What Types of Sugar Daddy Is Most Popular to Sugar Baby?

Not all of the sugar daddies are popular among sugar baby. Sugar babies prefer to choose “good” sugar daddies. Well, what does “good” mean? I believe there is no standard definition about “good”, just like one thousand readers, there are thousand Hamlet. Today this article will discuss what kind of sugar daddy is most popular to sugar baby.

Before I write this article, I had some communication with sugar babies, and  I summarized some features of “popular” sugar daddy.

popular sugar daddy

Have Good Manners

Open doors for a sugar baby, compliment her, don’t be late when sugar daddy plan to date a sugar baby and just be a gentleman. Sugar baby prefers to choose a gentleman, not a rude guy.

Meet Sugar Babies Needs

Some sugar daddies always like to making promises but not keeping them. However, this is a big mistake that many sugar daddies made, and sugar babies hope their sugar daddies to keep his word. Sugar daddies who break their promises to their sugar babies experience shunning in the sugar daddy community.


These girls, they are sugar baby, not a whore. They also need respect. A Sugar Baby deserves the same courtesy as any other women. They don’t like some sugar daddies who always say hurtful, mean, disrespectful things. They think that is very sick.

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At last, these features are only part of “popular” sugar daddy features. How to be a good sugar daddy, that’s is really a question.

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