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How to Spoil My Sugar Baby

Sugar comes in all forms. But no matter how it presents itself, it’s always undeniably sweet. While allowance may be the most traditional, and in many cases, sought-after form of steady sugar, times are changing in the ways it can add sweetness to a sugar baby’s life, without being sugar supplements. The bags may be beautiful and the shoes are timeless, but take a look at some other rewarding forms of sugar today.

spoil sugar baby

Spoil Sugar Baby with Gift Cards and Travel

She wants something a bit more specialized. Basic gift cards like Target and Whole Foods are great for staples, or gift her a few grand on a Saks card and see what she picks. Some might see this as lazy, but I assure you, she will be pleased.

Those who claim travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer clearly never had a Sugar Daddy to foot the bill. The ability to travel to distant places that many others simply jot down on their bucket lists is uniquely rewarding.  Whether traveling allows you to gain culture or a glowing tan, exploration is always enriching.

Spoil Sugar Baby with Living Expense

Taking on the living expenses of a sugar baby may be daunting to newbies, but it becomes mutually beneficial in many ways.  Your sugar baby won’t have to waste her time working numerous dead-end jobs to pay for an overpriced one bedroom just to keep herself out of the dorms. In return, it frees up her time and availability to you, not to mention her gratitude which can be quite rewarding on its own.

Spoil Sugar Baby with Cash

Favored by sugar babies everywhere, cold, hard cash is always a great option. Paperless and anonymous, this is the best option for a sugar daddy who wants to remain discreet. Bonus points for crisp $100 bills.

Besides these gifts could make your sugar baby happy, sugar daddy also should know how much you should pay your sugar baby when you’re dating. Read more: How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay?

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  • What I’m looking for is something mutually beneficial for me and my sugar daddy. Something honest and real, so that we aren’t wasting each other time. Ah arrangement where we both feel comfortable with each other and able to trust them. Where my sugar daddy doesn’t pressure me to do anything that I don’t feel comfortable doing. I want a friendship with my sugar daddy and if it turns into more I would be okay with that too.

  • I’m looking to find a daddy who is sweet and kind yet knows how to take control. I’m an indecent women in the real world but in the bedroom I look for someone to show me around and take the reins. If that’s you then you definitely have a chance.

  • I want more than just financial support from my Sugar Daddy. I want someone I can genuinely enjoy spending time with. I want to develop a connection with my SD that runs deep. I have a very nurturing nature and I want to nurture someone while they cater to me by giving me the lifestyle I want to live. It’s not just about the finances it’s about the laughs and the memories we create with one another and seeing him smile when he sees me wearing that lipstick he got me the other day or seeing the pride in his face when everyone in the room realizes I’m with him and gets jealous.

  • I want my sugar daddy to be “HIP” . Though he may be up there in years, I want him to still be able to keep up with my youth. Lile be able to do his own taxes, yet be able to play Sims or CoD without issue. He also has to be a friend. We have to get along in a way if he needs to talk, I there for him and visaversa. I’m a caring person and my sugar daddy should reflect that in his personality too .

  • I want a sugar daddy who is confident and has a great personality. I love to travel and try new things so I would love someone who loves those things too. Personality means a lot and conversation is also a big factor too. I’m not looking for love or anything too serious. I’m young and live to have fun. If things get serious I have no problem seeing where that goes.

  • I want a sugar daddy who is very generous, I am a generous girl as well so I would need someone to match my generosity. I also need a trust worthy sugar daddy, there are a lot of bad people in the world and I just want to make sure that I can trust my sugar daddy. Another important thing I want in my sugar daddy is to be able to have fun. I am full of fun so it is only right that my sugar dwarfs can keep up with me. I am a beautiful girl and I do think I deserve the best starting with my sugar daddy.

  • What I look for in a sugar daddy, is friendship, love, loyalty, someone that would be there for me communication, honesty, a bond, money through the screens. For a mans needs to be satisfied as much as a woman’s needs. Just met in a different way nothing comes free. .not financially even though nothing wrong with that but as a friend, hopefully someday more than friends.. we want good communication, the 100 honest truth, not just a talk here and there sugar daddy but someone to build a bond and trust with, lavish things as well like clothes,jewelry, and etc.. and most importantly affection like great conversation some hugs and kisses.. a real sugar daddy.

  • What I look for in a sugar daddy…is someone who is down to earth..someone who is opened and want to become friends with my sugar daddy…that way if something was to happen to our relationship…we would remain friends…I want honesty and initiative…i want hard yet soft…serious yet playful..but most importantly I want 1000%

  • I want someone I can talk to if I can’t hold a conversation with you then it’s obvious we aren’t a good fit. I’m firm on the balancing of both parties, I don’t want my sugar daddy to over do it for me if I’m not earning and I don’t want to over do it for him if he’s not giving it. I want us both to have trust in the relationship and be able to say that we are comfortable wit the agreement and the results.

