The Best Sugar Daddy Websites/Apps of 2019

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What is Findom? PayPig Vs Sugar Daddy

paypig findom fetish

You might have come across the term “Findom” online and you start wondering what this all about. Findom is basically an acronym for Financial Domination which is also commonly called wallet rape. It is a phrase newly created when it comes to a community that is fetish “slaves” meet and worship their particular “mistresses”. It …

Advice for Who Need a Sugar Daddy to Pay Bills

sugar daddy pay bills

Are you looking for a way to get a sugar daddy to pay your bills? This blog will tell you how to get a sugar daddy on your own. Exactly what could possibly be a lot better than getting your bills paid and being spoiled? This content will also give advice on how to navigate the …

What Does FWB Mean, and Rules for Keeping A Friends with Benefits

friend with benefits fwb relationship

FWB is generally known as a friend with benefits. It is basically a sexual relationship between two people in which the primary basis of the relationship is sex without any expectations of a romantic relationship involve or other commitment. A friend with Benefits allows sexual activities with a friend but no true relationship is involved.  It’s …