What Does NSA Mean, and Rules of Being in an NSA Relationship

The term NSA is most often used in different ways under various contexts. You’ve probably might have come across the acronym while surfing the internet for a dating app or the acronym “NSA” pops out in your chat when discussing with a friend.  It basically means “no strings attached” in terms of an actual dating relationship. It is best to describe by many as a casual relationship.

This is when people are looking for a dating related relationship or a kind of relationship that no commitment or obligations is expected and the individuals involved can do as they please. 

You possibly try to restrict your interactions with the other person to just sex alone, based just what you two agreed on at the beginning when you’re in an NSA relationship. You are also free to date and have sex with anyone — just make sure everybody practices safe sex and they are honest about what they truly want.

Being in an NSA relationship seems like so much fun when people talk about it, right? Having a good time during sex and knowing that you’re not going to regret it each morning. It’s the sort of relationship where you’re with someone, but you don’t feel any guilt after leaving the next day and sex is just a way to get some fun, but never a way of getting emotionally close. Seems perfect, doesn’t it? Well, the irritating problem here’s that there are some guidelines linked to this kind of relationship. You need to follow all of them to be able not to mess it up or make a fool of yourself if you should start developing feelings towards your NSA partner.

NSA relationship

Below are the rules to follow in an NSA relationship:

1. Make sure you are emotionally ready

Before venturing into an NSA relationship, it is good to make sure that you’re emotionally ready not to make a commitment. It’s called a ‘no strings attached’ relationship for a particular reason! It is better to keep it casual. Do not go into this kind of relationship if you know that you are having problems getting over your ex or you had feelings for your previous NSA relationship partner. It’s going to be a total mess.

2. Choose your partner wisely

Do not select a close friend to be your NSA partner. Don’t confuse it with an FWB relationship. This is probably the most important rule. You don’t want to have sex with somebody you’re already in love with or an ex. If you go into a friend with benefits agreement with someone you are already in love with in hopes they’ll return the feelings, you’re definitely setting yourself up for heartbreak. All things considered, the purpose is to have fun and not be emotional. Likewise, if you have a relationship before with your NSA partner, it’s much easier in order to become emotionally involved. The best way to choose is really a friend or acquaintance you’re more comfortable with is the pick that is perfect.

3. Don’t get jealous

You are not their girlfriend or boyfriend. Jealousy doesn’t sound good at all; it will only get things complicated and leads to problems down the road.

You are not in a true relationship with the person, and you do not have the right to get mad if they choose to date other people. If you have an issue with that, then you have clearly skipped rule number one.

4. Don’t spend time after. 

No resting over unless you’re physically unable to move. You don’t need to get up beside them early in the morning, because that is not going to help anyone. As soon as you’re done, you get your clothes on and leave. Cuddling isn’t needed. Once you cuddle, you begin to have small talks, and that’s when it all goes downhill. You have a good bed at home, go sleep on it.

5. Set some boundaries and rules. 

You need to set boundaries from the very beginning before the relationship starts. These boundaries are meant to create a protective barrier for your emotions. They can be anything, like avoid texting each other unless it’s for sex or the moment you start developing feelings, you have to end it.  This may also include who is allowed to know about the relationship, what you want in the relationship and how long you want the benefits to last. These are boundaries crucial for protecting yourself.

6. Keep those expectations nice and low and be conscious of how you use your words.

This isn’t a commitment that is certainly genuine. It’s a relationship, however not where people really want to invest their emotions in. So, don’t expect them to text you in the day, make less talk, or even to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Watch your mouth! The word called LOVE is off-limits. Whether it says ‘I love hanging out with you’ or ‘I really love when you…’ just don’t say much. This four letter word has it tricky ways of making things to look problematic in the long run.

7. Use condoms 

Please work with a condom and be safe or utilize any other way of birth control. Having a baby together with your NSA partner isn’t good for you and it won’t work out well for both of you. You both wished a No strings attached relationship for a good reason that has to do with no commitment or emotions. Do not make this mistake, have a baby with somebody you love. It’s as simple as that.

8. Be social media conscious 

Be mindful of what you post on Facebook, ensure that it is safe. Scuff that, post whatever you wish, but you should limit their main access with what they are able to see. They don’t need to know your whole world and you don’t need to know theirs. Keep in mind: ensure that it is when you look at the bedroom.

9 Cut it loose! The moment you or your partner get emotionally affixed

Do not be afraid to put an end to an NSA relationship especially when you or your partner is now emotionally attached. It will likely be really hard if you intend to make a guarantee to yourself that if you start building feelings, you will stop the relationship. Tell your partner you’re getting emotionally attached so that they can understand why you want to end it.

If you’re thinking about an NSA relationship, make sure you follow these ground rules. If you do, you’ll definitely have fun without getting hurt.

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