  • I want someone who isn’t boring but fun. Someone who is interesting and fun. I want to be able to have enjoyable conversations and someone who has an amazing personality. Also, someone who can spoil me and give me affection and attention. I also want my sugar daddy to treat me like his baby girl and enjoy me and love talking to me I think having the best personality is the best.

  • My reason un like the more common answers I just read…..I’m me. I’ve been married twice divorced. Each marriage was one sided. I’ve been the one who spoiled. Now I am taken a new approach, I want to see the action before I spoil anyone back. If you can shower me and spoil me then your worth my loyalty and trust. From there anything is possible.

  • La razón por la que quiero ser sugarbaby es que por qué tengo 18 años y estoy a un par de meses de entrar a la universidad por lo que será casi imposible encontrar tiempo para un trabajo y dedicarme a ambas cosas, otra razón es que me iré a otra ciudad y no tendré tiempo para romances que necesiten constancia, por lo tanto un sugardaddy es lo mejor que podría sucederme

  • I want to be a sugar baby because it’s exciting and be in the company of someone who has it all..but they want you…to know that you don’t have to worry about money or any material thing is be and do what your daddy asks of you without any hesitation…because you know you will be rewarded…it’s definitely a turn on.

  • I’m a sugar baby because I have a mom who is suffering from cancer and I’m a student at CSI (College of Staten Island) and I’m not going anymore because I don’t have the money to pay for school, I just want a little bit of help, and anyone willing to help me succeed for my moms smile one last time would be a blessing, I also have minor bills to pay too for myself and am struggling a bit to find a job at the moment..

  • I want to be a sugar baby because I am tired of struggling. I am a full time student and therefore have little availability to hold enough jobs to have anything left after bills. I am a dedicated person and want to use my dedication and loyalty to make someone very happy while in return they provide me with the means to enjoy life without worrying about constant financial struggle.

  • The comforting feeling, knowing I can call/text my SD and tell them about my day. And vice versa. Or sending a simple text asking how his day was. It’s those simple things that bring me blissful happiness. I literally enjoy the simple fact that I know at the end of the day there is someone out there who is thinking of me because I complimented his personality. Or just wants to have a glimpse of my smile, or to reminesce about the day. To remind you about little things about your personality. Whether it be your honesty, charisma, intuition, knowledge, or presence. Or who is looking forward to talking/texting me after a hard day at work. I enjoy giving that ability to just listen to listen, not repond. And there is a serene happiness between mutual parties.That is why I desire to be a Sugar Baby. Whom doesn’t deserve that?!

  • I want a sugar daddy who can take care of me, not just financially but emotionally as well. I want a daddy who can help me when im indecisive about important life choices. I want a daddy who is willing to take care of me and show me affection. Im in this for the long run and i dont want a temporary fling. I want a connection with my daddy and the same interests with him

  • Well… someone who would like to travel with me, to discover new places, someone who can pamper me (not just money) but with his presence too, I know maybe you’re to busy, and you’re far away but sometimes I can go and visit you too. I want to be treated like a princess, and also be a good woman for the man who is by my side. To learn a lot, I want someone who can be my mentor and teach me a lot, learn from his experience of life so I can grow more and more.

  • I want a sugar daddy that’s attractive. Looks is what catches my eye initially. I want him to be easy going and fun. Need them to make me feel comfortable. And of course money money money! He needs to be willing to spend to get. To be honest I’m not looking for anything long term. Just need a few extra bucks to pay off some loans and put a deposit on a house haha. But who knows, maybe I’ll find a daddy that will stick around for a while. 🙂

  • First I feel as if I should tell why I’m even doing this. I am putting myself through college and trying to make a nice life for myself and to be totally honest with you I don’t have the money to do it on my own. Not only am I looking for financial security in my SD but I am looking for someone who will push me towards my dreams and tell my that I can do anything and be whoever I want to be.

  • I’m looking for someone mature and with a lot of experience with life , I’m looking for a mentor,someone that I can look up to and learn from , it’s not always about the money . I’m hoping to find someone that is going to help me get far in life by giving advice for my future someone that I can rely on and call a friend . Money can buy materialistic things but knowledge it’s priceless

  • I think the biggest thing that I would ask for his help with school just because school is expensive but it also could be something that I can pay back to right we’ll see we’ll see how that goes but I’m not money hungry I’m not into constantly begging and asking for money so you know it’s awesome to see people that I like this and I’m creative and thankful

  • i want tibe a Suger baby because right now I am working and paying bills but having just enough to pay bills and not much to talk about to go to food store. I am an independent but it is hard for me doing it by myself. Could use the help right up an now. I really dont like asking for help but I really do need it. Along with all this I have a medical bill!?

