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Craft a Perfect Sugar Baby Profile to Attract Sugar Daddy

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Sugar Baby / 23

Being honest and real, because that isn’t just about using your real name, it’s about creating the essence of yourself from behind a screen - which can be really difficult, but just remember if you’re writing something and it feels forced, clichèd or fake, rewing and go back to what comes naturally. If you miss out on an SD because you admitted a goofy quality or that your best friend is your cat... who cares. You’ll meet the right SD by being honest, and lying to people about who you are is exhausting anyway.

2017-11-14 23:08:40

Sugar Baby / 34

I think being short and to the point works sometimes. I think you should just be you because this will avoid waste of time, SD that are not into what you want they can read and move pass. The profile should have things you like to do and are interested in. Everyone knows what this app/site main goal is so we don’t need to emphasize on the fact we want money. I’m looking at the profile for SD and lots of them have the “don’t ask me for money” why in the heck are you doing here then?

2017-11-15 06:25:59

Sugar Baby / 21

I feel that having an alternative outlook on "dating" apps like this help broaden people's minds to something different. Instead of being half arsed with bios, I invite anyone in with a open question, "ask me anything". This question draws in the majority of people with queries depending on what they intended to ask. Honesty is also key when wanting to draw people in, giving what you HONESTLY thinking about certain aspects of life, offering a more intimate relationship with your sugar partner as an added bonus.

2017-11-15 07:42:33

Sugar Baby / 35

I don't need to write anything to attract it's all about actions and really connecting with someone and it doesn't have to be sexual it could totally be just a conversation or a dinner date or movie night. Whatever the case is be yourself and that's how you will benefit and more importantly benefit others here on the site just start the convo and let it flow!

2017-11-15 09:39:39

Sugar Baby / 21

I don’t write about who I want to attract, I write about myself, honestly. Make sure you always write about yourself in the most honest way, it’ll be easier to find a good sugar daddy with the same interests in you. Mention what your interests are, what you like, little interesting things about yourself. I advice adding a social media link so people know that you’re real!

2017-11-15 10:46:20

Sugar Baby / 21

Be yourself, it’s not really what you write it’s more of being yourself. Some will like you depending on your true interests but you never want to take your true self for the attraction of more people. I’d much rather be comfortable and true to who I am than fake to fit the likings of someone else. Someone will always come along and enjoy you as you are, I promise.

2017-11-15 16:26:31

Sugar Baby / 27

I don’t necessarily write things to grab someone’s attention, but rather to let them know who I am as a person. I’m an honest, shy, and loving person and I try to portray that as much as I can with so many words. My advice for those trying to figure out what to write in their ‘about me’ section is to just relax and talk bout yourself openly. Write down how you honestly view yourself and what you love. You’ll have a better chance of coming across someone who really wants to get to know more of you.

2017-11-15 21:32:22

Sugar Baby / 22

There is no way to create a perfect profile, as everyone looks for something different. Just be yourself while keeping your integrity and safety intact. If you want a sugar daddy to be themselves with you, then you must be yourself to them. That's the best way to maintain and a healthy relationship, short term or long term, NSA or otherwise. Confidence in yourself is key.

2017-11-15 22:23:52

Sugar Baby / 39

Be upfront about yourself, be real, be about yourself with maybe a hint of what you are in need of and are looking for. Half the time people now a days don't read them but the ones that do are truely looking for more then just bs, they are truely going to lookout for you while providing and be understanding and easier to get to know. If they take the time to read they will make your time worth while

2017-11-16 10:46:54

Sugar Baby / 31

I just tell them about me and my personality and the things I do like and the thinks I don't like but I'm still new to this but I think the best thing to attract what u looking for is to be yourself and take thing at a pace thats good for both parties if it something u want to do or see just ask you never know what the person is thinking for all you know u guys can be a match so don't just look for what's on the outside look on the inside and find out much more

2017-11-16 11:44:03

Sugar Baby / 21

Personally, I just write my profile to reflect who I am and who I want to be. I don't write things to attract anyone because I don't want to attract someone who doesn't like me the way I am. My advice is to stay true to yourself, clichè I know, but if someone is attracted to the real you as oppose to a fake you you are more likely to be happy and content

2017-11-17 04:15:19

Sugar Baby / 32

The best thing you can do is be yourself, be very genuine , and know what you want. There's going to be a time where someone's going to ask you what do you want, and you must be prepared to answer this question is it in your status? Is it in your profile? Or do you wait for message. If you wait for message you're ultimately wasting time. If you are 100% real and you are wanting to physically meet a sugar daddy I feel like that gets attention. Because these sugar daddies don't want an online relationship most of them at least

2017-11-17 11:58:08

Sugar Baby / 23

I think what the best thing to write in your bio is anything honest, to say what your real intentions are, because alot of the time people get hurt or manipulated in thinking something that isn’t actually true. Be honest, state your goals, interests, hobbies, anything you feel comfortable writing! And sometimes less is more, vice versa. Be yourself and you will attract the right sugsr daddies for you!

