Hints for How to Avoid Fake Sugar Daddy

You already know that how to weed out fake sugar daddies, if don’t, read this. Since there are a lot of kinds of fakers in sugar bowl that we haven’t cover all of them, so need to sum up some extensive experience about fake sugar daddies, to protect yourself.

avoid fake sugar daddy

Fake sugar daddies are harmless once you know how to spot them early on. But if you don’t, you can end up wasting quite a bit of your precious time and energy on these men, which is why we wanted to put together this list of fake sugar daddy hints. As a smart sugar baby, you’re probably on the always look out for hints and signs that indicate the personality and intentions of any potential sugar daddy you talk to.

Hints That He’s Probably a Fake Sugar Daddy

  • Stereotypes are not always true, but chances are if he’s spelling like diz, he’s probably not successful.
  • He tries to give you a really bad deal, like a few hundred dollars for spending days and days together.
  • If he scolds you or displays controlling behavior, let him loose (unless you’re into that).
  • If he cusses or seems generally uncivilized, you know what to do. Pass.
  • He’s full of promises and he keeps asking you on dates, but when it comes to talking about allowance, he gets quiet.
  • Never take his advice that flies to another place alone to meet him, it’s dangerous.
  • “Well, before I’d agree to an arrangement, I’d have to test you out first.”

Notes to Help You Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies

  • Some of the men on sugar sites span the spectrum from wanting a pay-for-play to wanting a life partner and they’re not always clear about their intentions so you should be clear about yours when corresponding with them.
  • Be wary of men who too readily agree to everything you ask for. Remember: he’s not your sugar daddy ’til you’ve actually gotten what you’ve asked for.
  • If you have a weird feeling about a potential sugar daddy, follow your gut.
  • If they treat you like you are an escort, not a sugar baby, pass. Sugar relationships are not about paying for play and sex is just a small part of what turns out to be a very dynamic relationship.
  • He proceeds to try to haggle you down to, 50% of what you’re looking for. He is not a fake sugar daddy but is a real bargain hunter.

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