How to Break up with Sugar Baby

There are times you want to have a new sugar baby, or you want to have a relationship with a woman you don’t have a paid arrangement with. There are other times you may simply want to be free or you’re just tired of the sugar baby you have. Actually, it’s time to break up with sugar baby, and there’s no reason to feel bad about it.

Ultimately, you need to be classy about how you tell her it’s over. Following a few simple steps will get you out of your agreement and leave her satisfied.

break up with your sugar baby

Step 1: Break off Her in Person

Crucially, to avoid a woman scorned scenario, break it off with her in person – don’t send the dreaded break up text and then avoid all calls.

Take her out to dinner and explain that you care for her and her feelings so you don’t want to hurt her because you can’t feel the same way she does. Make her feel like you are considering her feelings, being very courteous rather than stringing her along.

Add that there are many other sugar daddies out there who would be glad to have a relationship with her, someone who is more deserving of her than you are. Someone who can give her all her needs, where you are failing. This will help her feel it is actually positive for her. Perhaps even give her something that you know is her favorite, to soften the blow further. You should part dinner very amicably. Also ending it on a nice mutually agreeable level might leave the door open for one-off meets in the future should you so desire.

Step 2: Tell Her You Have a New Sugar Baby

Tell her you to have a new sugar baby, though this might add fuel to the fire. But one thing it will do is help her realize you are 100% serious and have moved on.

You don’t want to start an unseemly public catfight so make sure they don’t meet. If she’s still acting up tell her you will report her to whatever site you met her through, which will mess up her chances of landing a new sugar daddy in the future. She won’t want to mess up that, trust me. It will also act as a document in case you have to go the legal route.

Step 3: Moving Forward

Not all breakups will end badly. Sometimes it is as simple as a quick hug and saying “goodbye.” If there is an occasional gift that pops up, consider donating any remaining items, and return newer items if possible. If these breakups are a repeat thing, consider speaking with a counselor to set a plan for what you want vs what you need in a relationship (traditional or otherwise).

Remember: the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results. If this is your first time going through the Sugar Breakup, this will likely hold the sting of breaking up with a girlfriend. This is someone you’ve spent quality time with, let them in on your deepest thoughts, and likely looked forward to being around at some of your most vulnerable moments.

It’s okay to run through the conversation a few times in your head. It’s okay to have a few nights out with the guys. Rest in knowing that your future holds more fun. Avoid stalking your former Sugar Baby on Facebook or “showing up” at the coffee shop you know she frequents each Saturday.

Remember, you do not have to be stuck in an arrangement with a sugar baby. You can end the relationship at any time, but you should do so with class. Tell her why you can’t be with her and explain to her this is a good thing for her, too. Do it in person and give her a nice goodbye gift. Ending things this way will keep you on her good list should you ever miss her in the future, and it will make you feel better about how you left things.

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