How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay?

How much should a sugar daddy pay is one of the most awkward conversations to have in the first meeting between a sugar baby and a potential sugar daddy. What is fair? How much should a sugar daddy pay a sugar baby? This is a question you need to think about when you start your sugar life in a sugar daddy app.

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How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay?

Minimum Expectation $1,500-$2K

Appears to be the minimum amount an SD will be spending on an SB he is serious about establishing the relationship with or for those starting out or dipping into the lifestyle.

This amount decided by both parties say for example $2K is usually paid for a per meet (once or twice a month) basis, for some of the girls here, they said that that would entail between approx. 3-5 hrs respectively in an afternoon or evening with their SD, until the relationship is established due to difficulties in deciding what both parties foresee in the future of the arrangement or until the relationship is settled down to its natural course, as all new relationships eventually do.

The following levels are usually set up for most established men who can afford to provide a more serious investment in their sugar baby on a monthly basis-especially if she is exclusive to him and a monthly commitment (normally paid in advance or half at the beginning of the month and a half mid-way or at the end of the month).

Pay a Sugar Baby $3.5k-$5k

The average amount spent on an SB in the USA for a more serious relationship and most couples don’t appear to have a specific limit to the number of times they meet. It just tends to be more spontaneous and when it’s mutually convenient. Some new couples use this amount too when they wish to engage in a monthly arrangement and not a per meet arrangement.

Pay a Sugar Baby $5k-$10k

Average amount spent on an SB in the major cities and for those SD’s who have seriously decided to get into the lifestyle with one special SB over a longer period. For some of us ladies who are in this realm who have been with one SD for some length of time, explain that it’s a natural progression to discuss an increase in allowance levels when both parties realize they only want to see each other and come out of the “sugar bowl”.

Pay a Sugar Baby $10k-$20k

Established/older SD’s seem to spend on an SB in the USA for a kept SB or mistress. This amount would include costs for housing, cars, expenses etc. as well as cash.

At last from our own poll on this question, most of us SB’s prefer their allowance in cash inside an envelope or inside of a card or thoughtful note and given to them in a discreet manner.

Money is not everything if you want to have a kind relationship with your sugar baby. Like a sugar daddy, you also should know how to spoil your sugar baby and make her happy.

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  • I work hard on my body, I also like to look good. I have clothes and am not into jewelry. It’s more about the willingness of the both of us. If your not willing to pay as much as I’m willing to care for you… then we won’t get anywhere. As for exchanging photos and videos, I’m more than willing to meet your needs. Do you want to exchange photos? I’ll be waiting;)

  • $600 a week, beginning of the week if there’s trust of course, he will see me 2 times in the week. But if my SD doesn’t trust me in the beginning of the arrangement I’m still asking for $600 a week but he can do a per meet type of thing. So just $300 each time I see him 2 times a weeks. 🙂 I honestly hate cheap guys, they expect you to do so much for so little.

  • Any amount of money is fine with me.I wouldn’t mind some shopping too.but If the sugar daddy treats me well and he is generous that’s a plus for me…all kind of material and monetary gifts are welcome.also a trip to a place I like would be so nice.the most important thing is that the sugar daddy has a legit career and that he is a sane human being

  • I don’t necessarily like requesting an allowance, but being able to buy things for myself that I can’t afford outside of the most needed things would be finally relieving. If you’re working hard to pay your own bills and take care of yourself as well as showing your sugar daddy attention and that you’re making efforts, I think there’s no need for an allowance, it should just be whatever SD and SB feel the need to discuss.

  • Allowance is not something I am demanding about, unless either my sugar daddy or mommy asks me what I would like, or if I have a submissive sugar daddy or mommy that would like to be bossed around. I pretty much just take what my daddy or mommy offers me and I am extremely grateful for it. I make sure my mommy or daddy knows how grateful I am as well.

