Sugar Baby Skill: How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy can treat you to fancy dinners, take you on dates to expensive places, occasionally spoil you with a shopping spree and etc, so you may be thinking that you’ll need to hold their attention or they’ll lose interest.

What are you going to do? We’ve learned that anyone can get a Sugar Daddy with a pretty face, yet get them does not mean that they’re certainly can keep them as well. This post is to tell you how you do to fill in all the time you’re spending with them.


Keep Your Sugar Daddy: Don’t Bore Himkeep sugar daddy

Well, there are a lot of possibilities. I’d recommend you to get to know about that man who messages you, be aware of what sugar daddy type he is before he sits in front of you while dating.

1. Always Have Something to Talk About

Concise reads with a ton of information. aka. Always have something to talk about.

Put some books with lots of easily digestible information in your regular reading, like “xx ideas” series which come in subjects like philosophy, economics, psychology, politics, literature and religion and etc. (I know you definitely can teach yourself about entertainment and celebrity gossip, and everybody hates the math so, I’m not going to name them haha.) Sugar Daddies would love to hear you talk about Pascal’s wager or the law of diminishing returns as you cut into a Kobe steak.

2. Facial Expression Is Key

Make sure that when you are spending time with him, you keep your mood happy, fun and positive. Your company should be enjoyable. Sugar daddies like their sugar babies to be happy and smiley all the time as this makes them glad. Feeling young again takes off the stress from work and Probably from his wife.

3. Do New Things to Entice Him and Be Very Creative

Like, playing the instrument. A fairly inexpensive instrument but takes a minimal amount of time and effort would be great. My suggestions are guitar, ukulele or harmonica. Spend a few weekends learning basic chords and watching Youtube videos. A few simple melodies like “Close to you” “Stand by me” create a romantic climate.

Or going to a science museum, enjoying a wine tasting, trying CrossFit or laughing at a comedy show?

Take Pride in Dressing Good and Catching for Him

Having a low opinion of you is not ideal, it’s self-destructive. Doing things to better yourself makes life more exciting and increases your self-worth.

You know it’s about a whopping 52% of Sugar Babies is students, others are professionals or single mums, with a tiny fraction married. The average Sugar Baby is 27. So stop saying like “too old to be a sugar baby” or “I do not look like a model I won’t be spoiled”, you need to be the type of woman who attracts the type of Sugar Daddy you want. But I’m not saying you can stop doing more to make you look good. In all relationships, making an effort with your appearance is important. Take care of yourself and dress well.

And, confidence.

Being a confident person will put your sugar daddy at ease and make the whole arrangement more enjoyable. Sometimes, especially if they are new to this type of arrangement, a sugar daddy might feel a little nervous. By acting confident and sure of yourself, you will make him more relaxed about the situation.

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