Set Sugar Baby Allowance Expectation

Not only new sugar babies but also those experienced would feel confused about how to set an ideal sugar baby allowance expectation. ‘Openly negotiable to any amount’ on your profile is the easiest way, you’ll find that it gives a wide range of sugar daddies the incentive to contact you, once you’ve met someone or two—you can negotiate the actual price you want.

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How to Set Sugar Baby Allowance Expectation?

You can learn it from other sugar babies, who have got the reasonable allowance already, about how to discuss allowance with your sugar daddy naturally. Most sugar babies are seriously uncomfortable talking about money. If you’re a sugar baby who’s mastered the art of negotiation and can talk cash with a sugar daddy without batting an eyelid, ‘Negotiable’ might work for you. But if the thought of discussing your allowance with a relative stranger makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s much better to state a clearer picture of what you want.

Range Higher Than the Original Thought

Time is limited and it should be spent pursuing the sugar daddies who are going to be able to afford you in the first place. So get rid of the ‘Negotiable’ and instead, state your expected allowance as one range higher than what you want. If you want an allowance of at least $3K, so state up to $6K monthly as your expectation. That way, neither limiting yourself to $3K nor cutting off potential sugar daddies who can provide an allowance of say, $5K.

It allows you to immediately weed out the sugar daddies who’re unable to provide within your range, at the same time you can get to know that the man who is contacting you and responding to you would be comfortable with the allowance you’ve stated.

Keep Your Essentials Expenses Low

You start perusing rental listings and imagining yourself living in some luxury condo. Why not, you think. After all, you have more money now. It makes sense to move into bigger, better quarters. Rent is most people’s biggest monthly expense and the thing that will really make you suffer if your sugar arrangement comes to an abrupt halt. The last thing you want to see if you have to scramble to find a new home quickly when you can no longer afford your luxury condo.

Ideally, try to keep your rent at or below 30% of your monthly allowance. Go as low as you can go without compromising your safety and comfort.

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