  • I don’t just want money. I want a friend. Someone I can go to when the pressures of the world start setting in. A shoulder to cry on and someone to help me feel safe. I’ve been thru a lot so I do have trust issues but the right sugar daddy could help those fade. And in return he would have a lifelong friend in me. Everything else is just a bonus. At least that’s what a sugar daddy would be for me

  • Perfect sugar daddy would be someone not too clingy. I have work so I spend weekdays at work and sleep on my rest days. If he’s also understanding, respectful and sweet. What I can give in return though is quality time when were together or talking. Someone I can share my lame jokes with and is very passionate about his work. Most importantly he should spoil me with love and everything else 😉

  • I want to give my time to someone who is interested in me, pays attention, is generous considerate and affectionate. I need someone dependable, honest and fun loving as well. A sense of humor and a high level of intelligence are a 100% important to me. I won’t tolerate games or broken promises or lying. I’m looking for My very own special unicorn!

  • I want a different kind of romance than what i get in the typical young boy. This is mature and real and fun!! i am easily pleased and i am very happy and fun to be around! I want someone as adventurous as me who is willing to just be together making some memories !! I want to do things that i couldn’t do before, living a more luxurious life!! that is what i want.

  • I want to get $500 every week and I want money for shopping to. If my sugar daddy would like me to be happy I need this from him. When he does I would treat him like a king and I would be there for him when his lonely and need someone to talk to. Sugar daddies should be respected because their smart, kind, helpful, very generous with my family i was sad but idk they just kept url a

  • What I want is a overall great fulfilling time and experience. I want to be able to walk away from them with something learned or even learning something about myself that I didn’t know before. It’s all about experiences and learning life lessons. Maybe this particular sugar daddy taught you a type of men you like or vice versa. Either way it’s always good to learn

  • I want some one who is interested in me as a person, someone who is not just interested sexually in me let’s face it not everytime is sex time. I want someone who is mature,rich, wealthy and healthy too. You can’t have a good time if he is not healthy so he needs to be healthy. I dare say HIV negative too. I want someone who I can exchange life ideas with and someone confident about himself.

  • I want to become a sugar baby for the “being spoiled feeling”. I never been pampered. I work hard for what I want. Do I feel like it’s all about Money. No. Because I want my sugar daddy to be someone I actually like to be around. I want to be carefree and on top of the world. I want to know there is someone I can count on at the end of the day. That’s all.

  • I’m gonna keep it real with you guys lol there’s only 2 reasons why us sugar babies become sugar babies. 1 is mainly for the allowance lol I mean who are we kidding here? The money is great once it’s coming in. And 2 is for affection, sometimes a woman just wants to feel needed and nothing compares to that once you know you have men dying to be with you

  • I’m considering being a sugar baby because I’m a full time student with 2 jobs and still wouldn’t be able to afford school if I was to not be living at home. I want to be completely independent from my home life by 22. So if there is a way to meet an attractive, respectful man who is willing to help me achieve my goals, I don’t see why I would want to turn that down.

  • My reason for being a sugar baby is simple I want someone who can spoil me silly with gifts and quality time. I want someone who can take care of me and in return he gets to enjoy himself with me. I want to be a suggestion baby because I am sweeter than sugar and all things sweet added together and I want to share that with a mature man who understands how to treat a lady.

  • What i want in a sugar daddy is.. Understanding ,honesty, loyalty and friendship, respect and maybe one day some love. Yes i am more interested in his money just like he is in my company but maybe it can be something more than that. Something fun and interesting. I want a someone i can be able to confide to, someone i can trust and visa ves…….

  • I want a sugar daddy that makes me feel good. Makes me feel loved and important. Spoils me and supports me. We flirt. I repay him in ways that I feel comfortable. Preferably not in person though as I have too much going on in my life for that to be a good thing right now. A strong friendship and someone I can trust. I want to be safe and supported without feeling like a prostitute.

  • I want my sugar daddy to be attractive, good looking, helpful and also rich ofc. My main motive to find sugar daddy was to have a person who can help me financially. As I am a student I have tuitions and college therefore I can’t work and I love luxurious life so I need a guy who can afford me and keep me happy always. I am adventurous.. I love travelling and I can’t live without shopping

  • I don’t care how much money SDs make. I’m not a materialistic girl. Him being successful let’s me know he can take care of himself and others if need be. All I want from a SD is attention and affection. I want to spend time together and care for each other. I want us both to enjoy the same things and same activities no matter how cheap they might be.

  • I would want my sugar daddy to be very attentive and cater to my needs, I want someone to take care of me, make me feel safe and secure, as much as I have to give I would expect the same in return. I would want my sugar daddy to be experienced and know how to treat a woman.I don’t like to be bored so somebody who is spontaneous and wouldn’t mind splurging every now and again

  • I want some one to spoil me show me a good time I have 3 kids they grown live on their on 3 grandbabies I love to listen to music eating movies shopping always wanted to feel special feel loved I’m 43 what I think about my loving fun outgoing people person easy to get along with when I love i love hard I love to laugh a little silly at time yeap

  • I want what most woman want (no, it’s not money), respect. I will listen to my Daddy, but if what he has requested is way out of my comfort zone, I would like that he respects my decisions. I do not want to have sex on the first meet. Sex is something that comes after feelings. If sex was what I wanted I do not need this app to get it. Sex in exchange for money is prostitution. The friendship, loyalty, love and support is definitely worth much more and it is what Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies are for.

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