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Red Lipstick Have Power

There is just something about a girl who fearlessly rocks red lipstick.

Deepest apologizes ladies, but anything that might be described as “pastel” needn’t apply, we’re celebrating the little evil of the lipstick world. Ladies, who rock these in-your-face lipsticks, absolutely, positively win at life and make for far superior lovers.

red lipstick

Fall In Love With The Girl Who Rocks Red Lipstick

The lips are the sophisticated, cast iron gateway to sensuality, lust, secrets and sex. A girl, who chooses to draw attention to this beautiful part of her body, is mega aware of her sexual prowess. She WANTS you to gaze at her lips and fantasize about kissing them.

A red lipstick girl doesn’t subscribe to the overly simplistic stereotypes that girls are supposed to be meek, shy little waifs fearing their own shadows.

Red lipstick girls choose fashion over function and are willing to suffer mild discomfort in order to contribute to the overall glamour and beauty of the world. If you’re lucky enough to spot a girl in red lipstick, be sure to stop and tell her how amazing she looks, for wearing lipstick is becoming an increasingly thankless job (same goes for girls who brave heels before 7pm).

Studies for Women Who Wear Red Lipstick

A new study shows how lipstick can influence public perception. CoverGirl surveyed 1,000 women to look at how various lipstick colors can influence public perception.

It shows that they post the most selfies per week and own the most heels,  more willing to go on a date with someone the met online, may have had a one-night stand in the past year, are most likely to be found at a bar on a Saturday night, and are more likely to have exercised over five times in the past week.

It may come as no surprise that women who choose red are perceived as more creative, daring, and driven.

When women wore red lipstick at work, most thought it was totally appropriate and thought it made the woman look more confident, to keep this red-lipstick party going. A study from the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France found that waitresses who wore red lipstick got better tips from men. And this worked only with red lipstick. When they wore other colors, they didn’t get better tips.

Simple Example

while numerous looks took our breath away, there was one in particular that left us speechless: supermodel Karlie Kloss and her classic red lip, not to mention those brows! Our questions immediately began to roll in: How could we get the same look?

Let the makeup artist show you——Sir John, from L’Oréal Paris Celebrity

A complete makeup, skin care, base, foundation, brows, eyes, lips, contour…every step is indispensable, but for Karlie’s look, the most important is that brows&eyes&lips.

  • For the brows, penciling in with Brow Stylist Definer, then brushing the brows high with the spoolie end. Then finished with a spritz of Elnett Satin Hairspray.
  • For the eyes, Sir John used a taupe, matte shadow from Colour Riche La Palette Nude, on the top lid to sculpt the eye. He then lined the upper lash line with Infallible Black Velvet Liner. The lower lash line was left clean with no liner or shadow.
  • For the lips, Sir John used Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss in Rouge Envy. First, he applied two coats, and then he tapped a little translucent powder on top before finishing with one final coat.

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