2017-11-17 16:59:52

Sugar Baby / 33

I honestly just put out what my best qualities are and be straight forward. I know women appreciate honesty over grand-standing any day and it better serves me in the long run. Plus i feel it's kinda obvious when you "try hard" and that doesn't come off as attractive in your case. Just be you, talk about what kinda person you are and let that be that

2017-11-17 19:15:11

Sugar Baby / 23

On my profile I like to briefly explain myself. Physical features like my height and try to show my personality. I'm very outgoing but also super sarcastic. It's either you love me or hate me. I'm a blunt person so being upfront is the best. Also profile picture is extremely important, put multiple pictures, show your true self. There's a million fish in the sea somewhere your true love waits....or a sexy ass sugar daddy. Who likes having fun alone. NO ONE 😂

2017-11-17 19:40:50

Sugar Baby / 25

I always keep my profile short and sweet. It always best to show that your being real in your introduction but don't be to open leave them feeling curious and wanting to know more about you. Make your potential Sugar Daddy feel its a two way street that you are willing, with chemistry, to fulfill his needs also. There's no such thing as a perfect introduction.

2017-11-18 06:27:18

Sugar Baby / 25

The main thing I do whenever I fill out my app is I am honest about myself. I've always been honest about myself there's no point in lying about what's going on. Most people will sit there and lie and not say what is going on in their lives when their Sugar Daddy needs to know or there sugar mama. Honesty has always been the best policy in my opinion.

2017-11-18 16:58:27

Sugar Baby / 28

I just show that I am confident, what I am looking for exactly, and what I am like as a person. A lot of them just seem to skim through profiles barely paying attention. If they see that you are looking for a sugar daddy, and if some of the things you want in one sounds like them at all they message or they message cause you have a pretty face. And some just look for profiles thats say willing too have sex. You a sugar daddy not a pimp. I shouldnt have to have sex with you for you too spend time nor money on me. This not a site for that.

2017-11-19 17:38:23

Sugar Baby / 26

I don't know, i only write things 'bout myself & i believe that 'bout me's interesting, for people with the same interest. I want people to see me as an educated person, so i wrote the educated side of me. I also wrote 'bout what my life purpose is, my goal in life. Beside that, i included a little joke, 'cause i feel like a humorous person's fun. And everyone wanna be with a fun person

2017-11-19 22:52:18

Sugar Baby / 23

I say it’s truly all about being you, not putting on some personality that you aren’t, think of it as if a friend is asking for you to describe yourself.. why lie , because it’s a better experience finding someone that likes you for you and not someone your not , so it’s not about lying baby you got be you and do you ! Because no one likes a liar 🤥

2017-11-20 14:41:07

Sugar Baby / 42

Tell your truth as I do so there's no confusion if u have goals desired dreams made them known if it's connections u need or help with a foot in the door be you always just be honest about what your looking for and things your willing to bring to table as well Honesty is the key alwaysIf nothing else it shows maturity and merits respect so I feel its the right thing to do

2017-11-21 03:32:56

Sugar Baby / 21

I don't write to bring attention to a certain crowd. I just write what's on my mind and I'm honest. I try to be myself and have fun with it. I think everyone needs a laugh every once in awhile, so it's best to just good around. I'm not one for posting sexy pics or having awesome punch lines, so I don't try. I'm hoping my personality catches someone's eye rather than my body. So then I can offer them the joy of conversation. And they won't just feel like they're money bags. Unless they like that feeling. I can be both

2017-11-21 08:45:47

Sugar Baby / 26

In personal experience just be yourself and be smart about what you write be honest and don’t just write stuff because you think it will attract men. They will weed you out so fast if they feel you aren’t being genuine. Also make sure you write what you expect. Such as if you aren’t willing to have sex say that . If your are only wanting an online relationship say that.

2017-11-21 15:23:53

Sugar Baby / 21

I think all SD put money first and all SB Have different things to attract a sugar Daddy like I Would Think Saying things like sharing my sugar aslong as youre sharing yours and Your interest in life is what exactly like also personality is key i would be honest with the person you are though make it as sweet as possible to keep you companion attracted

2017-11-21 21:14:34

Sugar Baby / 24

I love the idea that your profile is completely you. You’re never going to meet a good quality person by lying to them first thing. I am always honest, tell my occupation, my hobbies, and i always try to be very friendly. People love someone that is friendly. I also always try to write enough but not too much. There are so many people on this app, so i like to keep my profile short enough to keep interest but long enough to give some background on myself ☺️

2017-11-21 22:06:15

Sugar Baby / 28

I just stay true to myself and who I am. I try to stay clear from the generic "spoil me daddy ;)" and other things like that. Its best to be genuine about who you are, what you expect, likes and dislikes, etc. just like any other dating site. I try to mention my best attributes and mention things I enjoy that way potential daddy's can easily tell if we have common interests.

