The Best Sugar Daddy Websites/Apps of 2019

What “Gift” is The Sugar Baby Want?

sugar baby gift

What kind of people would become a sugar baby? Materialistic, superficial, mammonism… these words should appear in most people’s mind. In fact, yes it is, in the beginning, but many who in the eyes of other’s are wise, rational, self-disciplined have become the sugar along with the development of sugar relations to the present. This …

Tips For Special Sugar Baby

asian sugar baby

I just want to say that sugar babies are not that single image you imagine, there are various babies are special, maybe a bit of fat, maybe a single mom…not every sugar baby is a supermodel, as we already knew the types of sugar baby: Special Baby: Plus Size Sugar Baby There is a part of …

Basic Manner For Sugar Babies


I’ve been receiving what seems like tons of questions about how to behave meeting a sugar daddy for the first time. And I have seen some of the most beautiful and put together women ruin their shot at Sugar due to bad manners. Hopefully, the tips I have for you gals will calm your nerves …