How to Be Respected: Holding Cards with Your Sugar Daddy

In a relationship, sugar daddy supports the other financially or through gifts to sugar baby, it is easy for an imbalance of power to develop; one in favor of the benefactor. While this may not be true of every mutually beneficial sugaring arrangement, it is a risk for sugar babies. What can you do to maintain your power in a sugar relationship, and ensure you’re always treated with respect? Here’s some advice on holding the cards with your sugar daddy.

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Holding Cards 1: Money Is Not Everything

Yes, money is power, but money is not everything. It’s not just money that makes things work. As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. A priceless asset is something no amount of money could ever buy but that is probably valued more than any material item you own. From happiness to honesty, these are some of life’s best treasures that cost nothing at all.

Holding Cards 2: Set Rules

One of the key differences between mutually beneficial arrangements and traditional ones is that both parties can be upfront about their expectations from day one. This is something that should be considered before meeting any POT; what kind of boundaries would you like to set up in the relationship? Will your SD be allowed inside your apartment or is that your own private sanctuary? There is always something you need to think over, that was not easy. But now, remember and always, stick to the rules that you set. In order to have your SD respect your wishes, you need to be consistent

Holding Cards 3: Going Slow

Of course when the chemistry is present, engaging in romantic passion will be a natural desire. but taking it slow is a wise decision. Focus on establishing a friendship first. If you two are both on the same page, you’re likely to develop genuine chemistry. Rushing into intimacy just because it feels good can end up being a regret. Get to know one another. You may find that over time the mutual attraction becomes something more, and from this healthy intimate relationship forms.

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