Scandalous Confessions From Sugar Babies

There are 5 kinds of scandalous confessions from sugar babies on sugar dates, which makes us enter their heart and listen to their true feelings.

sugar babies scandalous confessions

5 Scandalous Confessions From Sugar Babies

1. I’m a sugar baby but I feel more like a glammed up therapist.

You may like a therapist to your sugar daddy, who needs your help to feel his anger and pressure from his work and life. Things you do are probably not that dating them like a sponsor, with you just accompany them, listen to them and make them feel at ease with you.

2. I failed as a sugar baby. I fell for the guy and couldn’t take his money. The best thing that ever happened.

“I started a relationship with a man as a sugar daddy, but actually now I’m falling in love with him.” Well, sweetie, “feeling” is a thing that can not be caught, sugar dating was just a lovely line to get you out here, and you fell for it. It is not bad news and your sugar daddy is not a bad guy, as a real scumbag cannot be attracted to a genuine girl like you.

3. Sometimes I look back on my days as a sugar baby and I’m completely disgusted with my self and the things I did and said.

People can not only have one face, as we belong to the frozen world. Everything you do, pleasure, joy, sadness, sucks, humiliation, will be rewarded with a medal, you deserve everything you are about to get.

4. I’m a sugar baby and I’m not ashamed of it. I make enough to pay for college, support myself and my sister and even help out my mother. I regret nothing.

You are a sugar baby and it is great not having to be so stressed about money anymore. You do not need to think it is wrong, pretty people should take what they can, while they can, right? Everyone like being rich for no reason yet they can not even go there, while you already made it. At the same time, you support your whole family, you tough girl.

5. I’m a sugar baby in college, I got $250 on my first date. I’m 18.

You just made enough money to cover all your undergraduate tuition and future grad school fees, you should have never been more proud. If at the same time you are a sugar baby of ambition, you need to know the true meaning of +what you get, money and gift, more important, resource and opportunity,and your future.

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