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Tips of Being a Gay Sugar Daddy

Sugar comes in many forms, and LGBT arrangements are one of the many variations. Most Sugar Daddy advice applies to all genders and sexual orientations, but there are some top tips specifically for gay Sugar Daddies.

gay sugar daddy

Gay Sugar Daddies 1: Honesty Is the Best Policy

This is important with all arrangements, but especially in the LGBT community where people may or may not want to be monogamous. Both sides need to be upfront about relationship expectations and how promiscuous they want their partner to be. This is a no-brainer, but everyone should be wearing protection either way. Don’t be afraid to delve into your Sugar Baby’s lifestyle. If he is the experimenting type, or an avid drinker, etc. these could be signs of a dead end road ahead.

Gay Sugar Daddies 2: Give Respect, Get Respect

We’re not talking fashion here. Choosing an arrangement over a traditional relationship might mean that he’s not openly gay. This tip doesn’t apply to all men since some are very respectful towards gay. A gay Sugar Baby deserves the same courtesy as any other people, meaning being chivalrous when it’s called for. Treating someone poorly because you think the money entitles you to that is completely inaccurate, and mostly just rude.

Gay Sugar Daddies 3: Be a Good Friend

Above everything else is a quality friendship that the Sugar Daddy has with his Gay Sugar Baby. They will have sex sometimes or frequently, but both know that more has to come out of their partnership besides the obvious. So the Sugar Daddy will model what believes a good friendship should be. If Sugar Daddy isn’t mean-spirited and selfish, the Gay Sugar Baby just might walk away from the relationship with much wisdom as a result of watching his Sugar Daddy be a good friend to him

Gay Sugar Daddies 4: Keep It Classy

Some people have a misconception that Sugar Daddies are just looking for sex. If you are a man who is only looking for sex, you don’t have to find a sugar baby. Sugar Babies are not escorts, especially a gay sugar baby, and they want more than a pay-for-play exchange. Be prepared to give it to them. Bringing him to your hotel room is not a date, so make an offer for drinks or dinner to break the ice.

Gay Sugar Daddies 5: Broaden Your Horizons

Since there are not as many LGBT as heterosexuals, the search pool in your area is likely smaller than the average Sugar Daddy. Mix up your location, or set your radius wider when using the search function on Sudy Gay, a real sugar daddy dating app, to maximize results. If you open to traveling, that could be something worth including in your messages to potential Babies.

Good luck! Hope you could find your perfect Sugar baby!

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