How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Dating Interesting?

It’s not easy to find an ideal sugar daddy. The harder thing is keeping your sugar daddy. So making your (with your sugar daddy) dating is very important. Just as the saying goes “many hands make the light job“, we collect some smart answers from sugar babies. Hope they are work for you:

interesting sugar daddy dating

“Going horseback riding, or even just going to a rodeo. Also the little things, such as taco bell dates and romantic picnic.”

“I’d love to have a date that takes my breath away I’ve never had a real first date and something as simple as a picnic in beautiful scenery n a nice MAN to make me feel good about myself and make me smile would knock me off my feet.”

“My idea of a first date is usually the basics you know go to a nice sushi restaurant because I absolutely love sushi. Having dinner talk All night get to know each other and it depends on how comfortable I am with you by the end of the night because we could end the night with a kiss good bye I’m not really sure what to do on a first date. But I’m very open-minded and I love activities So we don’t always have to just go to dinner you can surprise me and impress me and said yourself apart from everyone else.”

“First, dinner somewhere that sets the mood nice and serves amazing food. Then, go somewhere stunning to watch the sunset; lay down a tapestry/blanket and sit there in awe together at the gorgeousness around us and just have a deep conversation and get to know each other.”

“Meet for coffee, happy hour drinks, a light bite to eat or whatever you’re comfortable with in public… I’m open to everything from a doggie play date with our pups to visiting an art museum. Chemistry is everything and if we hit it off then the sky’s the limit to where our second date will take us… NYC for a Broadway musical?”

“I cook for my sugar daddy and we have a glass of wine and get to know each other.”

“I’m an out and about type person, more of a night owl. A dating idea that I’m fond on is probably go-kart racing then a late dinner afterward.”

“I love helping the world be a better place and making people happier. I see it as we are all human and we are all we have. if we could pet some lonely animals or help the homeless in any way I would love that! I like knowing who I hang out with cares about humanity and our little fuzzy friends! of course, this is just an idea and I’m down for just about anything! maybe we can do something you love? I love learning about people and what makes them unique and trying new thing.”

“Food…. builds great bridges. Great food prolongs conversation and happiness. I consider a burger and fries great food, same with tacos, Chinese takeout, steak…etc. Foods always great. Shopping, it’s amazing! You’ll never understand such happiness that women derive from it, why we feel so sexy in that new dress and heels. That our new jeans are not by any chance an accident….they’re ass jeans specifically for YOU to admire. It’s no secret I want you to buy me a whole new closet. Everything old gone. So what’s my dream date….just you. The food, venue, and shopping will always be great but you’re my date so just be AWESOME.”

“Candlelight dinners .. anything romantic.”

“I love adventures, big or small. I love the outdoors. Let’s go on a hike that leads to a lovely view.”

“I love the dates where you tell me, hey baby lets go hunting, fishing, walking, or let’s go have a nighttime picnic. You could even tell me we are going paintballing for example. I would love that kind of date because it’s not all about spending money and being fancy, it’s about the time spent with each other. After that, we could go grab some ice cream and simply go for a walk.”

“I’d love to volunteer together at an animal shelter or rescue organization! I absolutely adore animals, and I hope you do too; let’s help our furry/feathered/scaly little friends out together. We could also do something along the lines of helping at blood drives and such- whatever works.”

“I’m a down home country girl so, a truck bed of pillows and blankets under the stars sipping wine and getting to know each other.”

“A place where you can hear live spiritual or poetic music or art. A walk on the beach would be basic but a nice dinner on a beach with a beautiful view would be the best thing. a little gift at the end.”

“I’d like to open with something interesting like a museum, so we can actually talk and see if we have a connection (it would help if they served wine there) :)”

“Playing video games, going to a park or museum, Walking, theme park, sightseeing.”

“I love to explore and I am willing to try any new activities or even learn a new language or just talk.”

“Let’s go do something we can connect on! There’s the Royal Ontario Museum, the Toronto Zoo, the Toronto Aquarium. There’s the beach front, there’s the CN Tower, the Science Center. There’s the Toronto Exhibition, and millions of other events like Ribfest, Jazz Festivals, and everything in between. Or, of course, my nice dresses are dying to be brought out of the back of the closet. Fancy restaurants where we can debate and discuss are always enthralling.”

“I think if a man is very adventurous, together, we could come up with the perfect date! (anyone up for a road trip or parasailing!?)”

“Let’s go skydiving or break a world record. I mean, why not? I love having fun and helping others break out of their comfort zones. I’m also okay with volunteering at the local animal shelters or feeding the homeless.”

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