How Would Sugar Baby Spend the Allowance?

About suagr baby allowance, we already have many post to talk about it. Today we’ll continue to discuss this topic, and share some ideas with you. The following answers are collected from our sugar babies:

sugar baby allowance

——To be honest… I’m going through a lot of legal matters with my children.. I have to hire a lawyer to get them back in my home! Where they belong …. I’m not on drugs… I work and stay home alone… I’ve been battling this for 3 years.. this small town offers you to be lower-middle class .. I’m doing well for myself and work my tail off for everything I have.. but how can one person pay bills and save money … I would be eternally grateful for a SD to take me in and read me like an open book and hear my story… I’ve got smiles and cuddles for days, and prob the most loving person he/she could ever meet.

——The right answer: Bills, morgage, food and travel expences. What most likely would happen: The Gucci handbag I’ve been drooling over this year. It is hard to be responsible, which may be the reason why I am here in the first place. I would honestly try to pay my tuition first though, I promise! 4 years later I might come back as the ultimate sugermama.

——I’m a single mom my daughter just started school so I could use the money for her playing soccer or basketball isn’t very cheap and I want her active in sports she wants to be a basketball player I’d like to be able to buy he uniforms and stuff!! It would have with bills my mother has liver failure stage 4 she helps me out so I’d like to start saving ass well it would make her feel more at ease!

——It goes straight into favilitys as i am astudemt so most of the time it goes on supplies. It also covers my modelling career amd phone bill. And ofcourse on myself sometimes, i make an effort to save money too as my car failed its mot so the money is being kept for that. Lastly i use the money for travel as living in london it does cost alot to get about.

——I would more than likely save it or pay some bills. I would also be able to expand my body and hair oils I make. I would like to go back to schools and finish so I can make better income to care for my children. I would really appreciate the person helping me. Having a allowance would be great especially a weekly allowance. I would take a nice trip also.

——When I was younger, I grew up in the shadow of two brilliant medical professionals. Now, as an adult, I’m looking to follow in their footsteps. The allowance would be spent on putting myself through school and freeing up more of my time so I can also volunteer with the local schools to provide tutoring to students who need the extra help, because I understand needing the extra help to succeed and it shouldn’t be limited to just the fantastically brilliant or wealthy. Of course, daddy would be well taken care of first, it’s fulfilling to help others and the reason I’m pursuing this (expensive) career choice in the first place.

——I would use my allowance to better myself. A gym member ship, money to fix my car and nice clothes for my job. Then I would send him somthing special. There’s no need to be selfish 😉 then it would go into the bank to be saved till I needed it or wanted somthing special. I am knew and never had a daddy before so well see what happens when my night arives.

——Let’s be honest, we all have bills. That comes first. Paying off my student loans as well. Once all my bills are paid, i may use the money for fun. I’d probably spoil my dogs or something fun like more tattoos. I’m not much for shopping for myself, unless it’s for handbags and cosmetics, in which case i like to splurge. Other than that, I may put some on savings.

——I would use the money to fund my education, nothing else. I struggle now with three jobs and can’t even imagine wasting it on trivial and materialistic things. I hope my sugar daddy would understand and appreciate my motivation and allow me whatever allowance he see’s fit to help me reach my education and career goals. If all works out, I would want to spoil him one day.

——What I would do with my money is get my own place buy whatever I need around the house and pay rent bills and take care of my mother who is currently on dialysis and is in need of meds since she doesnt have papers I want to also Fix her papers I also want to take my nephew and nieces out to Disneyland but I love to use all that money toward my family and i to help them out in every way now that I can i come from a really broke family I didn’t get what I want as a kid my father was never around just my mom and knowing what its like to want stuff makes me want to help out my family now.

——I was spinning on my way on my for my well-being I wouldn’t just spend it on stupid things like clothes jewelry I will use it for things I really need and really care about hopefully it’s enough where I can feed my family and myself but I will use most of the money for my rent my car And food but I think all ladies you have one thing that they spend their sugar daddies Madeon and that is rent because you always need a place to stay.,

——With whatever allowance I get from my sugar daddy will go to my schooling and car payments. I’m a Pre-Med student just trying to be a doctor soon! 👩‍🎓 obviously I’m in a lot of debt so it would be a huge help to me. I’m also starting a fund to help bring my family from Syria to here because of the war. I really hope I can find a sugar daddy to help me and my family out while still having a good time.

