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How Much Allowance Do You Want to Get or Offer?

752 Answers

Sugar Baby / 27

It’s a give and take. I personally would like my allowance to be $500 a week. That may be to high for most, or it might not be enough for most. I personally would want an allowance plus shopping, gifts, trips and more. If I’m happy I’ll definitely make sure that my SD is happy. It’s win-win situation at the end of the day. I would like to be pampered for the time I’m going to put towards my SD.

2017-11-14 15:02:41

Sugar Baby / 25

Personally, knowing what I bring to the table as a person I do want my SD to compensate me for my time and companionship. I mean that the money isn’t everything, but it is a part of the sugar lifestyle. I want 300-800 weekly depending on how often my daddy would like to spend time with me. I’m not big on gifts though, so that’s not really a requirement for me.

2017-11-15 12:10:42

Sugar Baby / 33

Minimum $500-2500 a week.part of the relationship is a business transaction between the parties involved and if i would get involved with an allowance i would like it to be somewhat livable and something above let's say retail. I'm offering my time, body and overall sexual self so i would deem that price range at least negotiable and fair for market value

2017-11-17 19:27:56

Sugar Baby / 28

I think a weekly allowance is acceptable. It also depends if the relationship is long distance or not. If I’m not able to see my daddy, j don’t expect a high allowance. If I’m able to meet him, I would say $500 per visit plus money for shopping and extra luxuries. Daddys who don’t want to gift an allowance to a baby and are on this app are in the wrong place. This is not a dating service, it’s a sugar service so when men say in there profile they are not a bank I immediately lose interest.

2017-11-20 13:24:14

Sugar Baby / 25

I would love to get a allowance between 400-600 a week with the exception of gifts as well ! This amount of money will allow me to take care of the business I have to handle while keeping my self up for my sugar daddy . I’ll also be able to do a lot more traveling which would make me so happy ! Besides I’m giving my time I should be able to get the perks from it !

2017-11-20 17:06:10

Sugar Baby / 22

Personally, I hate being greedy and selfish and like to save up money. For me, five hundred dollars is a luxury. When it comes to 'allowance' I think I only deserve it if I'm a good girl. I love being spoiled and being bought gifts but I want to save up money to create a future. I'm not all that pretty so I think that 1,000 dollars a month is completely astonishing.

2017-11-21 00:25:38

Sugar Baby / 21

For me it would be whatever that person could comfortably afford, if that was $25, sweet, if that's $2,5000, sweet. Occasional gifts would be nice, same with vacations and other sweet thoughtful things Their time as well can be a great gift, often these people have busy lives do making time for me is a big gift in itself I don't put a price on people. They give me what they can afford and I'm greatful for that

2017-11-21 01:16:35

Sugar Baby / 36

I’m fairly new to the sugar baby world. The first sugar daddy I talked to asked me what I wanted my allowance to be. I was pretty shocked how straightforward he was about it and asking me what I wanted it to be not him choosing it. I told him that I’d leave it up to him. I’d let them choose how much my allowance would be. I think allowance is good. But I’d like the attention a little more or thoughtful gifts or spur of the moment trips.

2017-11-23 18:27:27

Sugar Baby / 26

I really think it depends on the situation. We are all willing to do different things with different people. I don't have a set price but I do prefer weekly over monthly pay. And I'm just going to be 100% honest, money is what attracts me to a sugar daddy. There are a bunch of dating apps but we chose one where we know money will be involved so I'm not going to even do that "allowance isn't what attracts me" nonsense cause that's a lie. Of course, once I get to know my SD I can possible become more attracted to him. With that being said, I think it's best to set these things from the start, this is a good question.

2017-11-24 16:28:30

Sugar Baby / 28

I have no set amount but im willing to take whatever sugar daddy wants to give me sinply because i can use some extra financial help. I appreciate and take whatever. I dont like to set an amount because i think that's something a sugar daddy will decide and discuss at the moment the sugar daddy and sugar baby meet for the date. Im new to this so i need to be informed

2017-11-25 08:23:28

Sugar Baby / 21

Well if I’m working on your schedule while I️ work and go to school then I️ feel I️ deserve an allowance. I’m not too sure on how much but I️ would like money to pay for my school dues and shopping. I’m a appreciate person but I️ won’t allow cheapness from my sugar daddy. I️ Love money but I️ can’t be buttered up with less than $500 every month....

2017-11-26 06:53:08

Sugar Baby / 36

1,500 because that's what I need for bills however when it comes to my allowance I'd need 800 a week so I can make sure I'm taken care of n so is my kids in all about my daddy i can do n play whatever he wants n so if he can't meet a 2,300 allowance then I guess he ain't got no business with me I know harsh n blunt but if Imma go outta town for him then he can at least make sure his sugar has everything covered

2017-11-27 15:32:05

Sugar Baby / 26

Everyone is different, but for me i ask for a variety of either $500/week, gifts, trips or bill payments. I believe both parties are worthy of equal rewards! I don’t ask this stuff to be greedy, I say this because I believe my potential SD is worthy of lavish time and energy spent on him too, and im willing to give that man what he desires, if he gives me my desires!

