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Sugar Baby: Sugar Baby Smarts

What’s your greatest asset in the game of dating the rich and successful? Being physically attractive doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes to grabbing his attention on the first sugaring date. But if you want to maintain the prolonged interest of a benefactor, your intelligence, wit, and ability to carry an interesting conversation are more important than a cute face, lil waist, and a big behind. This article will give out some tips and useful resources for GOAL digging Sugar Babies.

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Top 4 Sugar Baby Smarts

1. Good Looks Will Get You Far, But Intelligence Will Get You Further

I’ve noticed that some girls think looks mean everything in this game but nahhh. Although the media wants us to think that men only care about looks, in actuality, they also care about intelligence and someone who can communicate with them.

2. This Is a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Enough of Think about your sugar daddy’s feelings too.  If your sd is spoiling you, treat him nice. Be respectful. Appreciate it. There’s no need to be a bitch or an asshole. Keep your attitude in check. Men have feelings too. Please do something makes sugar daddy happy, and say some words sugar daddy wants to hear.

3. You Are Not the Only One with Needs

Just because he earns six figures per year, doesn’t mean he has to spend it all on you: These men have bills to pay/expenses to take care of. Put that into consideration. You’re not the only one with needs.

4. Keep Your Job While Sugar Dating

A question that often comes up for sugar babies is whether they should keep their job or not.

What you choose ultimately depends on you and your goals, but most smart sugar babies will tell you that you should definitely keep a job even if you have a generous sugar daddy. It will give you security. Just in case he decides to Poof, you won’t be in poverty. And it’ll allow you to be more choosy and take longer in your sugar daddy selection process.

The security of knowing you have the main income source will remove any hint of desperation when you’re negotiating allowance. By the way, if anything goes awry in your sugar relationship, you’ll have the freedom to leave since your sugar daddy is not your main source of income.

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