How to Talk with Your Sugar Daddy

Being a sugar baby is not all about getting spoiled by sugar daddies. It needs to keep learning different kinds of skills. For a sugar baby, the first thing is the art of language. Do you know the right way to talk with your sugar daddy?

talk to sugar daddy

Talking with Sugar Daddy Matters

Learn the right and decent way can help you capture both the attention and wallet of a sugar daddy. A sugar baby’s personal speaks volumes even without lips moving.

When there comes a conflict between a sugar daddy and sugar baby, take it as a chance to know your worth and challenge your sugar daddy by telling him without really telling him what you mean.

For example, many sugar babies asked me how to refuse a pot’s rude requests. For me skyping with a sugar daddy is too risky for recording reasons, “additional” photos could hurt or harm sugar babies. If this sugar daddy’s married, he could lie to his wife and tell her you are the aggressor and won’t leave him alone, and he’ll have the sugar baby pics to prove it.

If this sugar daddy’s not married he could be using your pictures to lower other sugar baby’s standards or get them to send him more photos too.

Example of Talking with Sugar Daddy

  • Pot: Can I get some more pics?
  • Your response: I would love to send more pictures, but/unfortunately/however/therefore…(you just lost him) because he stopped at the transitional word that means no without saying no.
  • Decent Response: (insert his name here) Thanks for messaging me back, I really appreciate it. The weather is going to be great this week. Let’s schedule a meet up for lunch at (insert 4/5 star restaurant, location, and date here) or dinner at ( insert 4/5 star restaurant, location, and date here). I would really like to meet you! We can confirm each other’s identity, enjoy a fantastic meal, discuss the details of an arrangement with one another and move forward! So what do you say, (insert choice 1) or (insert choice 2)?

This allows sugar baby to get a feel automatically if this sugar daddy’s worthy of time, let alone additional photos. You’ve cut to the chase.

After Talking with Sugar Daddy

Got right to the point and letting sugar daddy know that your, the sugar baby’s time is valuable and as a sugar baby you won’t waste it taking pictures to send to him or anyone else for that matter.

Sugar babies make sure you choose 2 different restaurants as a choice of lunch or dinner, but make sure that they are not far from each other. No more coffee or drinks “quick meets”. As a sugar baby, you are not meeting your classmates to study nor your friends for happy hour.