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My Sugar Baby Life

Today we’re talking about Aimee’s sugar baby life. She is a beautiful young woman, who comes from the UK. She told us sugaring is not just going out with some fat old man and having sex with them when he wants, and doing what he says. She said the real life of a sugar baby is somebody living a nice lifestyle and in luxury of course. And she is taken care of by an older man. Here is the story of her sugar baby life:

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Sugar Baby Life

Instead of living a 9 to 5 working life, Sugar baby Aimee relies on an old man, who can buy her lots of luxury stuff. Her monthly spending on different thing is no less than 4000 pounds, just to make sure that everything is in order.

One of the most expensive things is a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots, which costs 1500 t her 10000 to 20000 pounds.

Besides, she said, there was a massive difference between a sugar baby and an escort. An escort is seeing different people every hour. And sugar baby is not. Sugar baby is seeing the same person. And this is a relationship.

Aimee normally likes some old people 15 older than her, who took her as a daughter. The biggest age gap between her and her sugar daddy is when she is 24, and her sugar daddy is 62. That is a real relationship for her.

Break up with a Sugar Daddy

Breaking up in a relationship is not easy for everyone, even for sugar baby Aimee.

Being a sugar baby means a nice lifestyle. But after this ends, sugar daddy will put sugar baby in a corner. Everything will be gone. Aimee had also in this journey. She was in a relationship with an old rich man, and she was not quite happy. But because of the financial reliance, she couldn’t end this relationship.

Of course, every sugar daddy could use that advantage, and it works 100% on a beautiful young sugar baby.

Aimee also tried different jobs when she came out of a relationship with a sugar daddy. But after 1 week she quit. She said she couldn’t live like that. Everyone looks up to her when she is by her sugar daddy’s side. And that situation would be totally changed if she tried to find a job.

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