The Best Sugar Daddy Websites/Apps of 2019

My Real Story of Being a Gay Sugar Baby

Today I’m going to be doing some tips about how to get a gay sugar daddy. Maybe you guys don’t know I have a gay sugar daddy, but actually, I do. And this article will tell you guys what I have done in order to get them. Just over tips on how to get someone to spoil you and pay for your expense.

gay sugar daddy

Step 1: Make Use of Your Youth

So I had my gay sugar daddy when I was 19, yes 19. I’m not gonna lie cause being young definitely does help you. Just because when you are younger, you kind just have that better physic body yourself. You know you just have like youth in you, so people are attracted to you.

Also that the second reason being young people usually don’t have money. Like when I was 19, a college student I didn’t work, I didn’t have other any source of income. So I didn’t have other money form coming in. But I did actually need money. So I started, I didn’t really start it for fun, I started it because I did actually need money and I want money. when you’re young, you didn’t have any source of income coming in, so it makes easier for you to target someone to give you money.

Step 2: Make Your Sugar Daddy Willing to Pay

You’d kindly gonna learn like what the persons’ weakness is and use that against them. It always comes out that they feel pity for you. For example, one day when I shopping at a store, my daddy sent me a message like oh what are you doing, I told him I was shopping, he asked where.

And then at that moment, I was like, oh shit, bitch, here’s another way in. So I told him I was in goodwill (in fact, I’m not), he asked me: ”why are you shopping at goodwill, why are you buying cheap used clothes.” And I said to my sugar daddy: ”cause I can’t really afford shop at the real store, and I also come on Friday, because Friday is 15% off, so the clothes are like 15% off cheaper than the actually is.” So then it turns in that he send you money for clothing.

But you guys should know there is no specific handbook. It all depends on every person and every situation. You really need to learn like what the person’s weakness is, use that against them. And it really comes out to them feeling pity for you and them feeling like they are doing something good by giving you money.