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Will You Fall in Love with Sugar daddy/Sugar Baby?

236 Answers

Sugar Baby / 26

It’s not what I’m looking for but you never know what will happen. I’m all for great conversation . If I can talk to my sugar daddy about anything and he understand me . If he’s taking care of me like he should be and treating me right I more than likely will fall in love. Great conversation always sweep me off my feet . It honestly just depends on if he make me happy.

2017-11-20 20:24:23

Sugar Baby / 21

Any girl will fall in love with anyone no matter the amount of money or looks one has. Me personally I️ wouldn’t mind falling in love with my sugar daddy. Love is a strong feeling and if you absolutely have that feeling for someone then why not take a risk. Being a sugar daddy/momma doesn’t exclude you from bathing or having feelings. In fact, to me that makes I️t a lot easier to catch feelings and eventullay fall in love if the connection is real

2017-11-22 21:43:12

Sugar Baby / 21

I try to avoid falling in love with anyone, as I haven’t had the best experiences with love in my life. However, if there is someone I feel comfortable, compatible, and happy with enough to fall in love with them, I’m not going to stop myself, sugar daddy/mommy or not. However, if my sugar daddy/mommy falls for me, and I don’t feel the same way, I’m the type of person that will tell them so, even if it might jeopardize our relationship.

2017-11-25 00:32:39

Sugar Baby / 26

Hell to the yes. For me that is the entire goal. But the trick is not falling in love by yourself. You should have rules established from the beginning of the arrangement because love may not be in the equation for your daddy. Also if you find yourself falling and your daddy said from the jump that he is not in it for that reason you need to back off because imo no money/thing is worth breaking your own heart for.

2017-11-27 21:05:58

Sugar Baby / 26

I would like to be able to develop that closeness. Why shouldn't it go past the traditional sense. I would like to treat my king like a king giving him all of me emotionally, mentally, physically. I want him to have my heart if he has earned it and I feel that feelings are mutual. One day I would like to marry him if marrying a sugar daddy was in the stars for me.

2017-11-28 00:04:57

Sugar Baby / 36

I dont know.... Love is not something you can control... It just happens... I think if it did happen for both of you then hell yeah... If its a one sided thing it needs to be discussed and probably need to terminate the arrangement... Nothing like being in a one sided relationship... Business or not... The resentment or the infatuation whichever will kill any kind of bond you have 4 one another... So go with the flow and just see...

2017-11-30 06:38:50

Sugar Baby / 30

It’s natural to develop romantic feelings for a sugar daddy, but keep in mind that this relationship is transactional foremost and romantic second. You might very well fall in love with each other, but you’re better off remembering that this is primarily about satisfying immediate, mutual needs. Stay open-minded without getting too attached. To keep your emotions in check, keep a journal so you can monitor the evolution of the relationship from your perspective. Ask yourself: How do I feel about him and our relationship? Am I getting everything I need? What would I do if he dumped me?

2017-12-03 12:02:27

Sugar Baby / 30

Whatever happens, happens. As long as we have our understanding and no one over steps those boundaries we will be perfect. You just never know how things will go. So I’d say just let it flow and be comfortable with each other. The opportunities are endless. And what is the worst that could happen if you did. It wouldn’t be the end of the world! Be happy

2017-12-07 17:45:30

Sugar Baby / 22

Love is a very complicated subject, I think that if the right man comes along who makes you feel special and you make your partner feel special then there is nothing wrong with falling in love. As long as it’s mutual and it’s in a healthy environment then by all means go for it. Love can be strange and it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks, the only opinion that matters is yours. Don’t let anyone or yourself stand in the way of happiness

2017-12-09 01:04:06

Sugar Baby / 21

Just like any relationship, if you fall in love then that's great! There's nothing that says you must resist falling in love with your sugar. If your sb/sd is what you believe to be the right person then the fact that its a sugar relationship shouldn't stop you from following your heart. Listen to your emotions and dont let your mind or the opinions of others change that.

2017-12-14 03:55:36

Sugar Baby / 29

Eu me apaixono e amo facilmente, acabo me prejudicando por esse meu “defeito “. Não é meu objetivo amar ou estar apaixonada, e mesmo se eu não estiver, vou tratar a pessoa com todo carinho, atenção e respeito que ela merecer. Sim, merecer, não é por eu estar ganhando uma ajuda financeira, que estarei “comprada” a ser como deseja. Amarei ou não amarei?

