s a cruel world, and it’s hard to come up anywhere even if you work your butt off. Having someone be able to show you all these possibilities is what anyone would want.”

“I want to date a lead because I want someone who I now cannot only appreciate the finer things in life but afford them. It’s also nice to know that a man is with me to enjoy my company, not to get a free meal, or place to crash, Or somebody to help him pay his child support. I live in well myself and I want somebody who not only appreciate my lifestyle but is willing to partner with me in maintaining a lifestyle of a higher caliber together.”

“I want to date the elite because dating people who aren’t haven’t worked out. I think I must have a shitty picker and now I feel that by dating the elite I am being treated with respect and mutual understanding. I am intelligent, funny and loyal and now it’s finally being recognized by people who appreciate it.”

“I would like to meet the kinds of people that can show me what it is to be successful and how to get there. I strive for more in life and my current lifestyle doesn’t allow me much time to go out into the world and meet new people. This app seems like a great platform to be able to do that without having to worry about awkward first impressions at a bar!”

“I want to date elite because I want someone to push me out of my comfort zone and bring me to the next level. I love meeting new people and experiencing new things and I think that dating elite is what is going to get me to adventure. And hopefully, I can go out, adventure and experience new things with that right person.”

“I want to date an elite because I deserve the finer things in life. I wanna be with somebody who is able to provide all that money can buy. I wanna travel and see the world. visit the famous cities of the world. climb mountains and jump out of planes, most average people don’t do that. that’s why I want to date an elite.”

“I just want to have some really hot sex, I feel like the upper echelon seems to like some pretty kinky stuff behind closed doors… I come from an upper-middle-class family so I know how to be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I’m the girl next door and I’d love to bring you pleasure while I get spoiled.”

“Honestly I’m just tired of struggling week to week. If I can find a nice, funny, guy whos willing to help support me while I get my life in order, id is happy. someone who wants to take care of me instead of me taking care of them. The key to any kind of relationship is honesty and communication. If they can be real with me I can be real with them, there are so many things we can teach each other.”

“I want to date the elite because I find them more interesting than normal people and they honestly have more fun than anybody I know lol. I like them more because they have a lot of stories and interesting things that they share with me. I just enjoy their company more than others because they have nice personalities too.”

“Maybe it’s because I know if I will go with them.to sure that I will learn a lot.and also to know how they face every days life. I know I will learn a lot from them because I believed that Practice is a great Teacher.upon meeting a person for the first time. I know so is real Elite than those are just trying to be Elite.”

“I want to date the elite because I want to experience something different. I’m a southern girl, that wants to enjoy life from a different perspective. I’m striving to become an entrepreneur and I want to connect with individuals that can offer not only time but wisdom. I want to find someone that appreciates a flower and wants to watch it thrive and grow.”

“Because I have been through hell and back, and have come out classy, self-educated, strong, and selfless. I believe that I could enrich the life of someone who has done well for themselves via empathic thinking, spiritual awareness without dogma, and vast emotional awareness. Also, I want to see the world and have a sadly unstamped passport.”

“I would love to date an elite for simple facts as in a deeper sense of intimacy and validation. You go one mile for me I go two miles for you. The opportunity to travel and be cared for is huge on the list of things to love about dating an elite. I am a very loving and nurturing woman with a heart of gold so I know I am worth it to the right person.”

“So that I can find someone I can appreciate. I am a giver by nature and would love to find that special someone that would love the attention and time I give to them. And would spoil me as I spoil them. Give them the respect and discretion they are seeking, as well as my care and affection. Someone who deserves to be spoiled by their sugar baby.”

“I’m at a certain level in my life and would like to meet someone of equal or greater status. I work a large amount of time sometimes 10 days straight without a day off. Looking for someone with a strong work ethic who can relate to limited time availability. I believe the elite share those that sort of work environment.”

“Because is a different way to get to know another person, doing different kinds of stuff, usually normal datings went bored at some point of the date, an elite dating usually give us the chance to do whatever we want, like going to bowling, a to rollercoaster park, dinner on a nice beach, etc, sounds fun! ☺️”

“Not only do I want to date an elite person for romance and their personality, but because they could also mentor me and help me achieve some of the life goals I have desperately drawn in my head. At first, I would feel intimidated because of the power balance and income and feeling as if I’m not doing enough, but we could both make each other happy in the end then I’m fine with that.”

“Honestly, I want to become more than I am now. I want to connect with the higher people of this generation and have a legit connection. It’s not only for the money, but it’s also to be a part of the dream I’ve always wanted to reach. Partying, gifts, showered with affection and expensive joys, of COURSE, I want that but it’s just a small piece of the big picture.”

“I want to date elite because that’s why I’m working so hard to be in that status. ya know to work hard play hard travel and enjoy life and give my family the best life has to offer. to be with someone that can stand by be with love, loyalty and financially only strengthens and pushes me to be my best. to date in the elite would open the whole world at my fingers tips.”

“I feel that those of elite status have higher standards and a more refined personality. I think the maturity that comes with elite status trumps the common dating pool.”

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