  • I let them make the prices depending on what that week I’d prefer 2000 a month because I have bills and need to look pretty for them when we do go out. A payment of 1000 at the beginning and one in the middle od the months. Nothing to hard for someone looking dor a sugar baby yal know what I’m sayin it’s crazy they wanna pay 500 a meet nopeeeeeeee

  • I don’t think an allowance is necessarily needed. I think spending time together like taking me to nice places maybe taking me shopping or to get my nails done is more of what i see a sugar daddy doing. I think a SUGSR DADDY giving an allowance calls.for a girl to get way to attached and needy and addicting. That’s not really the point of having a SD.

  • I would appreciate at least $400 a week. Most of us are young and going to school, and we all know that it’s not cheap when t comes to tuition fees and books, So i would need him to help me financially with that. Also i think random gifts if i’ve done something you liked is great. If we’re serious i would expect you to pay for plane tickets and everyother travel expense

  • I want to get $800 every week and I want for my sugar daddy to very supportive . If my sugar daddy would like me to be happy I need this from him. When he does I would treat him like a king and I would be there for him when he’s lonely and need someone to talk to. Sugar daddies should be respected because they’re smart, kind, helpful, very generous with others and also successful.

  • I would expect my suga to want to shower me with what he has to offer, none of the less I would like my allowance to come with shopping sprees & free trips, cash is nice too once In a while about a 1,000 a week would satisfy my needs and would cover my suga daddies needs as well. Wouldn’t have to be a weekly thing but if it’s given to me nothing would make ya girl happier

  • I am willing to offer at least $500 a week plus a little shopping here and there. If my sugar baby needs more money I want her to feel comfortable enough to come to me and ask me but I do not want her to get too crazy with the demands. You can shop at Prada and Gucci but your allowance will go down for that week. It all depends on you to be quite honest.

  • I see a lot of females that state that it’s not about the money . That’s true , but how many are serious ? Check her background first , her structure & how she gets herself out of hard situations . That alone should help you determine her allowance . If she’s doing everything herself & you see that she doesn’t have extra money to treat herself then that’s when he should come in and spoil her for working hard . If she makes you happy , doesn’t nag and is there for you when you need her , then that’s when you help her .

  • I don’t think it’s just about the money, i don’t think it even is about the money at all. It’s about exploring new things, seeing new places, it’s about giving in order to receive. I want my sugar Daddy to decide my allowance or if I even get one. Gifts are also a great thing and if I’m getting gifts I don’t expect there to be a check or cash or anything for me. Showing effort to please one another should be enough. But that’s just me, everyone had different ideas…

  • I believe that the sugar relationship should be kept on the down low for the sake of how others would view the relationship. If both parties are open to the relationship and would like for others to know, then it is appropriate. But if either party is a bit uncomfortable with the outside world knowing about the sugar relationship, then it should stay between the two.

  • The sugar lifestyle is not for everyone. And it is not everyone’s business, I like to keep my life private. It seems as though when others find out your looking for a sugar baby everyone has their hands out aiming at me for money. Friend or not, I still seek compassion. If my family was to find out I was a sugar daddy they would laugh in my face literally lol

  • Yes i would prefer to keep it a secret for many reasons. Number one being though i dont like everyone in my business. Number two reason is i wouldnt want anyone to try and snatch my daddy away from me. Hes my daddy. And i honestly dont want to share unless i have to. If my daddy wants us to put it out there then i will do just that. If not then itll be our little secret 😉

  • I believe that’s on a case by case circumstance. I would not tell my family because they are very conservative and old fashioned. I would tell my friends because they would understand better and would be less skeptical or judgmental. Having a SD is not exactly normal and honestly not everyone needs to know your business anyway. If you feel comfortable talking about it then go for it.

  • In this business it is easy to become greedy. I know everyone understands why they’re here and all but I see many sugarbabies who want all the benefits for none of the work. They don’t see it as a person to person connection but instead a job. I want my sugar daddy to feel just as important and close to me as my friends and family because that’s what they should become, my friend. Yes I have a goal amount but it is always negotiable

  • I feel if I do whatever my sugar daddy wants me to and depending on what is I’ll tell him how much I’d do it for. But I also think that I would want to get to know my sugar daddy and have a great relationship so he can spoil me with whatever I want and I also think having a great relationship first is mostly important when you have a sugar daddy.<3

  • I’m new to this experience, but I have bills and school expenses that I don’t want to let pile up. I don’t really know how much is too much, or how much is too little, honestly $100 every week would be a dream come true. I could ask for more, and I’d probably accept more (within reason). I don’t want to come across as too greedy, but it’d honestly be really nice to not have to worry quite as much about expenses.

