Sugar Daddy Dating Routine – Five Apps to Make a Perfect Sugar Daddy Dating

Just like every girl has the beauty routine, there can also be a sugar daddy dating routine. As far as we know, today’s apps make the mating game easier, why not take advantage of all that technology offers to find your sugar daddy as soon as possible? Easy and breezy, use those 5 apps to make a perfect date just a swipe away.

sugar daddy dating routine

Sugar Daddy Sites: Target Acquired

First thing first, where to find your sugar daddy? Sugar daddy websites is a perfect place where the members are mainly successful and attractive people. Both sugar daddies and sugar babies must be voted-in by beauty or income verification to guarantee authenticity. And just like tinder, You swipe pictures on a yes-or-no basis, it’s always easier than ever to sling Cupid’s arrows through a screen.

LookBook: Get Beauty

You may have the perfect outfit but why not choose a fresh, new look for a first sugar daddy date? The Lookbook is the global community for the fashion-conscious.

Members can share their individual style and draw contemporary fashion inspiration from each other. All looks on Lookbook are posted by members like you. The most inspiring looks of the moment – determined by community votes – or hypes – are displayed on the dynamic Hot page.

This app will show you the best style for every occasion, including the sugar daddy date. Use the app to try out a new look a few days before your date so when it comes time to meet, you’re feeling more confident than ever.

B612: Eye-Catching Selfie

A beautiful and special selfie is always important to catch sugar daddy’s eye. B612 is a photography app specially designed for selfies that let you apply dozens of filters to your images before sharing them through your favorite social networks. In total, B612 has more than 50 different filters.

You can choose any of these just by sliding your finger along the bottom of the screen. B612 also includes a  timer, thanks to which you can take selfies from a distance, and the title shift for playing with the depth of field. Customize the unique selfie to show your glamour!

Uber: Speed Up

Taking a rideshare service is an obvious choice! There are no worries about parking or dealing with traffic, plus it’s a sober ride home if you had one glass of wine too many to calm your nerves (or if your date just plain bombed.) Plus, if the date does end up failing miserably, taking an Uber is a sure way for a speedy exit.

bSafe: How to Get Away with Murder

Even though you’ve done your due diligence to confirm your date and find out as much about him as possible, you can never be too safe. Use bSafe to share your location with friends or to find someone to walk you home afterward (if you skip taking an Uber). If the date ends up being a dud, the app can also be used for a “Fake Call” as an excuse to get out of an awkward situation. Revolutionary!

These apps will give you extra assistance when navigating through today’s dating world.

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