2017-11-22 19:16:21

Sugar Baby / 27

I believe being yourself is the best way to attract the right person for you. I want someone that sees all of me and loves all of me. Doing things to "attract" could possibly leave you unhappy in the end because the person may have fell for the idea of you and not the real you. The best way to attract the right person for you, and to build the foundation for a long lasting and healthy relationship is to be yourself.

2017-11-23 07:53:48

Sugar Baby / 27

I write about myself and highlight my interests. Seeing shared interests creates a conversation starter. The more interests and things I add about myself attracts more messages because it gives us more to talk about and it also makes you easier to approach. I would suggest shying away from anything that’s requesting money or suggesting what you need paid for.

2017-11-23 12:57:29

Sugar Baby / 36

A tip from me would be to just be yourself and explain exactly what you are looking for. Mine doesn’t read that way probably need to change it. I also think adding a full length photo is always best so they know exactly what you look like. Now a days people usually don’t read what you write they go off of the looks so the more photos the best in my opinion.

2017-11-23 17:40:03

Sugar Baby / 21

Making the perfect profile isn’t about finding some secret formula that will make every daddy attracted to you. You just have to be honest about yourself and wait for people who are interested in the real you, not some made-up person. People can always tell when you’re lying, and people will always be more attracted to and interested in a real person. Just be yourself, the rest will come naturally.

2017-11-23 21:53:02

Sugar Baby / 20

Being honest in what you want from your sugar daddy is all it really takes! But another thing would have to be what you already are in life. If your going to school, working for a big company or even small companies mention it! It's all about the honesty and what you do for yourself. I think more girls should be about this and not lie about what they "are".

2017-11-24 12:41:22

Sugar Baby / 28

First of all HONESTY, you have to be honest with your intensions from a beginning, if you are not honest things will be difficult. You have to write about yourself in what best describes who you are and what you like. Have fresh smiley pictures, and show your true colors. Im sure a sugar daddy will appreciate someone honest and always willing to communicate.

2017-11-25 08:02:38

Sugar Baby / 26

People need to describe themselves and not just what they want from a sugar daddy or baby! They need to put what they like to do, what they are actually looking for in a person, and what they plan on doing with their lives if they find the right person to share it with. Not all sites are meant to be for your sexual needs or money. They are for expressing your feelings!

2017-11-25 12:15:16

Sugar Baby / 21

I think perfect profile doesn't really exists, i mean, everybody has their picture or way of 'perfection', if i could give you tips (of course, the same ones i did) Just, describe yourself as the way you do with the person you trust more, natural, fresh, wild and say what are you searching nobody will guess what you are searching if you don't say it

2017-11-25 14:39:12

Sugar Baby / 38

Honestly, you have to be yourself. A guy can smell a fake a mile away, just the same as you can smell a dirtbag a mile away. It is such a breath of fresh air when you can put yourself out there, no holds barred and have your efforts met with equal respect and showmanship. Who wants to keep up a charade? Really, this isn't very different than traditional types of dating. Be real, and you'll get real in return.

2017-11-25 16:09:01

Sugar Baby / 22

I️ can only describe myself and being straight forward. Sugar daddies don’t like liars and you shouldn’t have to lie to catch a sugar daddy attention. After all the truth will come out. You should just be yourself and some sugar daddies don’t like females who are out there while others do. Describe yourself, personality, post pics, show your outgoing

2017-11-26 06:48:02

Sugar Baby / 28

I write and sure my true honesty, because what you see, is what you get. There is no point in beating around the bush. I put my most honest suggestions and the man can appreciate what i wrote and approach me or he can continue his search. no sugar babies should have to fight for the spotlight, everyone has different tastes and what you post a sugar daddy will see and make his choice

2017-11-26 07:40:10

Sugar Baby / 32

I feel like what you write should be open and honest. It’s more so comforting for me to know upfront what you will be dealing with rather than being blindsided, and wondering where it came from. Most men I have encountered are sometimes skeptical because the SB wasn’t really truthful and just added “fillers” if you will. So honesty is key for me when it comes to my profile.

