My Original Intention of Being a Sugar Baby

This concept called ‘sugar baby’ was foreign to me two years ago, my college life was drawing to an end. I took it as a story or city fairy tale that belongs to others, or a social phenomenon and such. Frankly, I thought it was too far away from me. Although my family was not very wealthy and I and my parents were also ordinary people, I never worried about my tuition. Last year, my father’s job had some problems and my younger brother had just received the admission letter. I had suddenly become a man of worries, with a heavy burden of responsibility…

keeping a sugar daddy

Heaven knows I was ready to buy myself a car. But I would prefer to help my family.

I searched on the Internet a lot of information, read a lot of real stories about sugar baby and sugar bowl, read through the good, the bad, the appealing, the hazardous…My heart more and more puzzled and I didn’t have any idea how and where to start.

A normal weekend day I paid the rent, remitted some money to my dad and transferred some pocket-money to my younger brother who was in another city. I and my roommate had a bottle of whiskey at dinner, we both slightly drunk and finally registered an account as a sugar baby in the same dating site.

Everything happened so fast, I even completely forgot the ones that were collected on the Internet teaching sugar babies conversation skills about how to ask, how to talk. I just sincerely answered other people’s questions. Until I woke up the next morning, I really began to see that, ‘well, I’m now a real sugar baby’.

My First Sugar Daddy

It was a surprise to me, my first sugar daddy.

We had chatted about three days by the phone, at midnight he told me that he would like to be my sugar daddy. I knew myself, neither outstanding in speech nor impressive in appearance, but was a considerate, sincere, and warm person, with very independent. I mean, even if I was not a sugar baby, I might get tougher and harder than now, however, I could hold on. But eventually, I chose to make life easier for me and my family, I chose to make my parents a little less burden, I chose to make my younger brother have no need to worry about the tuition.

Or rather, I chose to be happy. Oh yes, my sugar daddy told me that if we got along very well, he would buy me a car so that I could go for meeting him more often.

So, again, I chose to be happy.

We met on the first weekend after the confirmation of our relationship, sugar daddy & sugar baby, before that we had a few times video chat, he was a 48 yrs gentleman, not that old, kinda fatty but neatly dressed, dark brown eyes and grey hair. He was a senior CPA and own his own CPA firm. By the way, he wore a Batman shirt that day we video for the first time, after that I started to call him Mr. Batman.

The first date was comfortable, I took a taxi to see him. He was well educated and always took good care of my feelings. I was gradually growing more confident. I was happy about everything. After dinner, he gave me $350 said he really likes the way I looked at him.

I certainly was happy, it was even a little unbelievable. ‘I am not really young, compared with other sugar babies. Maybe such a big girl like me, might not be very adorable?’ I always think that. I don’t know. What’s more, I thought I was not as gorgeous as my roommate. Thought she was glamorous indeed, had not found a suitable sugar daddy yet. By contrast, the first week I became a sugar baby I got my first allowance. Maybe it was just because I was not picky. I was easy to please. And I did not care about his age, appearance, or his figure.

It’s strange, isn’t it? Sugar daddy pays you so much money, and you asked him to look like a prince?

I Shall Not Forget

Now I’m still a sugar baby, I feel like I’m in love with this status.

I never cared much about what others say, or I was always lucky as well. I have never met any person who satirized me or attacked me or any sorts of slanders and disgusting speech. People can be so strange so different, yet we are all the same inside. But It is more tolerant now than at any other period, to do what you think is right but others take it as a taboo. In my opinion, it’s enough if one can make himself and his family happy, can also make people around him happy. You do not need to save the world, also do not need to ask other people to do what You think is right. That’s too selfish.

Many wonder what happened to me and Mr.Batman. Okay, It is a great pity that our relationship lasted only three months. He was a very busy man, his schedule was always irregular. I had my own work, my own career, and I didn’t want to lose my job. So we eventually decided to have an amicable parting – he still bought me a car. I was very grateful to him for his support.

Oh right, in fact, I had sex with him several times in that three months. No big deal. We were all grown people and fully aware of what we were doing. I was not forced by anyone. I enjoyed the money and gifts he gave me. For me, there was no hard to fake orgasm while having boring sex with an old man. Please, faking is common in casual sex encounters! Well, of course, he didn’t know that I was pretending, but it was the truth. I guess you might find it funny, at least my roommate nearly died with laughter when I was talking to her about this.

My current sugar daddy is my third sugar daddy, precisely. It’s almost five months since I became his sugar baby. Last month I had a holiday, he took me to his villa living for a week. He would leave the house for business every day, I often stayed in that villa alone.

Sometimes I sat alone by the swimming pool, I had thoughts of my future, I had thought that I was less than 25 years old, perhaps I would still be 5 more years sugar baby, then stop. It would be nice if I could find true love after I stopped sugaring. Or if I couldn’t believe in true love anymore, it still doesn’t matter. I should at least become rich, or be competent to make my family live a better life.

I will never forget my original intention of being a sugar baby.

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