How to Weed Out Fake Sugar Daddy

As you traverse the paths of the sugar world, you’re going to run into a variety of men. Some of them are going to be awesome, most of them just okay, and a few of them are going to just outright suck.

To keep you from wasting time on these scammers, we’ve come up with a list of tips that will help you recognize a salt sugar daddy from the get-go! Here they are.

fake sugar daddy

Fake Sugar Daddy: Ask for Naked Pictures

Sugar dating app has received much feedback from sugar babies, about this type of fake sugar daddy (the naked picture requester) at some point in their sugar journey.No legitimate sugar daddy genuinely interested in a great sugar dating is going to solicit naked pictures from random sugar babies. As for the men who do – we suspect they’re probably teenage boys looking for shits and giggles. And yea…we’re not into teenage boys. And for these disgusting man—

All we have to say is: Delete and Block. Immediately.

Or, shoot him a naked pig, he will like it:), and then delete & block.

Fake Sugar Daddy: Brags About Money or Never

A lot of first time sugar babies make the mistake of thinking that the richest sugar daddies = the best sugar daddies.
That is just not true. And even if he is as rich as Midas, it doesn’t mean he’s going to share it with you, as they are hoping to lure in sugar babies only, with the promise of the fortunes they hold.

If they don’t want an allowance-based dating, instead, they’re looking to “pay you per visit”.Either they are rich but stingy Grandet or poor scammers who aren’t sugar daddies – they’re johns. And they’re not looking for sugar babies – they’re just too cheap to hire an escort.

The best sugar daddies are the ones who see to it that you’re taken care of.  If he’s not doing that, it doesn’t matter how much glitter he’s got. It’s fool’s gold.

Don’t settle for this type of fake sugar daddy. He’s looking in the wrong neck of the woods. Kindly Delete and Block him.

Fake Sugar Daddy: Has Crap Character

Rude, mean men do not make good company and they certainly do not make good sugar daddies. Even if he’s very wealthy, even if he’s willing to provide you an ample allowance – it ultimately will not be worth the emotional damage you are in for.

You know, adult men who understand things like consideration, thoughtfulness, and courtesy. The best sugar daddies are first and foremost good people, with kindness and politeness, or at least people who try to be kind to others. If he’s even not polite to you, of course, he won’t be your good sugar daddy who supposed to take care of you and spoil you.

As for the fake ones who do – well, you know what to do. Pass.

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