2017-11-27 15:35:05

Sugar Baby / 26

I wouldn’t mind starting off with no less than $900 a month and depending on if we become exclusive or not it can be more. But it depends on the person. Every guy is different and wants different things out of a sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationship.. as long as i benefit from this relationship I’ll be sure to make sure you do as long as you take care of my needs.

2017-11-27 21:26:23

Sugar Baby / 23

Im still so new to this that I dont have a set number in mind. My hope would be that my sugar daddy would help cover my rent and other adult priorities and after that I would still have miney left over to have some fun and enjoy life. My goal is to make my sugar daddy happy by giving him the attention he needs I would hope he would be willing gl make me happy by helping cover my living expenses.

2017-11-28 05:09:31

Sugar Baby / 21

How much I want for my allowance. I probably sound like a greedy girl but I think it's reasonable now the maximum I'll ask for is $500 but I have no problem with $300 on a weekly base in fine with. Now if I meet a sugar daddy that doesn't mind breaking that wallet then I'm asking for at least $1500 . And that's including hair, nails, cloths and bills

2017-11-28 23:22:14

Sugar Baby / 23

I would be happy with 800 weekly. That would be ideal. Even 500 would be great. . And what would be the greatest would be that my sugar daddy and I would be friends. Someone I could talk to, someone I could go to for advice, a mentor, and an amazing listener. Even if it goes no further than a friendship. It would be an amazing experience and would show me a lot.

2017-11-29 21:59:05

Sugar Baby / 24

I am not one to ask for money or things. I will be ok with whatever amount I get. I'm not used to being spoiled so I will just go with the flow with whatever he is doing. He knows more than I do if he's a sugar daddy. I'm new to this and never had a sugar daddy before. I'm just a go with the flow person when it comes to things like this. I just want to be spoiled now.

2017-12-01 15:04:28

Sugar Baby / 21

Being a sugar is much more than allowance to me, everything in the relationship is a two way street. I get allowance and we get to have fun together and I'll always be there for my sugar daddy when he needs me to talk or to play with. But in exchange I would need money for shopping whenever I went out and $200 dollar allowance every week or so as well as him playing with me whenever I need him to ;)

2017-12-01 15:58:22

Sugar Baby / 21

Well I want $450 - $500 twice a week plus money for shopping so it'll be an editional $375 twice a week that's what I would want my allowance to be. Later on I might change the price and go higher to like $550 twice a week and $500 for my shopping allowance. If my sugar daddy offers more then what I was asking for then I have zero problems with that

2017-12-03 07:19:16

Sugar Baby / 21

I won’t sugar coat anything and say that I’m not here for an allowance because I am so probably around 400-500 weekly yeah that may be a little expensive but i got bills and college I need to pay for. Plus I like to treat myself. I’m not just here for the allowance though it does play a big part. I want to spend time with someone and learn from them and their experiences.

2017-12-03 23:27:16

Sugar Baby / 36

While most people say money isn’t everything it is apart of the sugar daddy/sugar baby world. I won’t ask for anything while we are getting to know one another. But once we establish that we want to be sugar baby and daddy, the arraignments will be set up then. Again I wouldn’t ask for it but if it was offered I would sure enough take it and I’d let them set the price.

2017-12-06 15:23:14

Sugar Baby / 22

So many sugar babies fall into the trap of trying to determine how much allowance they’re worth when that’s not even the case. They assess their looks, compare it with the competition, and start nit-picking their every quality for its monetary equivalent. It’s not that deep. You should love yourself how you want your Sugar Daddy to love you. In the end it’s always between you and him right?

2017-12-07 10:32:26

Sugar Baby / 24

Allowance isn’t everything to me but let’s be real we’re all here for basically the same thing however I think it’s more the older age that attracted me to the SD life style it’s easy to date someone your age (young) that doesn’t really have anything to offer as far as stability and things but when you’re trying to be a young boss and it’s someone out there that’ll make that happen with a mature attitude that’s been there done that it’s like a breath of fresh air lots of people don’t agree with it but it’s really about your mindset and what you’re trying to accomplish I wanna own my own business and I know it’s someone that’ll make that happen in no time VS someone that’s trying to figure life out as well

2017-12-08 06:44:47

Sugar Baby / 20

I would like $500$ or more per week. I have very nice taste in things and I like to always look good, that extra money would benefit. I also love to go out and shop together, depending on what it is, I might ask a little more to pay for something at the moment but my SD would also benefit from this. He would have me anytime he wants, he would have my trust, companionship, and loyalty

2017-12-08 13:05:17

Sugar Baby / 22

I'm not greedy and I could never actually ask for money. I think if the person enjoys talking to me and enjoys my company then he will give me as much money as he wants. And everyone can always talk to me about the amount of money they can spend on me. If it's not a lot I won't get mad or anything. I like talking to people and i love attention so money is just a plus.