    • You sound grounded in reality, the kind of girl I look for. any chance your local to Tampa, FL?

  • I’m torn with this question. I feel my time is priceless. However, we are all on this site for a reason. I would like an allowance that would allow me to buy things I normally wouldn’t spend my money on. In return, I will get my daddy what he’s looking for. Every person is different. Depending upon what my daddy needs depends on how much or what I’m willing to accept.

  • That decision would be made by the SD but, after getting more involved and more comfortable with each other after sometime the SB can make arrangements on how much she would like to receive… but in the long run we are here to find a considerate SD who’s willing to take a little stress off your shoulders or it may be vice versa but that decision should be left up to the SD

  • I had a previous arrangement as a spoiled girlfriend and I received an allowance of $5k per month, so I don’t expect any less in current arrangements. Shopping trips, gifts, and travel opportunities I expect to be included as perks – but there have been other times where I genuinely liked and was dating someone (and we never had a sugar/ SD conversation, and we met in person or through a regular dating site) – and he would spend a lot on me, but I would never ask for an allowance.

  • It really depends on the situation ! But I would love atleast 100$ a day. As I need some new things, phone, and then pay for phone bill, need my lisence. Etc Im really not in it for something serious. Maybe if it ends up that way then sure. But right now I just want to be treated like a princess and get life back on track seeing as I’m jobless right now.

  • Straight up if my sugar daddy wants me to be happy he’d go out the way to ensure that I am and so will I I’d love. To be fair yes I’d love to get even a $300 or more yes every two weeks would be reasonable for me to get what I need to be comfortable and happy. I won’t stress them because we all should think about what would be ok for the other person right.

  • I think all sugar babies should be given a strict allowance of $500 a week. It teaches us to spend wisely. And if my daddy was to give me that much I would pay him back in return. You can’t just take his cash and run. Give him what he’s paying for, your attention. By treating him right he will absolutely give you what you ask for. Just don’t get to crazy with it.

  • If there was a minimum I would put it at 300 I love to be happy and I’m always buying myself something new I love to travel, eat enjoy finer things in life Plus I have a new 2016 car that needs to be paid I can’t be stress out I’m to beautiful and sweet

  • My allowance would be anywhere from 2-5k a month depending on what my daddy wants from me. I want to go on trips and go shopping as well. I want to spend time with my daddy and be pampered . I want us to go to the spa and get relaxing massages. Money isn’t everything but I didn’t sign up for the hell of it. I work but I want money to splurge and be treated like royalty

  • When I joined the sugar baby ranks I didn’t even know allowance was a thing. That’s not why I’m here, not by a long shot. I did realize there was a chance I’d meet someone on here who would want to shower me with gifts and take me places and show me off. I don’t require that though. I won’t like, should I hit the sugar baby jackpot and end up being courted by som dashing Prince Charming who wants to buy me beautiful things and set up a little love nest for us in a gorgeous downtown apartment I’m going to kiss the man like he’s never been kissed before, close all the blinds in our little nest, and insist we break in every surface inas many delightfully naughty ways as we can think of. But that is absolutely not something I expect.

  • Will at least 500.00 a week if he wants to give me more then he can it’s up to him. I believe in making my sugar daddy happy if he is having a bad day or if he needs help I will do what I can to please him with in limits of course like good conversations, a good massage soothing him as he wishes but if he waits to spoil me then so be it I will not complain.

  • I don’t have a set number that I expect. I suppose a “pay for play” situation is what I prefer. I’d like to be taken out once in a while. If I need money for transportation I’d like it to be available for me. If I need help with paying for school, applications, small things here and there. It would be up to him if he wants to get me gifts and treats when he wants.

