Sugar Daddy: Should I Marry Her?

One of the biggest problems wealthy men have with being a sugar daddy is that they can’t always distinguish a mutually beneficial relationship from a normal relationship. They have trouble disconnecting the two. As a result, they go to a sugar daddy dating App like Sudy- a sugar daddy dating app to find a sugar baby, and the next thing they know, they’re falling in love. Or at least, they think they’re falling in love.

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I always try to emphasize to new sugar daddies and new sugar babies that the point of a mutually beneficial relationship is to stop dating as though it was something meant to lead toward marriage, and start dating simply to have the benefits of dating. But it’s a strange concept for a lot of people to grasp.

So if you are one of those many wealthy men who fall in love with a sugar baby make sure you ask yourself a few important questions before you pop The Question.

Ask Yourself Do You Want a Marriage?

First, ask yourself if you genuinely want a marriage, or if you’re just enjoying the lust a little too much and not thinking straight. Remember, as soon as you marry your sugar baby, she’s no longer your sugar baby. She becomes your wife.

Make Sure She Has Feelings for You

Second, make sure she genuinely has feelings for you. Sugar babies are experts at making men feel loved. That doesn’t mean she loves you. She probably really likes you and enjoys you, but that doesn’t mean she wants to marry you.

Make Sure That You Won’t Paying Alimony

And third, be sure that being her sugar daddy benefactor now isn’t going to turn into you paying alimony down the road. While they’re sugar babies, they’re tied to you. But if they become a wife, they can divorce you. In that case, you get none of the perks of a mutually beneficial relationship, but you get all of the expenses.

At last, in my opinion, I don’t think sugar daddy should marry a sugar baby. Can a grown man have that with a woman nearly half his age? I don’t think so. And what sugar baby would want to marry a man that old? And what happens when she is in her 40s or 50s and he is 70? One has to consider these things. However, if you and your sugar baby both fall in love with each other, and you want to settle down, marriage is ok.

In the end, maybe you want to know what is sugar daddy looking for.