2017-12-19 11:35:53

Sugar Baby / 26

Maybe ...who knows i think that if talking about feelings we can't say something wich can happen unexpected,we are all human beings and love is such a thing that u never know when it can happen to u iven u want just sex :D ,so it doesn't matter it's a sugar daddy or suggar baby we all have feelings and u need to feel the wave of live and that's it :)

2017-12-19 13:16:02

Sugar Baby / 22

Well it all depends on how the relationship is because it could be we just want someone in our lives so we don’t feel lonely or it’s a I wanna spoil you and give you some love. If their is intimacy then there is bound to be a love connection formed sooner or later. But hey it they actions and mind set you two have going in and through the relationship

2017-12-19 19:35:44

Sugar Baby / 32

Will I fall in love with my Sugar Daddy? I doubt it. I am in love. I have a great marriage. But my husband believes that a fully fulfilled wife is the happiest wife. And after all, we all know, "happy wife, happy life". He wants his wife pleased more than he is capable of doing, and more than she thought that she needed. There are so many parts to all of us, some that we bury deep down, that can only be brought out my someone who truly loves you.

2017-12-19 19:41:54

Sugar Baby / 24

I don't know if I will fall in love with my sugar daddy. It would be great to so I won't feel like he spent all his money and time on me for nothing, I don't want to leave nobody feeling like they were used but I really don't know it all depends on how our relationship grows and if I'm feeling him and all goes well. It's not based of his money for me, not entirely lol

2017-12-20 07:20:58

Sugar Baby / 24

More than likely if we have a strong connection and we both are mutual in it of course. Now if they want to be strictly sugar daddy I won’t of course not but I do hope I do gain a strong friendship out of it. Or at least someone that me and them can always talk to. I hope to also gain a amazing experience with them. I hope that they gain the same in return.

2017-12-20 10:46:05

Sugar Baby / 30

Yes it’s very possible to fall in love with a sugar daddy as long as there is connection between us. If I get some one on the site that I can get along with, have a good friendship , get to know each other so well and has all the qualities I love in a man . Yes of course I would fall in love with him because as much as I want friendship, I can’t limit my emotions I’ll fall for some one in one way or another.

2017-12-20 11:16:32

Sugar Baby / 22

I think it’s possible, yeah. Love is unpredictable. You never know who you might develop those deep connections with. And on top of that, they make you happy? Why not fall in love?! Let yourself go. Let yourself be happy. There’s no point in fighting the vibe if it’s obviously there. So go ahead because they can go from sugar daddy to just daddy if you let them 😉😘

2017-12-20 13:44:11

Sugar Baby / 22

Not likely. I’m just looking for a little fun & a quick way to make some cash. As a full time college student working two jobs and being in a sorority I just don’t really have the time for a realtionship. That being said I still want the compliments, gifts, etc that come with a relationship. If you’re interested I’d love to sex talk & send pics in exchange.

2017-12-20 18:32:54

Sugar Baby / 31

Well probably I think that is one of the advantages of being a pa sexual and being highly attracted to how the personality of the other person is... not only that but adding a little bit of sapiosexual to the mix is probable that I can feel a high level of attraction or even love to well educated and professionally successful people... also things will be better adding some emotions as well

2017-12-20 20:29:32

Sugar Baby / 31

Anything is possible. You can't put a game plan on love. If love is the outcome of all of this then that is always a plus. As long as the sugar daddy can only focus on him and myself then it is very likely but if the time and effort is not there then no love will come from it. I don't want to fall in love with what you can do for me, I'd like to fall in love with you, your soul and everything about you.

2017-12-21 00:07:06

Sugar Baby / 21

It depends on if my sugar daddy and I have chemistry and also if he is married or not. This question really relies on who he is and what type of person he is. If he is married you can't fall in love with him because you'll get hurt but if he is single and you are happy together then so be it. I would just make sure that the feelings are not one sided.

2017-12-21 17:00:10

Sugar Baby / 21

Chances of me falling in love are slim but it is possible. I had a sm that I had and did get feelings because we had gotten so close. I could get feelings for them if we get a very strong bond and I feel like I can just be myself. If I can walk around with then and smile and laugh but be dressed completely bad and they still appreciate me then the chances are you got me.

2017-12-21 18:21:08

Sugar Baby / 26

Never say never. However my goal is not to fall in love but to meet great financially stable people without the judgement of being called a gold digger. I'm a goal digger I want to progress in life with the help and companionship of someone on this app. Love is nice but I want fun and adventure and when LOVE runs it's course life seems to get more complicated. Plus our lives would be vastly different for me to be in love long distance.