  • In my perfect world it would be like more than 500$ a week or a day, dates, gifts, a man that I could eventually share everything with and spend some great time with while treating him like a king since he’s been treating me like queen and some other stuff. But I think that if you’re new to this sugar baby stuff you should be humble and not expect 10K a month or something.

  • If my sugar daddy was to offer me a allowance then the most that he could give me would be ok with me. I can’t really get my hopes up for something I’m not fully sure about. Like if he could give me a thousand dollars a week that would be amazing and I would be dearly grateful. But if he can only like give me a hundred dollars each time we see each other I’d be fine with that too. Whatever my sugar daddy can give me is ok with me cause I’d still love him no matter what.

  • I have no idea how to answer that question at all I was asked the same question and I gave a certain amount and I was like OK and now I it’s been me texting back and take it to that person and nothing with no reply so I don’t know like I really can’t answer that question I I think I’m just going to go with saying what you offer maybe I’ll tryand approach see what happens

  • I want to get $400 every week and I want money for shopping to. If my sugar daddy would like me to be happy I need this from him. Sugar daddies should be respected because their smart, kind, helpful, very generous wit others and also successful. so i would expect him to pay me a nice amount to keep both of us happy and content with our relationship

  • I would like my daddy and I to talk about it together. If he plans to take me places and pay for everything during that trip then I won’t expect an allowance. If he wants to see me frequently throughout the week then I’d like something for each session, be it money or gifts. If it’s only a few times a month, then a monthly allowance would do. Whatever daddy thinks I earn is what I would get.

  • I personally wanna be treated good if i have a sugar daddy atleast 500 a week is enough to make this babygirl happy and let her rnjoy her self for you i would send him everything that he likes about me eveytime anytime that why we have a dugar daddy to spoil us and make us happy eh be treated amazing they gonna like it when we are happy i am gonna feeel like a baby again

  • I would like 500 a week so I can shop and live pretty modest and live comfortably I think that would be good for the jobs I word and it will be extra pocket money and I think 500 to 1000 a week is a good Thing together or ask for from a sugar daddy in everyone’s shit at least get 500 a week if not 1000 but it varies for the person in the varis for the person giving the money

  • Well getting an allowance sound like I’m selling myself in my opinion. I would want to be paid just to be a Sugar Baby at least $500, it is a lot to me but some people don’t think it’s a high number. I just want to please my Sugar Daddy with what his need are so I have the satisfaction that I am doing my job and in the end I get paid for it. Which is good

  • I would say $800 a week minimum and here’s why. It takes a lot to look and feel good. Especially as a beautiful black woman. Routine maintenance is a hard thing and the fact that all my money goes towards bills and basic living expenses It makes me sad. You will see the benefits of money well spent. I’ll buy the nicest clothes and lingerie so you’ll have something nice to look at and show off

  • It depends on what the Daddy has to offer. To me it’s not about a specific amount but more about the details. A caring Daddy will provide you the right amount to look fabulous for him or buy you things you are not able to buy your self. If Daddy wants to see me in high red heels he will buy them for me. By the way if by any reason I need cash I expect him to just give it to me -xoxo-

  • i want 500$ a week and a little extra if my sugar daddy is feeling generous, or extra when i ask to go shopping. I’d treat him like a king and be there for him whenever he needed me. Loyalty is key!! I respect a generous man and thats just what im looking for! i will be the perfect sugar baby for the sugar daddy who is respectful and treats me well

  • “Allowance” is a tricky term…and I’m a working woman with a very good job so it would take a lot to impress me with an allowance. I would never ask for any amount of money or ask for things in general. I think a man who genuinely cares for you should anticipate your needs and care for you in any way he can. I may not receive an allowance per se, but you should be willing to invest in me, my dreams, and my desires. That’s mainly what I look for. So that could come in multiple could be 3000 a month or buying me the necessary equipment for my business…it’s about the investment.

