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Sugar Funds: How to Give Little Sugar to Her

Being a sugar daddy means you are generous by default. And most sugar babies are going to hope for a little pocket money. Now you’re faced with some choices and you should give your sugar baby a little sugar in a way you’re comfortable with. Here are some methods for you to choose from.

sugar funds

Sugar Funds 1: Cash

Favored by Sugar Babies everywhere, cold, hard cash is always a great option. Sugar baby could use these cash to get what they want. And you don’t need to think about what they like. Easy for the sugar daddy.

Sugar Funds 2: Paypal

This can be the best option for a seamless and anonymous transfer. PayPal is a super convenient way to give money to your sugar baby. All you need for a PayPal transaction is the person’s email address, and all they see is yours. For discretion, set up a PayPal account with an alias for the email address. Anytime you send money, it will simply read the statement as PayPal, nothing else. Google Wallet is another option with a similar system.

Sugar Funds 3: Gift Card

Maybe transferring funds isn’t your style, or perhaps she wants something a bit more specialized. She wants something a bit more specialized. Basic gift cards like Target and Whole Foods are great for staples, or gift her a few grand on a Saks card and see what she picks. Some might see this as lazy, but I assure you, she will be pleased.

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