Real Life Sugar Baby Tells Her Stories – This is What Sugar Dating Like

“Sugaring” is an arrangement between two consenting adults usually a younger female sugar baby and an older male sugar daddy which includes an agreed upon hours or days spent in one another’s companionship. Many of these affairs begin by using a niche dating site geared specifically for this purpose. Sugar babies set the rules and payment, and often are the recipients of the free gift, housing, shopping sprees, spa treatments, and a lot more.

True sugaring stories are not always what one expects, though. When sugar babies talk about their sugaring way of life, it’s clear the experiences are a mixed bag. Ideally, it’s a win-win state of affairs for both persons involved, but there are many less than pleasing scenarios and date stories from real-life sugar babies.

sugar daddy sugar baby story

New to sugar daddy site

I met with a few men on SeekingArrangement when I was in California. The first guy I had met was from Arizona and didn’t post his pictures on his profile or timeline. We chat a lot on the internet and texted each other regularly. He wasn’t very handsome to say. Shorter than I am (I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall). He told me he had just gotten separated from his wife so he wasn’t looking for a relationship yet. He gave me an alias. When I figured it out and asked about it, he gave me a weird reason why he used it. I felt uneasy but ignored it.

This man really seemed like a good guy. He showed interest in me, allowed me to use his address to look for a job in Arizona; showed concern about my welfare too. He even offered to send me some money when I told him I was financially down.

First time meetup with a sugar daddy

He wanted to meet up in Joshua Tree National Park – I canceled. He wanted to meet up in Los Angeles – he canceled last minute saying his aunt had breast cancer. We kept talking and he kept offering to buy me a ticket to fly to Arizona to be with him. Finally, I flew to Arizona on my own. We had dinner and drinks (alcohol). He came across as sort of passive-forceful and kept telling our waitress to tell another table to stop being so loud. He had to fly to NYC while I was there, but he wanted me to come over, he was constantly pestering for intimacy, but I just didn’t feel comfortable.

After I got home, he offered to rent me an apartment close to him in Arizona. He even carbon-copied me on the email he sent to the landlord. He bought me a ticket to fly to Arizona and start a new life and I ended up chickening out.

We chatted a bit later on, but he never responded to my email and text I sent to him. I took the clue. That was it.

Sugars are not always sweet as it looks

A year or so later, I got on another sugar dating site and I found his profile. He had cut 5 years off his age and this time he had a display picture. Here’s where it gets more exciting. I Googled him and found a short biography of him on his new company’s website. It said that he was wedded to his opera vocalist wife (the one he said he had divorced) and they had homes in Sonoma, CA and Arizona. I checked his Instagram pictures and there they are having dinner, site seeing in Paris, kissing and hugging.

I just checked him up on that website. HE IS STILL ON. His recent activity on the website was yesterday. His wife has no idea what he’s been doing. Who knows what would have happened if I moved in with him. He’s absolutely telling lies and who knows what else.

Sugar baby is just another job

I was on and off for years. Just like any job, it gets old after a while. The big difference between sugaring and a ‘straight’ job is that you run everything, which also means that all the risks are on you to alleviate to the best of your capability. You pick who to meet and make an arrangement with, you set your time, you get cash to do with as you so desire. That might all sound good, but it can be horrifying if you don’t have excellent street intelligence and insight. You will be alone with men who you don’t know well, who feel like you owe them something since you do if you want to get paid.

Sugar daddy don’t want a LTR

Still, on, I met two men. One was a man who lived a few hours away from me. Married, but he hated his wife. He would pay me $3,000 plus pay for a hotel and room service and banquet for me to come and spend some time with him. I didn’t know he was married at first, it though took me time to find out and I broke it off when I did found out.

Another who lived across the Atlantic from me, He flew me to LA to spend a month with him, rented an apartment for me and a job after we spent a weekend in LA together. More recently I was so free with him to fly to his city on my own and lived with him for three months. We had periodic stints of close relationship but in due course, he was just a friend as I was dating someone on and off in between seeing him. Ultimately, it turned out that he had issues and had no regards for women so I haven’t spoken to him since.

It has been a wonderful yet crazy experience being a sugar baby but I later found out they all never want a long time relationship, they are either married and looking for another girl to spend their spare time with lying on divorce or has a bad character that most woman can’t cope with leading to their being alone.

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  • Ok, so I have a question. This guy wants me to be his personal assistant, he says all I have to do is buy and send gifts to his “customers”. He says he will make the arrangements for the money and it will have nothing to do with my allowance. Is this a scam?

    • He says the gifts for his customers are usually perfumes, gift cards, kids toys, gadgets and accessories. I feel like it might be but I don’t want to miss out on something if its not.

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