Be A Better Sugar Baby

We are all addicted to sugar, for no reason, owing to our instinct. If you can’t make emotional connections anymore and if you are going to date you might as well be making money.You are a total sugar baby. You are already a sugar baby, but how can you be a better sugar baby?Treat it as your second job and have this double life-corporate job by day with sugar baby by night? This post will give you some small suggestions about how to be better while you are already a sugar baby.

better sugar baby

Show Your Charming & Beauty

They look up and down your body, your hair your face your boobs and butts, Men are so visual.You need do something to keep you always shining, it is not a bad idea to let him sink into it at first sight.

Form the habit of making up every single day, whether you would go out or not, spend a little time everyday picture one neat bright and natural makeup. It is a process of Practice makes perfect. Daily practice can let you face calmly when there is a sudden date, better than you make up in a frantic rush.

Follow the fashion bloggers, learn their way of dressing and accessories matching, to cultivate a better fashion taste.

  • Get fit and stay slim.
  • Read health and fitness magazines.
  • Taking exercise and go to gym, with the right way.
  • Look in the mirror every morning and identify one thing that you love about yourself and your appearance.
  • Throughout the day, remind yourself of this thing.You will find it really works.

Expand your mind

You appearance attracts a person, your inside to retain him.It is not realistic to become a people who have wide learning and a retentive memory in a short period of time.But there are still a lot of quick and easy tips to help you.

  • listen to podcasts in your car.
  • Make reading the newspaper part of your daily ritual.
  • Read more—The Life of O, The Awakening, A Handmaid’s Tale, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Optimist’s Daughter, Lolita. Reading will become a part of your daily meditation.
  • Watch classic movies: Sabrina, All About Eve, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Study the starlets and pick characteristics, gestures and the like that you can emulate in your own actions.
  • learn a second language (like French, Italian or Chinese) research a few key topics that interest you so that you always have something to talk about.
  • The other benefit of yoga is that it will help you concentrate your mind, be conscious of your posture and maintain your physique.
  • Learn a sport—tennis, golf.

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