2017-12-09 09:00:37

Sugar Baby / 35

I’m new to this so I would be a little cautious about giving an answer but also a little skeptical just leaving it entirely up to him. I think for me the best solution would be to come up with a number that is mutually comfortable for the both of us. I work so the need to take care of all my bills isn’t there but if that’s what he wants to do so I can have less stress or work less then great. I do think that if he has certain expectations of how I should dress/look on our time then that’s up to him to make sure I have the means to do so.

2017-12-10 18:55:56

Sugar Baby / 38

To me an allowance isn't necessarily money. I would want to be taken care of in every way. I would want money to pay for personal services, beauty services cosmetic procedures clothing To pay my phone bill and I would want an allowance so that I can save up and buy a nice car. To me it is important to always look my best and frankly it's very expensive to be a woman is specially if you are like me and you are very feminine

2017-12-11 23:55:14

Sugar Baby / 27

Allowance is a no go for me. I would like my sugar daddy to give whatever his heart desires when he wants. I will not beg or demand money from my sugar daddy. Anything that he gives me is a plus and I'll be appreciative of anything that he chooses to reward me with. Allowances may create instances where sugar babies are solely dependent on the money and not interested in anything else.

2017-12-13 06:26:17

Sugar Baby / 22

I guess everything has to do with what you're willing to give. A relationship like this must be based on win-win, so there may be a mutual agreement and both be happy with what they receive; thus they are aware that they receive equivalent to what they offer.I see these relationships as an agreement, and the players put their rules, so that the agreement is what you expect you have to respect the rules of the other. For me to make this something stable is an excellent alternative.

2017-12-16 17:48:31

Sugar Baby / 29

As much as my sugar daddy wants to give me. If I were to be honest 40,000 and up. That's of course if you find a daddy that's willing to do so. We all know what this app is for but I strongly believe in communication. From there build trust and settle the arrangements with your daddy. Know your worth. All women are solid gold but if you treat yourself like less that's how they will treat you.

2017-12-18 17:59:55

Sugar Baby / 24

I would hope for at least 1500 a month in order to help pay for some bills and to go shopping so that I can show off for them. Granted, it doesn't have to be in the form of money, it could be gifts or trips, even dinners and that'd be fine with me. I don't fully expect to be showered in money but I would want to reciprocate that same kind of pleasure some type of way.

2017-12-18 20:07:56

Sugar Baby / 28

I want to get AT LEAST $500 weekly, I think that's very fair, it's in the middle, not too expensive not too cheap. Or I'd be OK with $1000-$1500 bi weekly, only because I have 2 kids as well that needs to be taken care of, we come as a package deal and kids aren't cheap, especially as they get older and it's hard when both parents aren't together. Maintaining is a little costly.

2017-12-18 21:09:25

Sugar Baby / 26

As far as allowances go i personally would like an amount that can cover hair & nails, phone bill , & spending money for the month. My hair is $150 , phone bill is $70 , nails ( which include mani & pedi ) is also $70 , i think a decent spending amount per month is $300. Im a very thirfty shopper lol. So for me i would be expecting at least 590 or better. Im sure this sounds like a lot but i think once my sugar daddy sees hiw well i manage money it wont be an issue.

2017-12-19 01:54:34

Sugar Baby / 25

I need to pay my tuition it is $1000 per 6 month, my apartment and shopping allowance $350 per month, my pocket money $300 per month. I also want to go aboard with my sugar daddy. It will be much fun if we can go at least once or twice per year. We can try a good review foods and hotel in whole world. I can pay my other bill since I also have a job and use to do it by my self

2017-12-19 01:56:30

Sugar Baby / 23

A couple 100 a week at least I’m not really sure I’m a newbie at this but I want to look good for my sugar daddy so that he not embarrassed to show me off to all his mates if his that inclined to show me off but I also want to be able to show off in the bedroom with some new sexy stuff. I’m still New at this and want to see what the norm is on here

2017-12-19 02:03:08

Sugar Baby / 30

Allowances would be awesome. Getting things you always wanted. But truly materialistic, how will it ensue happiness? A hundred dollars would be good a week. I would end up actually having a savings account. I love interior designing so most of it would go into making a dream house, that itself would make me happy designing to my liking. So $100, would go a long way.

