How to Start the First Conversation With Sugar Daddy

As a sugar baby, you may not be sure of how to start a conversation with your potential sugar daddy. However, starting a conversation with a sugar daddy does not necessarily have to be awkward. Most people are usually not sure of whether or not to text him first.

The truth, however, is that even sugar babies could start the conversations. Even if it may feel wrong going first, you stand to gain at the end of the day. Gone are the days when girls would wait for men to make the first move.

On top of that, dating a sugar daddy is somewhat different from a ‘normal’ relationship where you date your age mate or someone slightly older than you. For that reason dating a sugar daddy gives you the freedom to set your own rules and do what excites you.

If you are in a sugar relationship, it is almost certain that you are not a reserved or shy type of girl. You should, therefore, be able to make decisions on what you want. Most importantly, you must stand out from other girls and convince the sugar daddy you are the one he should spend his money on.

Why should you message him first?

  • It could highly determine the future of your relationship

Most of the time, sugar daddies are busy people with jobs and other investments and could be carried away by their busy scheduled and may not have noticed you. Others may be married men who are torn between their wives and sugar babies.

Also, you cannot afford to assume that you are the only person he may be interested in. This guy meets many beautiful ladies every day. There are also thousands of other girls on the dating sites that he may be having his eyes on. Hence, you should not assume that he will automatically notify you.

That being the case, you should give him a reason to keep thinking about you and to be on top of his priorities. You can ensure this by sending him a message or even calling him once in a while. Remember not to send him very many messages or call him constantly to avoid being nagging and annoying.

  • To convince him that you a good fit

Sometimes, sugar daddies may have specific preferences and tastes, and anyone who does not meet their expectations may be disqualified. For example, the sugar daddy you are interested in maybe looking for a person living in a particular location. Hence, it is up to you to convince him that even if you do not meet his set expectations, you are worth his attention, affection, and money.

If you are eyeing a certain sugar daddy in one of the dating sites, you can send him a perfect first message telling him why you are suitable for him. For example, if he says that he is looking for someone from his country so that he doesn’t have to travel a lot, you can tell him that you will often be traveling to see him.

You can also relocate to his country if it is convenient for you. The goal is to position yourself as the best fit for a potential sugar daddy regardless of the hurdles that may be in the way of things.


So, how should your messages look like?

  • They should be reasonably brief

The reason for writing the message is to attract and not overwhelm him. Some people may find it difficult to read very long texts. You should, therefore, make sure that your message covers the most important details about you without being wordy. Make your message short and interesting at the same time.

  • Leave money out of your first message

Let the person know other things that are attracting you to them other than finances. Also, let him know how you are planning to make his life better. You don’t want to make the sugar daddy think that you are just about his money.

  • Unleash your A-game

First impressions do last. Let him know that you are not any type of girl. Make sure that you portray yourself as a smart person. Use perfect grammar and vocabulary that will impress the guy. Also, see to it that what you write on your message sells you as a respectful and well-mannered person.

  • Personalize your message

Make your message specific to the person you are writing the message to. Go through the person’s profile and note the important details and communicate directly with them.

You must make the person believe that you know who they are, and you are genuinely interested in him. You do not want to look like you have one message which you send to every man who has a profile that you find interesting.

  • Ask questions

Questions are a smart way of making someone get back. Asking questions will make the sugar daddy feel obliged to get back. Craft engaging questions that do not require a yes or no answer. The questions should indicate that you want to learn more about the person.

Avoid very personal questions that could make the person uncomfortable. As you get closer to him, it is likely that he will share all the details about himself, so there is no need to rush. Tell him interesting things about yourself that are not on your profile.

Everyone wants to feel valued. Telling him something that is delicate and interesting about you acts as evidence that you think they are special and that you really want to be with them. This is different from giving him information that is already on your profile or details that someone can easily find.


Things you can talk about with the sugar daddy on your first conversation:

  • Who he really is

You should aim at knowing the person’s personality. Besides looking at him as a potential sugar daddy, look at him as a person. Know his career, interest, and lifestyle. It would be useless to date a rich person who will beat you up or hurt you in other ways at the end of the day. Also, make sure that the person has your best interest at heart and will influence you positively.

