Hints for Being a Successful Sugar Baby

The way to successful sugar baby is hard and arduous. Many girls lost their way and their faith are in the mist. Are the successful sugar babies irregular, and have no rules to follow? Are they just lucky to have all the stuff they want, without having to work hard? NOPE, they just have the way which is faster than you. Now I’m going to show you how to be a successful sugar baby. Hope you will find what you want.

successful sugar baby

1. Sugar Daddy Websites

The easiest way to find a sugar daddy is on the internet. There are many sugar daddy dating websites for you. There are also apps like Sudy that work similarly to Tinder. It’s also possible to freelance on Tinder, but for newbies, it’s best to go to a confirmed site.

Finding a Tagline

A lot of sugar dating sites have a tagline that goes next to your profile when sugar daddies are presented with a list.

You need to advertise the qualities that will epitomize you as a sugar baby. Are you very intelligent? Are you elegant? Sophisticated? Affectionate? Bubbly, fun, energetic, outgoing, playful, reserved, discreet, quiet? Are you a good listener, or ambitious, or adventurous?

The kind of tagline you have will determine what kind of man you attract, so think about what your perfect sugar daddy would be looking for. Successful sugar babies always have an aim.

(NB: if you say you’re adventurous on your tagline, they’re going to assume you mean sexually. Use at your discretion.)

Building Your Profile

Your profile is almost like a CV – it’s there to advertise you as the perfect candidate. You need to outline what it is that makes you an interesting person to be around, and perhaps reinforce the qualities that you mentioned in your tagline.

If you said that you’re intelligent, talk about the books you read, or your interest in politics. If you’re adventurous, talk about your travels. If you’re fun, be playful and humorous. Talk about your goals for the future – they like to think that they are helping someone achieve their dreams and become successful.

You will also need to talk about what you’re looking for. Is a strong connection important to you? (hint: yes) Do you want someone you can be yourself with? (no, but they don’t need to know that. Hint: yes.) Someone who you can trust and who will spoil you because they enjoy it? (you guessed it. Yes.)


Obviously, pictures are an important part of your profile. Sugar daddies want someone who will turn heads when they’re together. You should have at least two photos of your face (public), and two of your entire body (public or private, your choice).

Make sure you do not use any of these photos on any profiles that aren’t for sugar dating. They don’t have to be professional, just make sure that you look classy, beautiful and approachable, like a real successful sugar baby.

For more reading: How to Take a Sexy Photo

2. Safety

  • As above, don’t use pictures that you’ve used for any other profiles. It’s too easy to reverse search your images, so the photos you use for sugar dating should be exclusively for sugar dating.
  • Set all of your social media accounts to be as private as possible. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – everything that could possibly identify you.
  • If you find a sugar daddy who you are interested in (more on that below), background checks the living shit out of him. Google search his name (he may be using a false one, but it’s worth checking), his phone number, his email address. If he tells you what company he works for, you’re in luck. See if the company is as successful as he says it is and if it seems reputable. Use a site like VerifyHim to see if he’s been flagged by other sex workers, check the blacklist tags on Tumblr and other websites.

Initial Contact

You can either wait for sugar daddies to find you, or go profile hunting yourself. I personally have always been contacted first by my sugar daddies, so I’m going to focus on that.

When first messaging a sugar daddy, it’s important to establish what it is that you’re both looking for. You want someone who’s looking for a long-term arrangement and you need to determine if the relationship will be exclusive – exclusive relationships are safer in terms of the risk of STIs and are more traditional, but it’s up to you. Get to know each other a little, and if things seem good to you, you can discuss formalities.

Deciding on a Price

Think about how much you need. Think about how much you want to save. Think about how much his budget can reasonably stretch to. Decide on the absolute minimum that you would accept, and your ideal allowance.

Then ask him to name his price. It’s always best to let the sugar daddy name the kind of allowance he has in mind first, as it may be higher than what you would originally have asked. Once the first number has been named, ask for more. Say that that would be lovely, but you were thinking more in the region of a considerably higher number.

Settle on how you will be paid. Will it be per date or per month? Will it be in cash, will he transfer the funds to your bank or use PayPal, will he give you prepaid cards?

Make sure to clarify what the expectations are for what you are being paid: he wants to know if the relationship will be intimate if there is any thing that are hard limits for you sexually, how often he will get to see you. You’ll want to know if there will be gifts included on top of your allowance if he will take you on holiday, and anything else you would like to know.

First Dates

The price has been sorted, you’ve background checked him until you know that his third cousin’s wife’s brother’s pet dog has just developed a limp, now you’ve set up your date. Rules:

  • Always meet somewhere public. Successful sugar baby always needs to protect themselves.
  • Always tell someone where you’re going. You don’t have to tell them it’s a sugar date, you could say it’s just someone you met on a dating site.
  • Don’t be under the influence of anything when you meet your POT. One glass of wine is fine, two if you can handle your alcohol, but no more than that. If you can’t be with them sober, they’re not the sugar daddy for you.
  • Never sleep with them on the first date. You don’t want to be alone with them until you’ve thoroughly assessed that they are a polite, normal person. That also means no getting into their car – if you have to go somewhere else, you can get a taxi together – and no going back to their place for the first few dates.
  • When you do sleep with them, get the money first. It sounds close to prostitution, but it really is important – I know many girls who have been scammed this way. If you have any suspicions, excuse yourself to the bathroom and count it there.
  • Go with your gut. If you get a bad vibe from a guy – maybe he seems to talk about nothing but sex, maybe he seems super clingy and possessive already, maybe he’s just downright rude – politely end the date but don’t see him again. Tell him that you don’t think you’re compatible, that you’re looking for different things, or you don’t know if this kind of arrangement is for you. Wish him the best, and keep searching.

You can read more about how to date a sugar daddy here: Sugar Talks



I can’t stress how important this is. Carry a variety of sizes, types, and brands, including some latex-free condoms (some people are allergic to the latex in standard condoms). Flavoured condoms are good for oral, extra thin for men who hate condoms, ribbed and dotted for your pleasure – whatever you feel you might want.

  • Carry lube with you. If your sugar daddy enjoys anal sex it’s vital, and if your sugar daddy doesn’t make you wet you can sneakily apply lube to spare his feelings.
  • Oil based lubes are not compatible with condoms as they degrade the material and render the condom useless.
  • Water-based lubes are very popular as they are easy to wash and are gentle for sensitive skin.
  • Silicone-based lubes are the best for anal – they aren’t absorbed by the anus, so you don’t have to reapply as often.
  • Flavoured lubes make oral sex more enjoyable for both of you – he gets a pornstar-esque sloppy blowjob, you get to lick his dick like a lollipop. Everyone wins.
  • Massage oils are great to make your sugar daddy feel relaxed and appreciated, but don’t use them as lube because of the reason stated above.
  • If you’re into any kind of fetish play, standard rules apply. Safe words and aftercare are your friends.

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