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Sugar Baby Lifestyle Q&A

Nowadays, being a sugar baby is not just being in a relationship. For lots of people, being a sugar baby is also a choice of their lifestyle. You might still be a little bit confused about this whole concept. So today we have some experienced sugar babies to answer some very common question. I bet that you are going to be very clear about this kind of lifestyle after all.

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Q1: What Does Being a Sugar Baby Mean to You?

Sugar Baby A: being a sugar baby really mean that just being a really confident woman having a spirited and bubbly personality, being something for someone that they do not have in their life.

Sugar Baby B: to me, being a sugar baby means that I can have a lot of fun and distracting people from real life. This kind of relationship really offers somebody a chance to cut away, and it is like having a mutual relationship with someone and understanding somebody else’s wants and needs while they do the same for me.

Sugar Baby C: to me, being a sugar baby means that I have the ability to achieve the goals and experience things that I never believed that I would be able to experience now.

Autumn: being a sugar baby is to be the brightness to me, and someone might say that I probably do not really deserve it, but they do not know that I really deserve all the happiness.

Q2: Why Do You Want to Find the Sugar Daddy at First?

Sugar Baby A: to spend time with older people is a kind of experience different people and how different men work. I really do not know, but I feel this experience with different people really helps me grow as a person.

Sugar Baby B: I want to find a sugar daddy just for fun to see where it went. I did meet some really cool people from sugar daddy sites, and I really like it, and I just stuck around them.

Q3: Why Do You Sugar?

Sugar Baby A: the reason why I started sugaring was that I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, and I wanted to find someone who can be an investor and also the financial supporter that I needed to build my business. Right now, I am so happy because my business is actually alive, and it is in the work so I am super happy that thing has been giving me the opportunity to make this happen.

Sugar Baby B: I sugar because even though I started out as a joke I like the lifestyle that it leads, it improves my quality of life as well as it helps me pay my student loans and just upkeep the lifestyle I enjoy.

Sugar Baby C: I sugar because I was really tired and bored with the traditional relationships, and I also wanted to try something new.

Q4: What Is Your Best Memory or Experience with You Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Baby A: there was one time that we were on the balcony of his condo, and I knew that he plays guitar, but he was not going to play it for me. it had been weeks that we have been hanging out, and all I wanted to do was hearing him play his guitar. So finally he got me a glass of wine, and out of nowhere, I did not even ask him. He pulled out a guitar and sang a beautiful song. I was so happy at the time, and it was a really good bonding moment for us as well.

Sugar Baby B: my best memory would be that we were on a yacht with my friends, and we drank so much delicious champion. We were just having a blast all afternoon.

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