10 Ways to Keeping a Sugar Daddy

Knowing that sugar daddy dating is a total package of pretense, a game which is very real in the society today, play by the rules of the game which is mainly to provide your sweet, gorgeous, fun spirit body to appreciate, older, supportive sugar daddies in order to get your needs.

keeping a sugar daddy

As a sugar baby you’ve made up your mind and decided to embark on the wonderful career so keeping your sugar daddy needful unless you want to quit the relationship, here are some tips for you to make your sugar daddy stick longer and providing your needs.

Tips Keeping a Sugar Daddy

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #1: Psychological Aspect

It is required to understand the psychology of older men before deciding to hook up with them for you to be a successful sugar baby. Every relationship will be different so it is important you understand the psychology the sugar daddy you are dealing with presently, it is good to cleverly study his mood changes, like words and actions that make him angry, or happy.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #2: Make Him Happy

As a sugar baby, your job is to make sure your sugar daddy is happy. Ensuring his happiness guarantees your happiness too and that, in turn, ensures that he will continue to provide you with the cash and gifts you desire. Boost His Self-Esteem; praise him for the achievements he has made so far in life. Always put on a smile and a happy mood around him.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy#3: Be Grateful

Appreciate your SD, have a look of pure gratitude because they derive pleasure on spending their money for their happiness and that’s probably their best experiences.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #4: Have a Dress Sense

Have a dress sense, men are wired to find the shape and form of women attractive. Makeup is very compulsory.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #5: Be Smart

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your part to keep your sugar daddy. Be smart, and have a great sense of humor. A sugar baby that is intelligent, emotionally mature, reasonably well educated and confident might well make pleasant and credible company for older men. Men prefer younger women because they are generally prettier and are easier to get since women are attracted to older men.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #6: Privacy in Your Relationship

Respecting his privacy, ensure you respect his privacy. Don’t ask too many questions that can get you into trouble. When asked questions about your past or questions about other male friends’ kindly smile and ignore. It will be wise to bring up a new topic though he will assume that you are avoiding the question which he will respect.

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Keeping a Sugar Daddy #7: Innocence

Look Innocent to some level, older men like innocent babies that remind them of ‘those days when we were young’ and this put a lot of smile on their faces and make them loosen their guards.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #8: Make Yourself Available

Limit the excuse of not being around or busy.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #9: Don’t Ask Him Much

Stop asking questions like am I the one who is the most special of them all.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy #10: Emotional Triggers

SDs have emotional triggers find that trigger and use it on him. Be good in bed, improve yourself sexually.

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  • I am dating a married monied man and I am still in a relationship with my baby daddy and I told him that I am still seeing him, however he is in my home province and I stay and work in the same province older daddy is and from. So he’s always busy and when he calls I avail myself. He hasn’t given me money yet and I haven’t asked, I do not wanna ask him I want bigger stuff from him but don’t know how to ask.

    We have already had sex twice and I enjoy his sex. how do I ask him to provide for me or make him see that I need his help.

    • Honey I am sorry to say this but that is not your sugar baby he got the sugar way before he gave you some money…. In his mind you are a free cheap fuck… So making him pay for something he got for free will be difficult. What you can do is say you need money for your child then say you cant afford your rent you need like 500-800 a month extra from him something like that… Men are more inclined to give you money if they feel they are helping you with a basic need

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