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Tips for Sugar Baby When You Plan to Have Sex with Sugar Daddy

It extremely normal when a relationship eventually gravitates towards sex, or you want to have sex with your partner in any kind of relationship. As you know sugar daddies especially mature men who have power, they are surely looking for the attractive young girls to spend time with. They, of course, want to have sex with them as well. It is not big deal if your sugar relationship turns to a sexual relationship. This post gives all sugar babies who have sex with their sugar daddies some tips to handle this matter better.

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Tips for Having Sex with Sugar Daddy #Safety

Underage Sugar Baby

First things first, protect yourself well by all means. There should be very clear that even you find a really good sugar daddy who would like to help you financially and mentally, you can’t sleep with them if you are underage. I have no doubt that real sugar daddies who are real gentlemen with good manners and educations won’t break the rule, but they themselves may too young to tell who’s a good person and who’s a scammer. It’s a risk if underage sugar babies sugaring. But if you have to, I can’t say anything to stop you. Only, in this case, don’t sex with your sugar daddy.

10 Minutes Will Save You Worries.

When your sugar daddy don’t want to use a condom(There always be such men), you need to cope in some ways. Let your sugar daddy know gently that you won’t be comfortable until you know that you both are safe. Transmitting diseases by accident are more important and need more concern, no matter how you trust your sugar daddy. No matter how experienced they are, they may make mistakes especially men who have already get into the swing of sex mind.

Tips for Having Sex with Sugar Daddy # Condom

Being on birth control is enough protection for you both, but it can only protect you against pregnancy, not STIs or STDs, you need to use a condom. Any mature people would know that it does not mean that who have STDs if they use a condom right? Many STIs and STDs can lie dormant without any symptoms for years, then flare up.

Always carry at least one condom in your wallet or tucked into your purse. You can gracefully deal with your sugar daddy if he doesn’t want to use a condom an come up with many excuses to avoid it, but before that, you should ensure that one of you have the condom. Since you can’t depend on a man at any situation, and things gonna turn to a little bit of hassle if you have to buy it in the supermarket, so you need always come prepared. If you forget it, spending an extra 10 minutes to drive to a convenience store and grab a pack.

Sugar Daddy is not high school guys who have no safety consciousness just want to sleep with girls, they will be easy to talk with, just let them know that you’re a careful and cautious woman, better to be as safe as possible. 

Tips for Having Sex with Sugar Daddy #Sex-Only

Better be Safe Than Sorry

Some sugar daddy will only want to pay for sex instead of the good connection with dating, company, mentally conversations and etc. Sugar daddy’s not paying for sex, it’s paying for companionship, your time and your emotional intimacy. Be firm about your bottom line, he may try to change your mind as following the direction he wants to go, and it’s not necessarily good to you as well.

Tips for Avoiding Sugar Daddy Who Only Wants Sex

  • Ask ‘What are you looking for?’ before serious conversations. If the man is interested in opening a relationship he will have a conversation with you, instead of saying everything to do with sex. So that he can tell if you’re going to be compatible with each other.
  • A real sugar daddy will treat you right and he wants to financially support you such as rent/tuition/bills and anything makes your life a little bit easier. If he wants sex only, there will be “payment” only, not allowance as we always talk about.
  • Stop trusting a man who just wants a one-night-stand would be your sugar daddy. Real sugar daddy won’t meet you at the hotel every time, he even wants to take you to travel, let you accompany with their business trip.

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