2017-11-26 09:22:34

Sugar Baby / 29

I guess just to be yourself n honest about it me being a entertainer has its positive as well as negative effects on guys just depends on how they feel about that... But I guess you can say I rather then know from me then find out another way.. New to this.. So not really sure I guess I have to figure or what works for me and I will keep you updated

2017-11-26 16:26:43

Sugar Baby / 20

In order to create a perfect profile you have to put pictures that you feel like show your sexiness , confidence and whatever you want to come across as to the Sugar daddy. You have to show your personality in the description box so that they know what kind of person you are and if they would like a relationship with you or not. You can also explain why you are on the page so they know your reasins which they might respect you more for.

2017-11-27 05:55:58

Sugar Baby / 26

Personally, Imma just start off by saying this: I hate lies. When you lie in any part of a relationship or scenario you are building them to be a lie. With that said..... I pretty much just put points that I find to be important at the time. As for tips ...not too vague. But dont tell them everything. Just something detailed, condensed and honest. Something they can review in 30 seconds. And no unnecessary words.

2017-11-27 12:43:32

Sugar Baby / 23

LET HIM KNOW YOU’RE DECKED OUT WITH DEGREESWrite this:Goodbye college, hello nursing career! In my wild dreams you are a physician or healthcare professional, and you love to teach me things!Not that:I just graduated from college and don’t have a job yet so I am looking for a mentor that can help me get situated and what not. MAKE HIM WANT TO BE A HOMEBODYWrite this:Let me spice your life up with homemade meals and indoor adventure. I even let you take over Netflix. I’d be a great for a Sugar Daddy who needs to stay away from the social scene.Not that:I like to stay in more like going out, watching Netflix, playing video game, and cooking from scratch.Write this:I’m looking to add value to a Sugar Daddy’s life in a casual arrangement. What would you like, Daddy?Not that:I am looking for short term Sugar Daddy to take care of my rent and bills and treat me like a princess.Got the essence of writing about yourself in his terms? Then enjoy your profile writing makeover

2017-11-27 22:44:00

Sugar Baby / 26

Anything I write is the truth K as my grandma always said the truth will set you free or in this case get you sugar daddies I don't want them to like me for who I am and what I am and if they don't then they're not the sugar daddy for me cuz I know I am a fun-loving beautiful young lady. Life and I have a lot to bring to the table so anything I suggest would be along the lines of be honest be yourself cuz then you'll really get the one that you want

2017-11-28 12:41:17

Sugar Baby / 30

I don't pacifically try to overthink or write a profile that I think is going to try to anyone I write my profile to give my sugar daddy or someone that idea of who I really truly am on a personal note and to let them know that they are investing in something good and real and that they're not wasting their money away on just a gold-digging lazy girl that just doesn't like to work for what she gets

2017-11-28 16:54:52

Sugar Baby / 29

I write things that are catchy yet genuine. Keep in mind, we are all here to be pursued, if one gets to know who you are and your profile does not match your personality you are portraying one who will be thought of as misleading or “fraud”. Although it is second nature to want the best and attract the best, always remain true to yourself because in the end, your true colors will prevail.

2017-11-28 19:50:19

Sugar Baby / 34

I just tried to keep it real keep it honest and keep it Direct on things that I like nothing's going on I don't think there should be any room for error because if you as a sugar daddy knows what he wants then I use a sugar baby should know how to achieve those things for you don't be afraid to speak, with your minf because the more will you are the one real the people you attract

2017-11-29 14:47:59

Sugar Baby / 26

A profile should be there to help anyone who visits it know more about YOU, not what you want to do with your sugar daddy, or what you have on your shopping list. Write what you like, what you like to do what your future plan is. For me the most attractive thing on my profile is the sincerity and honesty I wrote it with. I'm black. Not everyone finds a black chic appealing but in my profile I've accepted and embraced my ethnicity without minding whether someone will like me or not

2017-12-02 10:32:55

Sugar Baby / 26

A profile should be there to help anyone who visits it know more about YOU, not what you want to do with your sugar daddy, or what you have on your shopping list. Write what you like, what you like to do what your future plan is. For me the most attractive thing on my profile is the sincerity and honesty I wrote it with. I'm black. Not everyone finds a black chic appealing but in my profile I've accepted and embraced my ethnicity without minding whether someone will like me or not cause that's just who I am so am being real

2017-12-02 12:37:43

Sugar Baby / 22

I don’t think that you should try to ‘attract’ people to your profile, I think you should put things about you that are try and the right type of people will be interested and want to talk to you. Plus, if you put lies in, they’re going to know and you won’t be able to get a good, strong relationship, whatever it is, out of it. You should just be honest with everything you put.

2017-12-02 20:13:04

Sugar Baby / 24

Why would some right to impress a SD, he needs is the real you. I don't write to impress anyone, I will write about myself and the real me so that my sugar daddy likes me for who I am, let him like you for who you are. To me its better that way instead of it turning to something else and instead of enjoying it, you just have to let go because you know its not the real you. So its better if you don't pretend and just be yourself

2017-12-03 08:30:54