—— The money I received well go to my son school and making sure I keep a roof over my son head and take my son places to where he hasn’t been and I would also love to put some money away for my son college the reason for me to do this is for my Son and I’ll do just about anything for him I want his life to be better then my life when I was his age I wanna be able to let pick whatever college he chooses to go to .

——With the money I would I get I’d put into savings and to school. I don’t want to be in debut trying to get my life started. It would definitely go to bills before it goes to me myself. But if there was a lot, girl you know I’m about to get my nails done. Maybe some shopping. But honestly it’s going to things that I really need. I’m not using my Sugar Daddy for fun funds.

——The money from my sugar daddy would go towards my university fees. I dont want to have university debts for the remainder of my life and it would be a miracle to find a man who would take care of that even if in the tiniest proportion. Ofcourse it is hard to say that money from a wealthy man would not be spent materialistically too as a woman can never resist some new clothes!

——Any money that I would receive from any sugar daddy, would be going towards my college tuition, to helps me pay for the year, books for school, and also a lot would be for my rent, my car, gas, groceries and just any kind of cost of living that I will be needing help with, in the next few months to come. It would be nice to be able to buy a few new clothes as well. 🙂

——The money I receive from daddy would all goes towards school and bills . I’d also find nice dresses and lingerie too take pictures in too show him what he bought and what’s his 💙. I would also get my hair and nails done so I can look perfect for daddy . The last thing I’d do on my list is buy a plane ticket to where ever he is and surprise him with gifts and love .

——I would get a boob job to raise my self esteem as its domething ive always wanted to do. I feel incomplete and this would build my self esteem and allow me to become a glamour model so i could be independent and stand on my own two feet. Not only that if i feel sexy then my sugar daddy would reap the rewards of my new found self esteem in the bedroom.

——Monies i would receive from daddy get ready to go back to college and further my career and be a more obedient baby girl and be able to assist daddy in many ways hopefully i would buy little pretties to pkease daddy when he visits get video calls he can see his girl ready for him. With toys that daddy would like to use on me or watch others use on his property I would buy anything requested of me.

——Living expenses honestly. I’d like to have enough to buy myself some new stuff I somehow ended up with waayyy more shirts than pants and have been washing them to death lolz. Of course should I have a SD out if state I’d like to have enough to make spontaneous trips somewhere close so he could come see me If he wants without having to male a while day of it.

——I would take care of my bills, shopping for my kids, take care of my self to keep my sugar daddy happy. I would save some it for a nice little getaway. I would take care of my son and daughter first make sure they have everything that they want and need. Finish paying off my car and my other debts. Put some away for my kids college funds and savings accounts! .

——Fund my college supplies and save the money for my future travel plans – I plan on travelling to taste the food culture around countries – from Europe to Asia – anywhere decent food is avaliable. Also, I’m into social work so, I would like to spend money in that sector.. Another place where I like to spend is the shopping mall- books, handbags and shoes *bae*

——To go shopping and maKe myself looK amazing which is why you spend your hard earned money on me. I’m someone you can SEE where you spend your money. The payout is well WORTH IT. I love looKing good and I want you to enjoy looKing at me. when I looK good I maKe you looK good. Know the investment is well worth it. Spoil me and I’ll spoil you with the opportunity to have a beautiful GODDESS to spoil.

——I would use the allowance a daddy would give me to pay my bills, make sure my son has everything he needs for the moment, make sure I have everything I need for the moment. The rest I would save maybe spend a little extra on me, I deserve it 😉 I always told myself I’d book a cruise to Italy, maybe even Alaska…everyone always tells me its breathtaking! I’d have to put some of it towards that 🙂

——I don’t really need money so i would probably put it back into myself for my daddy keep myself looking nice and i’d buy some things like clothes and id probably fix my pos car and pay for collage and to go see my daddy like gas money or plane tickets like maybe some cut lingire and makeup so i can stay looking cute for daddy id make sure to keep up with stuff for him not just myself

——I would use any allowance on bettering my life, such as paying bills, update my wardrobe, take my mother and grandmother on ‘dates’ they deserve, travel and go on adventures with my friends and family. I work very hard to have the few things that I do, as does my family. So any allowances would be used to make myself and family proud. Everyone deserves happiness and that’s all I strive for.

