Sugar Baby Master Post

All the advice and knowledge I have gained whilst being a sugar baby. Please add and contribute if I have missed anything out.

sugar baby qualities

1. Although you may struggle to fit this into your day to day life. Get a gym membership hell, get daddy to pay for it. Keep yourself healthy and fit. The more you exercise the better you feel.

2. Have the perfect makeup routine. Whether you’re going for the natural girl next door kind of look or the complete glamour gal make sure you have a routine for each look that you can complete fast and on the go for any spontaneous meetups.


4. Make sure one of your girls knows where you are and have one on speed dial for if there are ANY complications. (Especially on first meets) (hit me up if you don’t have anyone)

5. Never underestimate the power of reverse image search. It’s a life saver.

6. It’s tempting that once you start getting income to spend it all the second you get it but some Daddy’s can go from sugar to salt and you never know when it will happen so it is important to put some of the money into a savings account so if one day it does happen you’ll have some money to rely on when you’re looking for the next.

7.Make sure you have a good skin care routine, lord help me if you don’t moisturize already get to it.


9. If you have any hesitation over a POT. Ditch him, your instincts are right and there is plenty more sugar in the bowl. It’s better to be safe.

10. Never meet up without receiving pictures. IF he plays the whole “discretion” card, it’s not worth the risk. Now, if he wants to talk first then that’s fine give him time to trust you. BUT never meet up without having known who you’re looking for.

11. YOU COME FIRST. You should never feel that you are forced to do something and if you feel obliged then you should talk about it with daddy and see if the arrangement you are in is best for BOTH OF YOU, not just Daddy.

12. Always find out the dress code!! or if you’re really off the bat always overdress, people will either assume you’ve come from somewhere better or are going somewhere better. But try to be practical so if Daddy wants a walk in the park, skip the 6-inch heels (unless you’re up for that and then; I worship you)

13. Never hang onto a salt daddy in hope that you’ll find sugar. The likely hood of him actually being Sugar is so low, ditch him.

14. STUDY UP. If Daddy is taking you to the opera then make sure you know things about what you’re doing. You can have conversations and create a more enjoyable experience for you both. Culture, Culture, Culture.

15. Find a sugar baby gal pal. This is so that you don’t bottle up all the emotions that come with being a sugar baby. You may not tell anyone about your sugar lifestyle and it’s unhealthy to bottle up emotions so find yourself a gal pal to tell all and all to. ( I’m always available haha )

16. If you’re just starting out, make sure you read up on the sugar lifestyle and I don’t just mean the glamour side but also the struggles of the lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by some blogs who don’t highlight the cons of being a sugar baby. Sugaring can take its toll just like any other profession.

17. Write a list of everything you want out of sugaring and make sure you are achieving what you want. This allows you to make process and see that process being made. It might take a while to get there but you will get what you want eventually.

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