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A Sugar Daddy Movie: Sugar Daddies

Alright guys, last time we talked a movie about sugar baby. Hope you all like it. And this time we continue talking some movies, and this movie is all about sugar daddy. So this movie called “Sugar Daddies”, and the crews are Taylor Black, Peter Strauss, James C. Burns. This movie is not just about love and romance. It’s also a thriller movie. So if you want to know something about sugar daddy/baby stuff, and you also like to watch some exciting thriller movie, then this is your movie. Hope you all can enjoy it!

sugar daddy movie

This movie is about a college student finds herself caught up in a circle of young women enjoying the high life and funding their dreams by “socializing” with a jet-set crowd of older men until one girl turns up missing and the collegiate risks her own life to find the truth.

Lifetime, continuing its ongoing commitment to bringing the prestige of click bait to basic cable television, has a new original movie, Sugar Daddies. And, deep breath: is Sugar Daddies based on a true story? Not really. But the “Sugar Daddy” phenomenon is based on recent history.

It was the stuff of Huffington Post think pieces that your mom probably forwarded you in a panic between the years of 2008-2012 with subject lines like “Scary!” and “can u believe this??” It preyed on every suburban parent’s fear about their daughters being corrupted and taken advantage of by mysterious older men. But don’t worry this kind of story is not what really happens to all women who actually have sugar daddies.

We all know having a sugar daddy can be a good thing. sugar daddy pays your student loans and all the bills. And the sugar baby and sugar daddy can also enjoy the time with each other.

But unfortunately, this poor main character Kara lives in the world of a Lifetime movie. This whole sugar daddy idea is probably really bad for Kara. But it never meant bad for you too.

We all can pursue whatever a relationship we want. so let’s just enjoy the movie and also enjoy your valuable time with your sugar daddy/ baby.

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