——I would use my allowance on thing like bills and rent. . my text books and tuition for school I would also use it on making sure my Daddy was happy buying little things that I know he likes outfits toys etcetera etcetera I have a son as well so it would most likely go to Making sure he is well off and prepared for everyday life and that he wouldn’t have to struggle ever.

——Being a single parent is the toughest obstacle ive encountered so far. Im the mom and the dad one hundred percent of the time. So obviously my allowance would go towards bills, that is kind of a given, but it would also go towards my education. I am a Preschool teacher at the moment, i work and play with two year olds all day, I absolutely love my job! The only issue the pay isnt the best. I plan on becoming a Respiratory Therapist, its nothing crazy just enough that I know my kiddos and I wont be stuggling to get by.

——My allowance would pay for college tuition. Also, my sons school things. Anything that he may need. It would help with bills and helpto get a car so i dont have to walk with my 4 year old everywhere. It would pay for my medical expenses since i don’t qualify for Medicaid. I would also like to get my 2 younger brothers into a home with me instead of being in foster homes.

——Seeing that I am currently a freshman in college, if my sugar daddy were to be giving me large sums of money, that money will immediately be going towards paying for my education. I’m $10,500 In the hole and need some help. However, if that weren’t the case, I would use the money from my daddy to pay for my car insurance, clothes, and other expenses that I will acquire while I’m in college.

——I have never had a sugar daddy but the money I would receive from my sugar daddy would for the majority, be used toward bills and living expenses for myself and my son. I would save some it for a nice little getaway. I would take care of my son first make sure he has everything that he needs specially now that school is starting again and and of course buy myself something nice as well.

——Seeing as though I’m a student , most of the money would go towards my tuition since I don’t work. Then of course I would pay my bills and other important things that need to be handled . And with whatever I had left I would buy some nice lingerie or clothes and thank him buy taking sexy pictures or let him take me out and wear the sexy dress and linger and show him in person .

——I would use the money given by my sugar daddy for school necessities and paying bills. if i could ever come across an excess of money , like if all my bills are paid for that month then i’d use the money to invest in my music career like buying a proper microphone, a new keyboard or guitar. i’d also love to be able to help my parents out with paying my little sister tuition because they’re in so much debt and it’s honestly such a shame.

——I would spend the allowance that my sugar daddy gives me by buying myself cute outfits that daddy would love, i would buy toys for the bedroom so i could send videos and pictures, i would buy classy expensive lingerie and expensive perfumes, lotions, anything to make myself look better for daddy and his desires. i would also save up a portion of my allowance

——I would use any allowance/payments I receive to finish paying off my debt, truck, and property. Some would go towards my kids sports and fixing up the foreclosed house and property I recently bought i.e. fix my perimeter fence and replace the rotted flooring. I would also buy a new clothes washer, as the one I have is beyond old and not energy efficient at all. 🙂

——I’m a student studying overseas and I would like to spend it on an airplane ticket so that I could be home with my family for Christmas. I also love pretty dresses and fancy shoes but never have been able to afford much so that would be something else I’d buy. It would also help with tuition and books for college. I’m almost done with my associates and can’t wait to start my bachelor’s.

—— I’m paying for my school out of pocket, so I would spend it on necessities like textbooks, tuition, utilities and things of that matter. I would love to make my sugar daddy happy too and buy some lingerie to put on for him. I love being smart and sexy so Im sure there are many things I could buy with my allowance that would make both of us very happy.

——Well it really depends. Most of it will go to my college needs, the gadgets that I wanna get to entertain my self with, some important things. Shoes, basketball jerseys from my favourite team, Jordan’s, video games, food. But most importantly my college and YouTube come first. And I would save whatever I have left. And for me to give back, I would treat him right. I would save up money to get him something special, even tough he is capable of buying it himself off the bat but you get the idea. I’ll do my best to make daddy feel loved and make him know I’m kidding loyal baby boy.

——Honestly when my sugar daddy sends me an allowance it all depends if my bills are already paid then I would put it in the bank and actually that myself to go shopping, and then if my sugar daddy isn’t married i would send him something with the money he sent me just because he sent me money it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t spend a little on him also. To me it’s the thought that counts no matter what!

——I think I would save the money and get my own place and maybe go shopping for something nice that I really want. I never had a sugar daddy before I don’t even know how it works or anything like that but we will see how it goes. But yes I would try to save the money so. I can get my own place because I am in a need of my own place badly right now so。

——The money I receive from my Sugar Daddy would, for the majority, be used toward bills and living expenses for myself and my children. Secondly, I would use any funds given to me to hire a personal attorney to represent me against my ex-husband and his constant BS legal matters against me! Thirdly, and oh so important, I would SAVE IT towards the Disney World vacation that I swore to my kids, that before they were 18, Mommy would make sure they get to Disney World!!

