What Does FWB Mean, and Rules for Keeping A Friends with Benefits

FWB is generally known as a friend with benefits. It is basically a sexual relationship between two people in which the primary basis of the relationship is sex without any expectations of a romantic relationship involve or other commitment. A friend with Benefits allows sexual activities with a friend but no true relationship is involved.  It’s not a girlfriend or a boyfriend relationship.  The benefit is purely sexual and not to be tied with any feelings. 

Being friends with benefits seems like a perfect idea right? You are having sex with someone you like and also trust enough to hang out with, but having it in mind that it won’t last long or get anywhere.  After all, it’s a casual relationship with no strings attached involving two people who genuinely like each other. So, you love to embark on a no-strings-attached, casual relationship? Which involves sex alone and no emotional commitment; get in, get off, get out? Having a friend with benefits is like a dream come true to most, but there’s a reason it never seems as easy input into practice. Here are some important things to keep in mind before considering a friend with benefits relationship.

friend with benefits fwb relationship

Rules for Keeping Friends with Benefits

1. Do not fall in love

A friend with benefits relationship yields an unusual kind of happy ending. Do not be expecting prince charming to come to rescue you on a white horse; you should expect someone such as a horse that makes you come quickly. This is certainly the easiest rule to remember but also the hardest rule to follow.

It’s understandable that you can sooner or later start to feel comfortable in this affectionate bond you have got going and feelings may turn to blossom. If this could happen, bitch-slap yourself and sprinkle some cold water on the face, go have a drink, and don’t forget, there’s a reason you didn’t want to date this person, to start with.

2. Look for a friend with benefits the right way

The first rule to cultivating a friend with benefits relationship would be to achieve this the way in which is right. A great and ideal FWB relationship means choosing the best balance between sexual attraction and compatibility linking emotional connection. You need a certain level of attraction and closeness, yet not the sort of all-consuming flames of passion.

3. Stay emotionally neutral

This can be difficult, but it’s an important rule of a friend with benefits situation if you really want it to work properly for you. Therefore, this means that you need to prevent yourself from getting so much attached to him or her.

It means that you’re not supposed to get jealous if you see him chilling out or flirting with other girls. And it’s also good to know that you can’t be angry if he doesn’t reply to your text immediately.

 4.You must know what friends with benefits actuallymeans

Let’s be honest: trying to keep a friend with benefits relationship often concludes as being a tragedy of real proportions which are epic. This might be in no small part because of how people tend to treat their Friend with Benefits style relationships as either a dating-lite or “Sex on Call”. To think of it, the mistake comes from the assumption that being friends with benefits is, in some way, a gradual process to commitment or that it is some alternative that nobody wants to admit that it’s a form of dating. After all, are you not supposed to be a friend with your partner? Don’t we, as being a culture, tend to romanticize the thought of “in love with my friend” that is better? This is the reason you need to understand its idea before venturing into it.

5. Make sure you’re always using protection

This should be an essential rule of any friends with benefits relationship. It is good to make sure your man always use protection. Just because you are not taking the relationship really serious does not mean that you should avoid taking your own health seriously.

6. Don’t sleepover

It’s important to know that you don’t need to sleep over because you are sleeping with someone. It is perfectly fine to leave an hour time once you have appeared.

7.  Understand that these relationships are not built to last.

Friends with benefits are most likely built not to last. Some only last a week or two plus and some may last for a few months, but it is extremely uncommon to last more than a year. If it did, we prefer to call it an NSA relationship. Know about this before going into it and enjoy it while it lasts.

8. You must keep the lines of communication open

No matter what precautions you take, not absolutely all relationships are going to work in the long term. A lot of People change. Their needs changes also. Sometimes, the relationship can change itself. Just what could have worked for you two, in the beginning, might not work afterward. Folks accept things they think they are able to handle, simply to realize that they couldn’t. People get in, genuinely looking to be able to make things work, but clearly keep ignoring stated boundaries. Along with is prepared for that.

This also means that you must to keep the lines of communication between the two of you open where the relationship is really concerned. If any of the partners are starting to have a problem, maybe the relationship isn’t right for them anymore, or let’s says their needs have changed. Then they need to be empowered to come quickly to their partner along with their issues. And just as obtaining the defining relationship talk, you are able to ensure this by modeling this behavior yourself. Being happy to chat honestly and freely about what is and isn’t working is very important. It reaffirms as you do for them that they can speak openly to you.

9. Always be ready to open the door for New Relationships

The main reason these kinds of relationship rarely work out is that most people close themselves off from trying to finding someone they will actually want to be with. They think they won’t need to try to find anyone else since they currently have someone they’re sleeping with.

A friend with benefits relationship is a temporary fix one and it should never be misconstrued as a real relationship. You need to be open to the chance of satisfying someone whom you might actually want to spend some high-quality time with and close your legs sooner or later to the past.

If you looking to hook up with a friend to have a fun time with please kindly follow the above rules and you will be sure of having a good time with your FWB partner.

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