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I’m seeing a lot of posts around starting out as a sugar baby, style and glam.

I’ll try to map out a guide on how to look the part and how to work around it on a budget. Also, I’ll be telling you how to leverage your situation.

sugar investments

Okay, so you’re a college student who wants to fund his/her education through sugaring. You want to look good and attract rich men. But hold your horses, baby girl. Let’s say you own a coffee shop but you want to become a fine dining restaurant. You cannot serve caviar at a coffee shop, right? But you need to understand that just because 5* Michelin star restaurants sell a plate at $90 it doesn’t mean they make more profit than your coffee shop, you just need to work harder for the same units of profit. You may be selling $5 coffees but trust me there’re more people likely to be able to afford -therefore demand- your coffee than the caviar. Plus luxury places have more costs than you do. So having an exclusive 10 table fine dining place with huge sunken costs is not as good of an idea as having a buzzing 5 tables small coffee shop in the beginning. Plus, you can always work your way to up or save for it.

– Market yourself as a girl next door, college student. It will attract more men which will cause you to spend a lot of time on weeding out but don’t let this bring you down. I stopped telling men that I have a job. I just tell them that I’m a student and I do a translation job on the side, that’s it.

– Start small but have a game plan. In this manner, there’re some hustles I love. Being affordable isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t get lowballed. When you realize you have too much business in your hand to handle, RAISE your rates/allowance and if they can’t do that, replace them immediately. It means that this daddy has filled his lifespan and he needs to go. But don’t sack him before securing a better arrangement.

– Don’t let splenda or gift daddies to scare you. Especially if you’re like me while starting out, lacking a lot of glam, have them set this up for you without breaking the bank. Please please if you are in immediate need of cash consider different hustles. What made me able to invest all the money and gifts on myself was the fact that I had a job on the side. Sugaring enabled me to untie that income from monthly expenses so I could allocate it to the bigger and more important stuff in whole. You never realize how much money you spend until you start spending someone else’s and left with lots of your own money at your hand.

Baby girl, don’t let any fool to tell you that you need to go out and shell out precious money on Loubs & AP from the start. As I said on my 1st post if you are like me starting from -20 always take a couple of non-designer dresses over a set of AP.

If you already have everything makeup, hair, clothes, then you might consider that shit. But if you’re not there, leave fancy shit for later. And this later might come in 3 months, 6 months or a year.

Be patient and keep slaying.

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