2017-12-19 02:12:42

Sugar Baby / 22

For my allowance by sugar daddy’s I’d like $50 up depending on the pictures they want or how much. id love to speak to them and see them but if they want it regularly on a daily basis than it would be extra cash as well. This app has been the greatest! Ive recommended this app to guys and girls above the age of 18 and they’re enjoying it as much as I️ am

2017-12-19 05:49:20

Sugar Baby / 31

I want to be able to live comfortably. It’s difficult to put an exact number on that, but my needs are few and honestly all I want is to be able to live comfortably and stress free. I want to return to college. I want to stop worrying about where my next meal is coming from. I want to focus on being healthy and happy and bettering myself, but I need help to do that. I come from poverty and I don’t ask for much. Anywhere from 200-400 a month would be extremely helpful. Even $100 if someone is feeling generous and simply wants to help out. I’m not against one time flings, being an escort on a date, or just offering my companionship. For an improved life in the long term, that is all worth it in the end.

2017-12-19 07:20:48

Sugar Baby / 21

I don't really have a set allowance that I'm looking for, I hope that my sugar daddy/mommy will be generous enough to give me a decent allowance so that I can buy myself some nice things. My sugar daddy/mommy would hopefully be nice, kind, and funny. They would give me a good allowance and lots of amazing memories to look back and smile on with them.

2017-12-19 12:05:11

Sugar Baby / 21

I would prefer at least 300 a week, in exchange for various things. It seems like a fair exchange but I’m always looking for more. Yes i am working, but I’m also a full time student so the service helps. It’s like a trade off, i give you something in exchange for a little something. Nothing too shabby, but hey that’s just my own opinion. Still looking for sugar daddies !

2017-12-19 12:47:27

Sugar Baby / 26

I'm not looking for anything permanent, but that doesn't mean it can't be long term. I'm looking for a weekly allowance that at the lowest is 250 a week for communication and pictures and a regular public date. I'm also willing to do pay per meet and that is negotiable depending on what you want. This starts at 200 for a regular in public date and does not include communication and exchanging pictures, it goes up depending on content, though the average is 1000 PPM

2017-12-19 13:20:54

Sugar Baby / 31

I think allowances or offers should be reasonable. Nothing in life is free. We all work hard to where we have gotten this far. No one is going to pay a person for pictures or videos when we have technology at our finger tips. I didn’t come to this app with a certain standard on how much someone should pay. I think if both parties are interested enough they will be able to come up with a good number.

2017-12-19 16:19:18

Sugar Baby / 21

I really want a weekly allowance of over 300 dollars. It's reasonable get more than that from work. I can afford to go out at times and that would be fun. I have been offered 700 a month but from scammers, so we know how that ended up. I want to be able to relax in my life not worry about bills or food or a car. It could be any amount and I would appreciate it in all honestly.

2017-12-19 19:02:28

Sugar Baby / 22

I’m not picky with the amount my Sugar Daddy is giving to me. I just hope that he knows I’m worth a good amount. I have imagined that if I’ve been with the same Sugar Daddy for over 6 months than I should start getting more attention. But I’m not going to require constant attention or need. If I had to put down a starting price it would be somewhere in the double digits.

2017-12-19 19:27:08

Sugar Baby / 32

How much allowance would I like to receive? Well, I guess that depends on what I am providing for them. I know my worth. I know what I will not accept. I will not lowball myself, my time is limited, but valuable. I am always available for text, phone, video chat, pics, or videos... just not always for physical touch. Once weekly is doable. My kids come first.

2017-12-19 19:35:41

Sugar Baby / 22

Honestly being a sugar baby to me is not about the money, but I mean it’s definitely a plus to it! If I had to place an amount on it though. I’d say I would like to get $200 and week. Since I’m still in college I would just like to have spending money , whether it’s for bills or just buying some things for myself! I would definitely be satisfied with a little extra cash in my pockets!!😜💖

2017-12-19 19:39:39

Sugar Baby / 30

It honestly depends on several factors; if I'm providing solely emotional and mental support or if my physical presence is being asked. The other factors are if I see them often and if they live close. The third factor is how much they make. If they're alking much of me and it's a large percent of their income, that's saying a lot to me. So I try top always be mindful.

2017-12-19 21:38:56

Sugar Baby / 25

I would say 200-300$ twice weekly to start. It's not a very large amount but I think that it's enough to motivate the SugarBaby during the beginning. I also think that it's a good amount to start off with not just for motivation, but also for the SD to prove he isn't just playing games & actually has the funds to be a SD... If that's too much honestly maybe you can't afford to be having a SugarBaby haha.

2017-12-19 22:21:13

Sugar Baby / 28

Thus to me really depends on what my SD wants from me. Upkeep size. If he wants me to gym I need money for a membership, if he wants me to have my hair and nails done a certain way I'll need money for thst too right? Practically just to maintain myself to his or her needs and also make sure I have a comfortable lifestyle. One should never ask for more than what they need! Having said that I think 2.5k is substantial.

2017-12-19 22:35:33