——I’m looking to upgrade my room to a studio , sugar daddy ! How much sugar do you have ? I’ll host a stripper party and sugar daddy bring your bread ! Honestly I spoil myself everyday , more then any person could compare because I know how I want and what make me feel good . It’s like a drugs ✨and all I want is getting sugar wasted!

——The money i would get from my Sugar Daddy would go to my gas and any car payments I have, also pods for my phix. Any other money will probably go towards weed honestly or maybe a lil something for him because why not? If I have money left over from that I’ll probably put it into my bank and save some because saving money is a big help later on and i try my best to do so 🙂

——The money I receive from a sugar daddy would go towards my education. Universities in America are incredibly expensive, and I need help getting through the payments for the next four years. I am studying computer science, and I hope that receiving any help would really be amazing and could propel me into finding a good job. In the end, I would want to return something in the end.

——The money sent to me would be spent on living expenses and school because no man wants his hard earned money spent on useless things such as make up and things that will be gone in a day. And after school is over and all my bills are paid if there is money left over go buy that man something nice such as a suit or some nice smelling cologne or just whatever he likes.

——The money i would receive from my sugar daddy would be spent on mostly bills and school loans. Another thing would be putting away money towards a new place for myself. I would also like to spend some money on other things for myself like shopping for clothes, shoes, etc, and also traveling. I love going different places and my best friend lives in Cali so i’d love to go visit soon.

——Right now the money would be used to get back on my feet. After I get back on my feet it be for bills and spending time shopping to look good for him/her. I love that someone wants to care for me but I’m also independent I would wanna spend on my daddy as he spends on me. I mean of course he breaking bread big bread but want him to know that he’s special to me and how much I appreciate him and his money.

——my allowance would be used to pay bills and make sure my children and I are taken care of. i would make sure I kept myself up, as far as hair, nails clothes, sexy clothes to wear for my daddy… kids and bills are a big one though; I want to be able to give my kids the life I didn’t have and go on trips for school vacation, sports, dance. I would also help out my mom where I could because she is disabled and on a fixed income. it would most definitely be put to good use.

——The allowance I’d be granted from a sugar daddy would more than likely go to all of my bills so I won’t have to worry about them later. I’m going back to school and I’m trying to save for that as well. I love splurging every now and than on. Cute clothes and jewelry. I love looking and feeling good. Unfortunately the adult world comes first and a girl can dream.

——I would spend the money on my daughter and my car payment. Honestly, I just need to get on my feet and start my own job, but it’s hard to do without a car, and I’m about to lose my car. So as probably a lot of women do, I would spend it on bills and survival like things lol. I need a new phone, and I need clothes. I’m back in my parents house but this time my daughter and I don’t even have a room. We sleep on the couch. I just want to be on my own with her and I need a foot in the door to be honest.

——Definately would say bills & expenses. Bills are no joke & with kids wanting everything then you have to do what you have to do for your kids, to an extent that is. It can also be ergency money , we all know things come up when we least expect it . Its good to have money saved or do what you always wanted to do anything big or small. It be pretty cool

——I would save some money, shop a little, pay some bills and show daddy some love. I would also take a vacation. I would get a gym membership and a trainer so I can be more healthy and look better for my sugar daddy. It would also be great for my kids because I can take them to new places and take them shopping for clothes and anything else they want.

——I’ll use the money for all of my debts, then spend a bit on myself, such a new tablet, or food. The debts I’ve accumulated was because of my reckless spending, as I don’t value money. I am open minded , so I don’t mind being given food, or a new electronic device, like an iPhone. I am working for McDonald’s @ the moment, but I applied @ Best Buy for a better pay. If my Sugar- Mommy/Sugar-Daddy gives me enough incentive then I’ll just go to college. Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Thank you for reading.

——Besides maintaining myself for Him and myself. Maintaining a lifestyle I feel is appropriate for not only me and what I do for him but shows how he cares for me I would save and invest my money. In fact I want to have my daddy help me w that teach me about that. I want to continue to save animals and help with this dying planet. I want to travel save think eat pray love adventure. Nothing sexy when it comes to that.

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