What Are Sugar Daddy Looking For?

What is Sugar Daddy looking for? It’s not fair to say that all sugar daddies are the same and that they’re all looking for the same thing. Some sugar daddies are looking for arm candy or even a trophy bride while others are looking for a woman who will give them the sex and affection they crave. There are, however, some things that all sugar daddies want in a sugar baby. So, what do sugar daddies expect from any sugar baby? It is romance, enthusiasm or passion? Below are a few sugar daddy expectations from their sugar babies.

sugar daddies want

An Elegant and Sophisticated Lady

Sugar daddies are looking for a lady who is an expert in wooing them with their charms in a considerate and delicate manner. The lady should know what she wants and choose him because she feels she is compatible with him in all regards. All in all, having a sugar baby is all about finding a lady who makes you feel adored and who you can as well adore. Failure to get a lady who understands how to charm a man may make the relationship boring and short-lived.


Discretion is something that every sugar daddy wants and expects from any sugar baby he dates. Being able to be discreet about the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, and whys of your arrangement is absolutely crucial whether a sugar daddy is married or not. It’s not your place to talk about him or his business or even his business with you, so just don’t do it.


Convenience is another thing that all sugar daddies want when it comes to their relationship with a sugar baby. If you expect this man to be generous with his money then you need to be generous with the most important thing that you have to offer a sugar daddy— your time. Sugar daddies are busy with work and/or personal commitments. Finding a sugar baby means that he gets to spend his time with a beautiful woman when he wants to. That’s what he wants and that’s essentially what he is paying for, so make it as easy as possible for potential sugar daddies to get what they want so you get what you want. Being able to offer flexibility is golden in the world of sugar daddy dating.

Financial Discreetness

Although sugar daddies will provide virtually every financial support for a sugar baby, most of them want the whole affair to be about more than just the money. A sugar daddy might be taken aback or feel offended if a sugar baby compels him to clarify the financial details. Some sugar daddies will even avoid the subject altogether, but still, take the sugar baby out on expensive dates and spending fun-filled holidays in luxurious hotels.

Respect to Boundaries

Most sugar daddies are married men and they look for a sugar baby who will respect boundaries and adjust to his family lifestyle easily. A sugar daddy wants a lady who won’t expect him to call her in the middle of the night just to know how her day was. Furthermore, when a sugar daddy calls and wants to meet up, he is only looking to escape for a couple of hours, relax and enjoy himself. This means most sugar daddies want a sugar baby who won’t give them a hard time about them not seeing each other for days or even weeks. The same is the case for an unmarried sugar daddy who isn’t married. Neither of them is looking for a wife.

Last, remember that all sugar daddies want these things will make you a lot more successful as a sugar baby. Being pretty may help lure in a sugar daddy, but it won’t be enough to help a sugar baby catch him and keep him where you want him.

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