  • I think an allowance is important to have set , I’d like to have 100-200 a session since I’m also a busy person but am very kind and loving so the perfect company for an equally busy but successful man. I’d like to spend the time to get to know my SD if he’s helping me financially, dinners, travels, and spontaneous trips are also deeply appreciated.

  • around 500 a week and also money for shopping or concerts or day trips, etc. I feel like if I’m putting forth all of my effort on my end, then I should at least get that much. especially since that’s not even a high price compared to most sugar babies, I feel like that price range shows that I’m not only looking on here for men with money. you need a great personality too.

  • This is another tuffy to answer because everyone’s situation is unique to them so there isn’t a set number to throw out there to be honest. This should be discussed upon first meeting your sugar daddy to get it out the way and see if he agrees with the allowance terms you’ve asked for. If one sugar daddy doesn’t approve of your allowance I’m sure another will

  • Well for weekly it would be between 500-1000 just because what if one day you want to see me and it interferes with my daily life? Like then of course to get supported financially with me looking good. Makeup and hair and nails. If you want me to look good you have to give me a good amount. Plus bills can be paid for and that helps with everything.

  • I would want to spend quality time with my sugar daddy movies,ice cream or dates will be awesome. As for money I would want him to discuss that with him at a one on one level so that we have an understanding about the amount I would want. I will want him to also buy me nice gifts just for appreciation purposes. I want my sugar daddy to feel free and spoil me as much as he wants.

  • That’s the million dollar question lol…me personally I would like an allowance of 2500 weekly…I would deserve it…because I would do what my daddy needs for me to do..if my daddy wants me to look or dress a certain way when we are together…I’m pretty sure he would have expensive taste and knowing that would require money…he could buy all the jewelry and I would handle the rest

  • This is a difficult question because it’s not always just about the allowance. A large part of a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship is the experience. Daddy can offer experiences that may not be possible to do myself. Monry is always nice but if you asked me to choose between $1000 a week and an all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico I’d definitely take the trip and have the time of my life.

  • Lol wow I mean I feel like this is only going to be a repeat of others. If I feel disregarded by him I will not be happy and if after communication is felt and nothing changes I will leave the relationship. If I feel afraid because he becomes violent, aggressive or abusive, I will leave the relationship. If I feel disrespected by him and he doesn’t apologize and change I will leave the relationship. The same thing with cheating.

  • I don’t think I would like an allowance at first. I would much rather be compensated by food or being brought to a play/concert/event and have childcare taken cared of. Gifts should be natural as well and not because it’s x date and it’s due. After that if the relationship keeps growing and the SD would like that to be added that’s fine as well but I won’t have this as a request

  • Too be honest.. I might sound a tad spoiled.. But isn’t that the point. As long as I’m doing everything I can to make my sd happy then I feel like, of course depending on his finances and things, then I should definitely be taken care of pretty well off. I can’t work due to some things, but I am an amazing people pleaser and if you’d like someone to spoil then just let me spoil you back and we will make a great team! 🙂

  • Allowance is important to me 600 every week is fine with me not greedy my SB has to be funny sweet loving passionate and understanding she gotta be freaky good i have a man i would want her to be reasonable and honest also would love for her to not be greedy also love to get to know her see where we go and have her come get us every time she wants it

  • I want more then i deserve want her to spend money on me ill have a credit card soon she can put the money on it i would love for her to keep in touch let us know when she wants it and have the money upfront want her to be honest loving caring and sweet want her to feel comfortable want her to pay 600 or 500 every week dont want judgemetal girl love for her to be open minded would love to here for her hit me up ladys

  • More than having a select amount of money, i’d rather be sugared in kind. I’d rather go shopping with my sugar daddy himself and have him buy me books, clothing, shoes, food, trinkets, etc. Sure it would be nice to have him give me money, but that lacks affection and warmth. If i needed money for hospital fees, school fees, or any other concerns, that’s the only time i’d ask my sugar daddy for money. But for all other matters, i’d rather choose things out with him.