2017-12-21 18:29:11

Sugar Baby / 46

No... Because fur me to be here.. Love is a mere illusion.. i chose to do this so that the love.. The emotions.. The. Labels would not be attached.. The last thing I want to happen with sugar daddy is to fall into any type of feelings. Respect yes... compassion.. Yes... But nothing else what's the point... This is a chance to escape.. To. Play.. To. Do. Make believe again

2017-12-21 19:48:56

Sugar Baby / 21

To be very honest I can see that as a possibility. It's all about the sugar momma really. I mean this kind of relationship isint purely for money on my eyes. I don't was a seem shallow, and no I'm not saying some extra cash to throw Around wouldn't be amazing. But there has to be more to it then just money and bleeding the other dry. Im happy to find a relationship here, even at my young age.

2017-12-21 20:31:59

Sugar Baby / 29

I suppose that if the circumstances were right I could. It would honestly depend on our level of communication and comfortability. I would not be opposed to this however it would be romantic. I would love to find my kryptonite. This is a very possible thing to have happen and if it is meant to be than I would not hesitate. I believe in love. I am OK with falling in love.

2017-12-22 01:25:05

Sugar Baby / 22

I have often found myself growing strong feelings for my sugar daddy, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re so close and intimate with a person. For the most part I keep things fairly casual, and will sometimes break it off when I begin to have strong feelings for my sugar daddy. However, if I believed there was a potential future between me and my sugar daddy, I would happily pursue such feelings.

2017-12-22 02:14:04

Sugar Baby / 23

It would depend on how devoted my sugar daddy would be. If I do fall in Love I hope it’s a mutual and respectful relationship. Being one and one with someone would show the utmost care someone has for each other. Intimacy and trust is a key thing about this because without it what foundation will someone have. It would be a good thing too because love is what’s important.

2017-12-22 04:41:45

Sugar Baby / 23

I might fall in love with my sugar daddy if they show me who they are , like who they really are & if they treat me as their equal instead of someone below them just because I am well a sugar baby. That’s my reason for falling in love , but i do have another reason it’s if they show me their feelings are genuine & that they really do care about me out side of our sugarbaby/sugar daddy relationship.

2017-12-22 11:52:18

Sugar Baby / 26

Well depends if he is married not gonna fall in love with someone like that because he easily cheated in his wife with me so I fall in love with him get married and he does the same to me what he did to his wife when we met so I would fall in love with a single man he would have to win over my heart not with material things I mean I would be happy of course with everything he is buying me but I would wanna fall in love with him his personality and his mind because that's what matters to me. If u fell in love with him because of the material things he is buying u then she doesn't love u she loves the material things your buying her and when that stops she will stop loving u but if she loves u for u then that's love

2017-12-22 21:27:47

Sugar Baby / 25

You can't help who you fall in love with, when you share an intimate relationship with someone there's a connection that begins to grow between the two people. Feelings will begin to develop either with both people or with just one. I don't see an issue with it, if you fall in love with your sd then you fall in love. If I fall in love with mine then I would honestly be the happiest girl alive.

2017-12-23 08:11:25

Sugar Baby / 30

I don’t believe that you can predict who you fall in love with. You can’t choose how you feel about someone. So if I fall in love with my sugar daddy, I fall in love with him. Would I share or act on those feelings? That’s something different entirely. It would depend on the connection we share and whether or not he's looking for a more serious/conventional relationship. I do think I would wind up sharing those feelings because I feel it is important to be honest and open in any kind of relationship.

2017-12-23 08:16:35

Sugar Baby / 30

Of course I can fall in love with th sugar daddy. Sure all that money can buy my happiness in doing, but the man BEHIND the money will essentially be winning my heart in the end. Money buys trips, cars, watches, subscriptions, food and fine dining, and even happiness (trips and travels), but love is something that can’t be bought, and the sugar daddy must eventually earn and develop that. It’s all fun and monies, but with the right amount of time, affection, and even commitment you can definitely bet he’ll win my love.

2017-12-23 20:37:47

Sugar Baby / 21

Yes, I'm generally attracted to older guys but one that wants to give you 100 percent of his time is steal. I am also very young so in that matter the older lover has so much to teach me which leads to the idea that he has so much to offer. I would want to be with my older lover for as long as possible Perhaps marriage may even be on the table for the the both of us one day.

2017-12-24 00:43:12

Sugar Baby / 21

I certainly don't intend to!! That sounds very dangerous at this point because I have no clue who my sugar daddy is going to be. I'm a sucker for love but I'm also a hard shell to crack and I haven't been looking for love in too long. You can't help who you fall in love with 😍 but I'm not really here trying to find my fiancé; mostly because I'm skeptical that I would meet him online lol

2017-12-24 04:52:47

Sugar Baby / 27

This could very well be possible. I’m not just looking for anyone. I’m looking for a sugar daddy that is kind, respectful, and genuinely cares to get to know me. If that blossoms into love then I’m definitely okay with it. I know that he will be able to provide for me and will support me because I have remained by his side of course. I suggest every Sugar Baby look for quality in her sugar daddy.

