Travel to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy

One question we get asked a lot is whether a sugar baby should travel to meet a potential sugar daddy.- we’ve done it before a few times and they’ve all been safe and oftentimes really fun, experiences.

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But, still, while traveling outside of your comfort zone always comes with a risk – it gets much riskier when you’re going to some unknown city to meet with someone you essentially don’t know, and you should make that pretty clear. Here’s what we recommend you do increase if you find yourself not take care of and left at the mercy of douchebags posing as sugar daddies to recommend traveling without taking necessary precautions.

Establish Your  Housing

First and foremost – you’re staying at a hotel. Under no circumstances will you be “sleeping over” at his abode. We don’t care how many times he assures you-you’ll have your own bedroom or how awesome his house is. Note the operative word here is “potential.”You two are not yet in an arrangement.

Don’t agree to travel to meet him if he cannot agree on this one basic point. By agreeing to travel to see a potential SD, you’re doing him a favor. He knows this. Make sure you do too.

Secure Your Essential Travel Funds

We’re talking absolutely essential travel expenses here: Taxi, Flight, Hotel, Daily food, and What it’s costing you to take time off from work.

First of all, it makes sure all of your basics are totally covered in case anything goes wrong. And secondly, when a sugar daddy agrees to cover the essential travel expenses, it shows him to be a real potential sugar daddy who is worth traveling for. And he knows that you come to see him is a risk that he can significantly reduce by coughing up the necessary funds. Essential travel expenses will usually total less than $2,000 so if he is not willing to shell out even that amount for your sense of security

How Much Do You Know?

There are many sugar daddies can be pretty reluctant to part with personal information, but you just want to make sure of who he is, you know, just in case. He should understand. And this one is pretty simple: you’re just going to ask him for some assurance that he’s a real person, an upstanding citizen and member of society.

Do a quick Google search on him through asking for the company he works for or owns – ask for a company website – or at least his full name.

Lastly, before you take off – let someone you trust know where you’re going and who you’ll be meeting. You can take it a step further by reaching out to other sugar babies who live where you’re going – sugar babies are everywhere – to search for and message women you think you’ll get on within the city you’re flying into.

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