  • I would love to get 600$ a week. I mean its not like its all about money but one of the motive is financial help. And I think if he keeps me happy I will be able to keep him happy so in that case he has to spoil me with loads of gifts and stuff. If he does that I will be happy and I will make him happy too. Also going out on vacation and stuff would do

  • Anything my sugar daddy does would be up to him. But helping to cover any expenses that I should have would be greatly appreciated. I hope my daddy will spoil me with surprises, gifts and spontaneous get a ways for us to be together and treasure every moment we have together. I am very romantic and desire to please my daddy in any way that I can. My daddy will always know how much I appreciate him.

  • This question is a different question I didn’t don’t like to ask for an allowance every week that would make me feel like a kid if my sugar daddy wants to spoil me and give me money to go shopping or get my nails done or whatever the case maybe then that’s wonderful but I’m not going to sit here and tell somebody they need to give me $500 a week or I’m not going to talk to you because that’s not what this is about I want a real relationship I’m not after somebody just for their money

  • I feel as if I’m not your child, this situation isn’t an allowance based relationship. Paying for a date that you have planned or I have hinted toward is wonderful, and gifts out of the kindness of your heart is benevolent and would be graciously appreciated. Though, to me being on a pay scale seems more like being your employee than an adored playmate. That’s not my idea of a healthy relationship whether it be a superficial relationship or not.

  • Depends on whats expected of me and the nature of our arrangement/relationship. If its what my idea of the full package is then… I would want 600 a week or 3,000 a month in one lump sum. Any traveling expense I would want my SD to cover as well as any outings. From time to time I would offer to pay for some outings with sincerity. As it is my belief that would be the courteous thing to do. However I’m sure everything can be discussed based on what both parties want.

  • It’s really up to the Sugar Daddy for that. It’s their money that they’re being generous with by giving it to you. Obviously most Sugar Babies would like a considerable amount but they should keep in mind that their Sugar Daddy doesn’t have to do this for them. I think we should all be very greatful for whatever amount of money we are given. And we should definitely thank our Sugar Daddy very much for giving it to us!

  • I’m not looking for money or an “allowance”. I’m looking for some who will give me something more precious – their time and effort. I like to be independent and make my own money I just want someone to match my own effort in success. I want to work together to have fun and if my daddy wants to spoil me I’ll let him, I just would like him to acknowledge my own independence.

  • Personally, I would never demand a certain amount of money from my sugar daddy. I would definitely leave it up to them depending upon how deserving of the gifts, money etc my daddy felt I was! This lifestyle is about more than just the money, it’s a give and take relationship. I love to spoil so I would hope my sugar daddy would want to spoil me as well!

  • I feel that an allowance is something to be decided between a daddy and baby. I think that it should depend on what is being exchanged. Like being based on what is being shared between the two. The further is goes the more that should be expected. I feel that a sugar daddy should definitely pay for outfits for photos he would like along with toys that might be used.

  • Allowance isn’t anything to me, I didn’t get an allowance growing up so why would I need it now? If he is willing to finance me of his own free will then so be it, but I will not stick my hand out and beg. If he is willing to do that as we grow an amazing friendship then I see no harm, but still I will not beg or expect it. It would be his choice and his choice only.

  • am looking for a for a sugar daddy that will make happy make me feel like a lady I want that good banging

  • I work my ass of everyday so I want abut 700 $ I want clothing to look sexy for my daddy I need things okay I promised to make my dady feel like a real man

  • What i am seeing is that the SB vs SD is around 14-1, I earn over 200k per annul income which is in the top 95% of wage earners in Australia. I highly doubt that a SD would be prepared to pay 1-2 thousand dollars per meet, if they are earning 500k per year that is less than 1% of the population maybe and even then how many of that 1% population is a SD? I believe this post is a myth that SB hope is true. Most of the forums on Sugar Daddies suggest that the real price is around $400-$500 PPM and that is mentioned by many SB and SD’s and then some kind of arrangement. For a SB to get to that level they will need to be absolutely amazing not only looking but in some many levels cause the competition is tough. Reality check needs to be mention in this post.

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