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A Sugar Baby Movie: Sugar Babies

Today we are talking about a sugar baby movie called “Sugar Babies”. Alyson Stoner, Tiera Skovbye, and Sarah Dugdale are the leading actors in this movie. And the director is Monika Mitchell.

sugar baby movie

This movie is basically about a girl Persuaded by her roommate, a college student makes an arrangement with an older man who pays for her companionship.

The film was Lifetime’s latest “world premiere,” something called “Sugar Babies” about a Web site to which nubile young female college students can subscribe so they can attract the attention of older, wealthier men who will make an “arrangement” with them and pay them for “companionship” which may or may not. Does it sound familiar?

Yes, it does. This movie could reflect your real life.

Back in 1931, MGM has a film called “The Easiest Way”, with Constance Bennett as the sugar baby, Adolphe Menjou as her sugar daddy, Robert Montgomery as the age-peer boyfriend who gets understandably upset when she finds out just how his girlfriend is making her living,

It doesn’t help that the actors available to MGM in 1931 were considerably better than those on board for a Lifetime producer in 2015 — Alyson Stoner as Katie Woods, the central sugar baby; Giles Panton as James Smith, her sugar daddy.

The plot of this movie gets so convoluted it’s hard for everyone to remember which sugar baby was paired with which sugar daddy, but the basic intrigue revolves around Katie and her roommate Tessa Brouillette (Tiera Skovbye), who is going on a date with her own sugar daddy but he’s bringing along a friend, so she wants Katie to go along and be the friend’s date.

Katie at first is reluctant — she’s been cruised by Sean, a frat boy who’s working his way through college by clerking at the campus bookstore — but when she goes to a party at Sean’s frat house and he gets drunk and pukes on her legs, she calls Tessa on her cell phone and asks if the double date is still on. It is, even though in a black top and blue jeans (she’s done the best she could to clean Sean’s puke off of them) she’s way underdressed for the fancy restaurant the two sugar daddies have picked for their date.

The one thing “Sugar Babies” gets right is its vivid dramatization of just how totally the ability of the female characters to realize their dreams — one thing Tessa briefs Katie on early is the desire of the men who log onto for young women who have career goals of their own and aren’t expecting to be supported by rich men all their lives — is dependent on their ability to attract men already in the 1 percent and “put out” for them.

So maybe the movie “Sugar Babies” is so dramatic for real life. But your sugar baby life could be romantic and full of adventure. So don’t say no to your sugar baby’s life. Just enjoy it. It can be fun and very real for everyone.

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