  • Source of income

It is important to know where the sugar daddy gets his money. Is his source of income genuine, or does he get it by stealing from people or hurting them? Does he have investments, or is he employed? If the person has genuinely earned his money, he may share a tip or two that would help you stand on your feet.

He may even inspire you to start a business. He could also share the challenges and trials he may be facing in his businesses, which would help you become a better business person.

If he is employed, he can tell you why he chose that career and how he has managed to become that successful. That way, you can get inspired to work harder and do better in your career.  

  • Get to know his likes and hobbies

Hobbies are the things that a person does when they are away from work, and they define who a person is to a great extent. If your potential sugar daddy has hobbies that are similar to yours, then you are likely to have a good time together. However, if they are completely different, it is likely that you won’t enjoy being with him.

  • Upcoming events

If there are some upcoming events, you can use them to start a conversation. Get to know the events that the sugar daddy is looking forward to and make plans with him on how to spend those days together.

  • Your story

After you are completely sure that he has an interest in you, you can tell him more about yourself other than what is available on your profile. You cannot afford to share your personal information with a total stranger.

After you have known each other well, you can share information on where you live, your hobbies and your likes and dislikes. You can also confide in him, and since he has more life experience, he may be able to provide solutions.

  • Your goals

This may be a great way to start your conversation. The sugar daddy may have worked in many places or even have some serious businesses and can connect you to your dream job. Sharing your dreams, hopes, and inspirations can be a great way of bonding with him.

  • Talk about travel

You can never go wrong with talking about travel with your sugar daddy. It is likely that since he has had the resources, he has traveled extensively and may have lots of stories to share. And even though he has hasn’t, you can share your experiences with him and convince him to start traveling. Make him feel that you are the best person to travel with.

Ask him where he has already been and where he plans to travel next, and you can even make plans of traveling together soon.

  • Discuss your favorite animals

Most people have pets, and others enjoy keeping animals. To keep your conversation going, you can ask him whether he likes animals and if he does ask him exactly which animals he likes. If he likes pets, ask him the types he had growing up and their names. You can also share your own experiences with pets and other animals.

  • Your favorite dishes

We all have that one meal that we are always looking forward to. Get to know the sugar daddy’s best food, and he will most likely ask you about yours. You may be surprised to find out that you have a common favorite food. You can also discuss types of food and nice hotels that offer scrumptious meals and even plan to try them out together.

  • The kind of entertainment he enjoys

Ask him about the kind of entertainment he enjoys best. This is a great way to keep your conversation in the course, and through this, you can learn a lot of things about the person. It even lets you know how you will be spending your time together. You can even ask him about his favorite music, artist and concerts he has attended, and how he liked them.


Getting a good sugar daddy may take the sugar babies a bit of time and effort. Unlike dating boyfriends who are almost your age, sugar daddies have more experience in handling relationships and are more mature than you.

You may, therefore, experience difficulty choosing the right words to communicate with him and convince him to date. Nevertheless, if that is the life you have chosen, you must be ready to take the long route.

Make sure that you read and understand your potential sugar daddy description to ensure that you are indeed what he is looking for. Make sure you talk to people who you are genuinely interested in; otherwise, your conversation will not go anywhere.

Getting the sugar daddy to talk about himself is one of the easiest ways of getting him. People like talking about themselves. By making him know that you care and that he can confide in you, you can go a long way in earning his trust.

Whichever means of communication you are using to talk to him, whether it is by texting him, messaging him on the dating site, or talking to him on text, you must keep them wanting more messages. Make the conversation as interesting as you possibly can and avoid topics that may bore the sugar daddy.

When looking for a sugar daddy, it is important to put in mind how easy it will be for the two of you to meet.  

Even though starting a conversation with a sugar daddy may appear difficult, it could mean the beginning of a wonderful life for the sugar baby. Thus, no sugar baby should shy away from sending the first message.