2017-12-24 20:02:35

Sugar Baby / 22

I think the idea of falling in love with your sugar daddy is complicated. If you guys share everything like if you lean on each for support for problems out side of your agreement and spend a lot of time togther. i think its possible for the realtionship to grow into something more then money. Wanting to be around your sugar daddy becuase of who he is not what he has.

2017-12-24 20:44:33

Sugar Baby / 21

I think it depends on the sugar baby/daddy. If they are very attracted to one another then they may possibly fall in love. But if it is just a platonic relationship and each person wants nothing more than to talk and be friends, they might not fall on love. If one person truly enjoys their time and loves their personality, it can lead to the sugar baby/daddy falling in love with each other.

2017-12-25 20:55:59

Sugar Baby / 29

You honestly never know what type of connection you'll have with your sugar daddy until once you've gotten to know him. What can start as a sugar daddy could end up being your spouse. Once a connection is developed, of course it's possible to fall in love with your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Some are in it just for the financial gain, others are truly looking for love.

2017-12-25 21:09:57

Sugar Baby / 38

I will love my SD and stay loyal and faithful to just him. I want one person who care satisfy my needs as well as me satisfying theirs. I want to make him happy and proud to have me. Falling in Love is possible if that is what he wants and needs otherwise I basically know how to love someone and give them their space without falling in love and bringing unnecessary drama to our relationship.

2017-12-26 02:59:58

Sugar Baby / 37

You know I've been thinking about that since joining and you just never know what will happen. I just may catch feelings or they just might catch feelings. I mean I'm a pretty awesome honest person. I don't believe in hurting feelings and I would hope they wouldn't hurt me. But then again I don't know what you expect from this experience being that I'm completely new to this.

2017-12-26 07:47:37

Sugar Baby / 27

Most likey no. I would say never but you never know for sure. I don't want to look for that in a sugar daddy. I just want men to spoil me for my time and attention and nothing more. I don't want to look for love. Im not interested in love im interested in money and money only. Falling in love with a sugar daddy is pointless to me because I feel like once that happens then the money and allowances stop.

2017-12-26 10:36:01

Sugar Baby / 22

Now thats quite a question. Will you fall in love. And with a sugar daddy no less. People often meet the love of their life in the most unexpected place and time. Its often a physical chemistry that sparks things off. And when that happens both parties are intrigued and will attempt to get to know each other better. And if the emotional chemistry is sparked and emotional needs met. Then they fall in love. Who knows who they will fallin love with. Whose to say it isnt a sugar daddy.

2017-12-26 13:36:21

Sugar Baby / 22

It’s hard to say if I would fall in love with my sugar daddy, but I do believe in making a deeper connection with them than just the sugar life. I would prefer to have a sugar daddy that does have feelings towards me as that would help to create a better relationship between us both. I do believe in time I could fall in love with my sugar daddy just like any other relationship

2017-12-26 14:12:12

Sugar Baby / 22

yes it could very well happen.. it all depends on chemistry if you really like your daddy and he really like you you could choose to love each other and get married or just chose to spend time together for the rest of your lives.there's a lot of cases where sugar babies and daddy's fall in love get married and have kids and they look happy. so if it makes you happy yes do it

2017-12-26 16:35:18

Sugar Baby / 25

I have to be honest I have never felt more strong attachment and dependance unless we have great chemistry and sexual tension , I don't fall in love so easily , I need sex as much as I need emotion , plus if it's one side then it won't happen and I would leave it just as it is . I keep myself clean and straightforwardly , I enjoy myself want someone to enjoy me as well with my attributes.

2017-12-26 18:28:01

Sugar Baby / 21

Yes I will. I'm someone very dependant, and I'm looking for a sugar daddy because I feel alone. If someone treats me with love, looks after me, gets worried about me and make me feel comfortable and sexy with him, I'll end up needing him a lot. Probably I'll fall in love, and that's a big problem, almost every of sugar daddy wants just to have a good time.

2017-12-26 18:52:55

Sugar Baby / 25

My sugar daddy is the sweetest person I know. He cares for me and always makes sure I'm happy. I can definitely see myself falling in love woth my sugar daddy because of his character. He's funny and relaxed. He always makes sure I had a good day and if i didn't, he talks about it with me and asks me questions and always makes me feel better. My sugar daddy is an amazing person.

2017-12-26 20:16:42

Sugar Baby / 21

I think that I definitely fall in love with my sugar mommies or daddies. I fall in love with them because they give me the affection and allowance I need! When I see that my sugar mommy or daddy is happy and falling in love with me, I feel like I start to fall in love with them. From there, my feelings grow and I become enamoured with them. It’s truly a beautiful thing!

2017-12-27 00:13:29