Sugar Daddy Dating Skill: Tips for First Sugar Dating

This post would focus on sugar daddy dating skill then give you some tips for your first dating with your sugar daddy, or sugar baby. Whether you’re the sugar daddy or sugar baby, you’ve met someone through some sugar dating platform, you’ve been chatting for a while and everything goes well. Then it would lead you two to a meeting in person. It may be an exciting and romantic dating if you leave a good impression for each other. On the contrary, it could be awkward if you mess it up to start from the first impression…

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Sugar Daddy Dating Skill: Safety

In most cases it’s a local date, sometimes you’re flying cross country or even heading overseas for a meeting, these sugar daddy dating safety tips below you must keep in mind at all times, especially girls.

Sugar Daddy Dating Skill: Information Safety

  • Even if you’re reading to meet someone in person, don’t give out any unnecessary personal details.
  • Keep your personal information and bank details private, if you’ve trust someone, you can tell them your phone number or another contact way to arrange the further meeting. Anyone who asks for bank information is sure to want to scam, whether you’ve met face to face or just chatted once or twice online, stop the communication immediately, and learn to report, to avoid further contact.

Sugar Daddy Dating Skill: Dating Safety

  • Meet in a public place. If possible, tell your folks where you go and when would you come back. Or give your friend a copy of your date’s contact number, an address of the meeting, and if it takes far more time than you expected to make sure your friend will call you or have preparedness for it.
  • It’s better to avoid drinking, and go home on your own, take public transport or a taxi.
  • Watch your stuff all the time, take your phone, purse with you if you go to the bathroom.
  • When you realize that the situation is not safe or you start to feel uncomfortable and dangerous, attract the attention of anyone you can around you.

Sugar Daddy Dating Skill: First Impression

It’s easy to see how your date’s impression of you, needless to say, you can feel through every eye contact and smile. Make a positive impression at first, which is a very first and most important way to have a good time.
Usually, in under ten seconds, people will form a physical impression of others while the first sight, and it combines many attributes such as posture, body language, dress, facial features, scent/perfume, perceived confidence, and comfort.

You may dress to impress your date, but you need to deliberate that this is the first meeting, don’t go too much unless you know which type of looks your date would like best. Require especially attention for ladies to dress appropriately, dress too ‘sexy’ or conservatively are both wrong. It’s better to make sure none mistakes on your outfit than eager to show your taste.

Some Tips

  • Be aware of their behavior or manner, make a basic judgment on him, red flag or green flag.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Body language can tell you if your date is attracted to you.
  • gently ask the questions, but not much about privacy.


You never know if this will fail or develop an actual sugar daddy dating relationship. But never try, never know, right?

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